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American St. II Mid-term review


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V-J Day
August 15, 1945
V-E Day
May 8, 1945
Scopes Trial
1925 court case in which Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan debated the issue of teaching evolution in public schools
policy of giving in to a competitor's demands in order to preserve the peace
an extreme form of facism shaped by Hitler's fanatical ideas about German nationalism and racial superiority
political philosophy that emphasizes the importance of the nation or and ethnic group, and the supreme authority of the leader over that of the individual
National Recovery Act (NRA)
when the sharp decline of industrial prices in the early 1930s had coused many business failures and much unemloyment - this was invented to bolster those prices
Harlem Renaissance
african american literay awakening of the 1920s, centered in Harlem
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
federal project to provide enexpensive electric power, flood control, and recreational opportunities to the Tennessee River
Battle of Stalingrad
turning point of the war, "carpet bombing"- bombing a large number of bombs in a wide area
Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA)
established in 1933 to raise farm prices through government financial assisstance
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
insured bank deposits
Battle of the Bulge
WWII battle in which German forces launched a final counterattack in the west
used to descibe the 1920s
Manhattan Project
secret american program during WWII to develop an atomic bomb
Sedition Act
made it illegal to obstruct the sail of Liberty Bonds or to discuss anything "disloyal" about the American form of government
Russian Revolution
collapse of czar's government in Russia in 1917, after which the Russian monarchy was replaced with a republican government
June 6, 1944
League of Nations
international organization formed after WWI that aimed ensure the security and peace for all its members
Versailles Treaty "Irreconcilables"
the senators that opposed the treaty, wanted to impose reservation or restrictions
Hoover and the Depression
people blamed him for the Depression - mocked him - "Hoovervilles" were shanty towns with stacks of scrap material
a ban on the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages
buying on credit
(installment plan) customer makes partial payments
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
established by Congress in 1933, this program put more than 2.5 million young men to work restoring and maintaining forests, beaches, and parks
African-American migration
in 1870, fewer than 1/2 a million of the nation's 5 million African Americans lived outside the South
Stimson Doctrine
not recognizing the territory that Japan conquered as Japan
Battle of Britain
this was called an intense attack
payment from an enemy for economic injury suffering during a war
Social Security Act
system established by the 1935 Social Security Act to provide financial security in the form of regular payments to people who cannot support themselves
Pearl Harbor
December 7, 1941
FDR and Churchill's strategy
win war in Europe 1st, Pacific 2nd, and secure Africa
19th Amendment
the alliance that worked for suffrage split, weakening its ability to push bills through congress
Battle of Midway
1942 WWII battle between the US and Japan, a turning point in the war in the Pacific
provided an important secure communications link in several key battles of WWII

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