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filled to the brim or to the point of being stuffed; abundantly supplied. The movie Star's memoir was replete with juicy details about the love life of half of Hollywood.
fill up again. before she could take another backpacking trip. Caria had to replenish her stock of freeze-dried foods.
fret; complain. There is no sense repining over the work you have left undone.
list of works of music, drama, etc. a performer is prepared to present. The opera company decided to include Madame Butterfly in its repertoire of the following season.
rebound; reverberation; reactio. I am afraid that this event will have serious repercussions.
driving away; unattractive. Mosquitoes find the odor so repellent that they leave any spot where this liquid has been sprayed
drive away; disgust. At first, the Beast's ferocious appearance repelled Beauty, but she came to love the tender heart hidden behind that beastly exterior.
revoke; annul. What would the effect on our society be if we decriminalized drug use by repealing the laws against the possession and sale of narcotics.
meal; feast; banquet. The caterers prepared a delicious repast for Fred and Judy's wedding day.
clever reply. He was famous for his witty repartee and his sarcasm.
amends; compensation. At the peace conference, the defeated country promised to pay reparations to the victors.
rip; split. Kit did an excellent job of mending the rent in the lining of her coat
fame. For many years an unhearaled researcher, Barbara McClintock gained international renown when she won the Nobel Prize in PHysiology and medicine.
restore to good condition; renew They claim that they can renovate worn shoes so that they look like new ones.
abandon; disown; repudiate. Even though she knew she would be rned at the stake as a witch, Joan of Arc refused to renouce her belief that her voices came from God
deny; go back on. He reneged on paying off his debt.
deserter; traitor. Because he had abandoned his post and joined forces with the Indians, his fellow officers considered the hero of Dances with Wolves a renegade.
translation; artistic interpretation of a song. The audience cheered enthusiastically as she completed her rendition of the aria.
meeting place. The two fleets met at the rendezvous at the appointed time.
deliver; provide; represent. He rendered aid to the needy and indigent.
split; tear apart. In his grief, he tried to rend his garments.
compensating; rewarding. I find my new work so remunerative that I may not return to my previous employment.
guilt; self-reproach. The murderer felt no remorse for his crime.
protest; objection. The authorities were deaf to the pastor's remonstrances about the lack of police protection in the area.
remainder. I suggest that you wait until the store places the remnants of these goods on sale.
temporary moderation of disease symptoms; cancellatioin of a debt; forgiveness or pardon.
negligent. Whe the prisoner escaped, the guard was accused of being remiss in his duty.
recollection. Her reminiscences of her experiences are so fascinating that she ought to write a book
reparable. Let us be grateful that the damage is remediable.
savor; enjoy. Watching Peter enthusiastically chow down, I thought, "Now there's a man who relishes a good dinner!'
give up something with reluctance; yield. Once you get used to fringe benefits like expense account meals and a company car, it's very hard to reliquish them.
surviving remnant; memento. Egypt's Department of Antiquities prohibits tourists from taking mummies and other ancient relics out of the country. Mike keeps his photos of his trip to Eygpt in a box with other relics of his travels.
pertinent; referring to the case in hand. Teri was impressed by how relevant Virginia Woolf's remarks were to her as a woman writer; it was as if Woolf had been writing with Ter's situation in mind.
give in. When her stern father would not relent and allow her to marry Robert Browning, Eliza eloped with her suitor
banish to an inferior position; delegate; assign After Ralph dropped s second tray of drinks that week, the manager swiftly relegated him to a minor post cleaning up behind the bar.
make young again. The charlatan claimed that his elixir would rejuvenate the aged and weary.
retort; comeback; reply. When smeone has been rude to me, I find it particularly satisfying to come up with a quick rejoinder.
repeat. She reiterated the warning to make sure everyone understood it.
erpay. Let me know what you have spent and I will reimburse you.
restore to proper condition. We must rehabilitate those whom we send to prison.
prescribed diet and habits. I doubt whether the results warrant our living under such a strict regimen.
method or system of government. When a Frechman mentions the Old Regime, he refers to the government existing before the revolution.
murder of a king or queen. The beheading of Mary Queen of Scots was an act of regicide.
spiritual rebirth. modern penologists strive for the generation of the prisoners
boat or yacht race. Many boating enthusiasts followed the regatta in their own yachts
entertain. John regaled us with tales of his adventures in Africa
royal. Prince Albert had a regal manner
disprove. The defense called several respectable witnnesses who were able to erfute the false testimony of the prosecution's only witness.
renovate; make bright by polishing. The flood left a deposit of mud on everything; it was necessary to refurbish our belongings.
brightly shining; gleaming. The squire polished the knight's armor until it gleamed in the ligh like the refulgent moon
abstain from; resist. chorus.Whenever he heard a song with a lively chorus, Sol could never refrain from joining in on the regrain.
stubborn; unmanageable . The refractory horse was eliminated from the race when he refused to obey the jockey.
bending of a ray of light. When you look at a stick inserted in water, it looks bent because of the refraction of the light by the water.
dining hall. In this huge refectory, we can feed the entire student body at one sitting.
emit (odor). The room reeked with stale tobacco smoke.
superfluous, repetitious; excessively wordy. The bottle of wine I brought to Bob's party was certainly redundant; how was I to know Bob owned a winnery? in your essay, you repeat several points unnecessarily; try to avoid redundancy in the future.
remedy, ; compensation. Do you mean to tell me that I cang et no redress for my injuries.
formidable; causing fear. During the cold war period, neighboring countries tried not to offend the Russians because they could be redoubtable foes
fragant; odorous; suggestive of an odor. Even though it is Feb, the air is redolent of spring.
occurring again and again. These recurrent attacks disturbed us and we consulted a physician
recover. the doctors were worried because the patient did not recuperate as rapidly as they had expected
reclining; lying down completely or inpart. The command "AT EAST' does not permit you to take a recumbent position.
uprightness; moral virtue; correctness of judgement. The Eagle Scout was a model of rectitude; smugness was the only flaw he needed to correct
set right; correct. You had better send a check to rectify your acount before American Express cancels your credit card
countercharges. Loud and angry recriminations were her answer to his accusations
resorting to help when in trouble. The boy's only recourse was to appeal to his father for aid.
narrate or tell; count over again. About to recount the latest adventure of Sherlock Holmes, Watson lost track of exactly how many cases Holms had solved and refused to begin his tale until he'd recounted them one by one.
survey of enemy by soldiers; reconnoitering. If you encounter any enmy soldiers during your reconnaissance, capture them for questioning.
abstruse; profound; secret. He read many recondite books in order to obtain the material for his scholarly thesis.
correct inconcisstencies; become friendly aftr a quarrel. Every time we try to reconcile our check book with the bank statement, we quarrel. However, despite these monthly lovers' quarrels, we always manage to reconcile.
hermit; loner. Disappointed in love, Miss Emily became a recluse; she shut herself away in her empty mansion and refused to see another living soul.
repay in kind. John: It'd be so much better if I can reciprocate the efforts you put into the friendship. Unfortunately, I'm not that kind of friend that you're looking for!
mutual, exchangeabl; interacting. The 2 nations to reiprocate and bomb their territory.
receiver. Although he had been the recipient of many favors, he was not grateful to his benefactor.
habitual return to crime. Prison reformers in the United States are disturbed by the high rate of recidivism; the no. of persons serving second and third terms indicates the failure of the prisons to rehabilitate the inmates.
withdrawal; retreat; time of low economic activitiy. The slow recession of the flood waters created problems for the crews working to restore power to the area.
quick or willing to receive ideas, suggestions. Adventure-loving Huck Finn proved a receptive audience for Tom's tales of buried treasure and piracy.
reconstruct (a sentence, story); fashion again. Let me recat his sentence in terms your feeble brain can graps: in words of one syllable
summarize. Let us recapitulate what has been said thus far before going ahead
disclaim or disavow; retract a previous statement; openly confess error. Hoping to make Joan of Arc recant her sworn testimony, her English captors tried to convince her that her visions had been sent to her by her devil
obstinately stubborn; determined to resist authority; unruly. Which animal do you think is more recalcitrant, a pig or a mule?
refutation; response wiht contrary evidence. The defense lawyer confidently listened to the prosecutor sum up his case, sure that she could answer his arguments in her rebuttal
puzzle in which pictures stand for words. A coven of witches beside a tree is a possible rebus for the twon Coventry
scold harshly; criticize severly. no matter how sharply Miss Watson rebuked Huck for his misconduct, he neer talked back but just stood there like a stump.
snub; beat back. She rebuffed his invitation so smoothly that he did not realize he had been snubbed
discount. we offer a rebate of ten percent to those who pay cash
one who harvests grain. Death, the Grim Reaper, cuts down mortal men and women, just as a farmer cuts down the ripened grain.
kingdom; field or sphere. In the animal realm, the lion is the king of beats.
opposing progress; politically ultraconservative. Opposing the use of English in worship services, reactionary forces in the church fought to reinstate the mass in Latin.
destroy completely. Spelling matters: to raise a building is to put it up; to raze a building is to fear it down.
narrow valley with steep sides. steeper than a gully, less precipitous than a canyon, a ravine is, ike them, the product of years of erosion.
extremely hungry. The ravenus dog upset several garbagae pails in its search for food.
fail apart into rangles; unravel or untwist; entangle. A single thread pulled loose, and the entire scarf started to ravel.
overwhelmingly favorable review. Though critic John Simon seldom has a good word to say about contemporary plays, his review of All in the Timing was a total rave.
plunder; despoil. The marauding army ravaged the countryside
harsh and shrill; disorderly and boisterous. The raucous crowd of New Year's Eve revelers grew progressively noisier as midnight drew near.
give a plausible reason for an action in place of a true. less admirable one; offer an excuse. When David refused gabbly Gabrielle a ride to the dance because, he said, he had no room in the car, he was rationalizing; actually, he couldn't stand being cooped up in a car with anyone who talked as much as she did.
fundamental reason or justification; grounds for an action. her need for a vehicle large enough to accommodate five chidren and a Saint Bernard was Judy's rationale for buying a minivan.
reasoning; act of drawing conclusions from premises. While Watson was a man of average intelligence, Holmes was a genius, whose gift for ratiocination made him a superb detective
approve formally; confirm; verify. Party leaders doubted that they had enough votes in both houses of Congress to ratify the constitutional amendment.
grating; harsh. The sergeant's raspy voice grated on the recruits' ers
made less dense (of a gas). The mountain climbers had difficulty breathing in the rarefied atmosphere.
absored; enchanted. Caught up in the wonder of the storyt eller's tale, the rapt listeners sat motionless, hanging on his every word
emotional closeness; harmony. In team teaching, it is important that all teachers in the group have good rapport with one another.
excessively grasping; plundering. Hawks and other rapacious birds prey on a variety of small animals.
rave; talk excitedly; scold; make a grandiloquent speech. When he heard that I'd totaled the family car, Dad began to rant at me like a complete madman.
irritate; fester. The memory of having been jilted rankled him for years.
without definite purpose, plan, or aim; hapazard. Although the sponsor of the raffle claimed all winners were chosen at random, people had their suspicions when the grand prize went to the sponsor's brother-in-law.
bitterness; hatred. 30 years after the war, she could not let go of the past but was still consumed with rancor against the foe.
having the odor of stale fat. A rancid odor filled the ship's gallery and nauseated the crew
rickety; falling apart. The boys propped up the ramshackle clubhouse with a couple of boards.
defensive mound of earth. 'From the ramparts we watched' as the ghithing continued.
growing in profusion; nurestrained. The rampant weeds in the garden chocked the asters and marigolds until the flowers died.
slope; inclined plane. the house was built with ramps instead of stairs in order to enable the man in the wheelchair to move easily from room to room and floor to floor.
divided into braches out; subdivision. We must examine all the ramifications of this problem.
wander aimlessly (physically or mentally) Listening to the teacher ramble, Judy wondered whether he'd ever get to his point
call up or summon (forces, vital powers) revive or recuperate. Washington quickly rallied his troops to fight off the British attack. The patient had been sinking throughout the night, but at dawn she rallied and made a complete recovery.
stylish; sporty. He wore his hat at a rakish and jaunty angle.
clothing. 'How can I go to the ball?' asked Cinderella. 'I have no raiment fit to wear'.
scold; rant. You may rail at him all you want; you will never change him
story-teller. My father was a figed racounteur with an unlimietd supply of anecdotes
like a fanatic; furious. He was a rabid follower of the Dodgers and watched them play whenever he could go to the ballpark
daily; commonplace; customary. To philip, each new day of his internship was filled with excitement; he could not dismiss his rounds as merely quotidian routine.
number of members necessary to cnduct a meeting. the senator asked for a roll call to determine whether a quorum was present.
teasing; bantering; mocking; curious. When the skinny teenager tripped over his own feet stepping into the bullpen, Coach raised one quizzical eyebrow, shook his head, and said, 'Okay, kid. You're here; let's see what you've got."
idealistic but impractical. Constantly coming up with quixotic, unworkable schemes to save the world, Simon has his heart in the right place, but his head is somewhere off in the clouds.
tremble; shake. The bird dog's nose twitched and his whiskers quivered as he strained eagerly against the leash.
traitor who aids invaders/ In his conquest of Europe, Hitler was aided by the quislings who betrayed their own people and served in the puppet governments established by the Nazis.
starling twist; caprice, By a quirk of fate, he found himself working for the man whom he had discharged years before.
taunt. You are unpopular because you are too free with your quips and sarcastic comments.
purest and highest embodiment. Noel Coward displayed the quintessence of wit.
tranquility. He was impressed by the air of quietude and peace that pervaded the valley.
at rest; dormant; temporarily inactive. After the devastating eruption, fear of Moount Etna was great; people did not return to cultivate its rich hillside lands until the volcano had been quiescent for a full 2 years.
minor objection or complaint. Aside from a few hundred teensy-weensy quibbles about the set, the script, the actors,the director, the costumes, the lightling and the props, the hypercritical critic lovedthe play.
lilne. They stood patiently in the queue outside the movie theatre.
inquiry; question. In her column 'Ask Beth,' the columnist invites young readers to send their queries about life and love to her.
fretful; whining. Brenda is a querulous bitch. She never stop whinning.
douse or extinguish; assuage or satisfy. What's the favorite song of the Fire Department? 'Baby, Quench My fire!' After Bob ate the heavily salted popcorn, he had to drink a pitcherful of watcher to quench his thirst.
extinguish; put down; quiet. Miss Minchin's demeanor was so stern and forbidding that she could quell any unrest among her students with one intimidating glance.
easily nauseated; squeamish. Remember that great chase movie, the one with the carsick passenger? That's right: Queasy Rider!
dock; landing place. Because of the captain's carelessness, the ship crashed into the quay.
subdue; crush; squash. The authorities acted quickly to quash the student rebellion, sending in tanks to cow the demonstrators.
victim; object of a hunt. The police closed in on their quarry.
isolatioin of a person, place, or ship to prevent spread of infection, We will have to place this house under quarantine until we determine the exact nature of the diseas
dilemma. WHen both Harvard and Stanford accepted Laura, she was in a quandary as to which school she should attend.
misgiving; uneasy fears, especially about matters of conscien. I have no qualms about giving this assignment to Helen; i know she will handle it admirably.
limited. restricted. Unable to give the candidate full support, the mayor gave him only a qualified endorsement. (secondary meaning)
odd old-fashioned; picturesque. Mary Quaint is an old-fashioned cosmetic brand which is established on 1970s. Her quaint clothes and old-fashioned language marked her as an eccentric.
cower; lose heart, back up, loser. He was afraid that he would quail in the face of danger.
soft, wet, boggy land; complex or dangerous situation from which it is ddifficult to free onself. Up to her knees in mud, Myra wondered how on earth she was going to extricate herself from this quagmire.
drink with relish As we quaffed our ale, we listtened to the gay ongs of the students in the lavern.
four-footed animal. Most mammals are quadrupeds.
charlatan; impostor. Do not be misled by the exorbitant claims of this quack; he cannot cure you.
person with an insane desire to set things on fire. The detectives searchedthe area for the pyromaniac who had set these costly fires.
marking post to guide aviators; steel tower supporting cables or telephone lines. Amelia Earhart carefuly banked her airplane as she followed the line of pylons set up to mark the course of the Great Plane Race.
foul; rotten; decayed. When the doctor removed the bandages, the putrid smell indicated that the wound had turned gangrenous. putrescence, putrefaction
supposed; reputed. Although there are some doubts, the putative author of this work is Massinger.
cowardly; loser, whimp, fainthearted. You should be ashemed of your pusillanimous conduct during this dispute
furnisher of foodstuffs; caterer. As purveyor of rare wines and viands, he traveled through France and Italy every year in search of new products to sell
pucker; contract into wrinkles. Miss Watson pursed her lips to show her disapproval of Huck's bedraggled appearance.
alleged; claimed; reputed or rumored. The purported Satanists sacrificing live roosters in teh park tuend out to be a party of Shriners holding a chicken barbeque.
intention; meaning. If the purport of your speech was to arouse the rabbie, you succeded admirably.
remove or get rid of something unwanted; free from blame or guilt; cleanse or purify. The communist government purged the party to get rid of members suspected of capitalist sympathies, sending those believed to be disloyal to labor camps in Siberia.
place of spiritual expiation. In this purgatory, he could expect no help from his comrades.
firm grasp or footing. The mountaineer struggled to get a proper purchase on the slipper rock.
insignificant; tiny; weak. Our puny effots to stop the flood were futile.
punishing. He asked for punitive measures against the offender.
stinging; sharp in taste or smell; caustic. THe pungent odor of ripe Limburger cheese appealed to Simone but made Stanley gag.
authority on a subject; learned person; expect. Some authors who write about the GRE as if they are pundits actually know very little about the test.
stressing niceties of conduct or form; minutely attentive (perhaps too much so) to fine points. Percy is punctilious about observing the rules of etiquette whenever Miss Manner invites him to stay.
beat or pound with fists. Swinging wildly. Pammy pummeled her brother around the head and shoulder.
crush or frind into very small particles. Before sprinkling the dried herbs into the stew, Michael first pulverized them into a fine powder.
throb (show up). We could see the blood vessels in his temple pulsate as he became more angry.
pertaining to the lungs. In his researches on pulmonary disease, he discovered many facts about the lungs of animals and human beings.
beauty; comeliness. I do not envy the judges who have to select this year's Miss America from this collection of female pulchritude.
powerful; strong; potent. We must keep his friendship for he will make a puissant ally.
combativeness; disposition to fight. 'Put up your dukes!' he cried, making a fist to show his pugnacity
boxer. The famous pugilist Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammed Ali
childish. His puerile pranks sometimes offended his more mature friends.
extinct flying reptile. The remains of pterodactyis indicate that these flying reptiles had a wingspan of as much as twenty feet.
mental disorder. We must endeavor to find an outlet for the patient's repressed desires if we hope to combat this psychosis.
pertaining to mental derangement. The psychopathic patient suffers more frequently from a disorder of the nervous system than from a diseased brain.
soul; mind. It is idfficult to delve into the psyche of a human being
pen name. Samuel Clemen's pseudonym was Mark Twain.
inquire impertinently; use leverage to raise or open something. Though Nora claimed she did't mean to pry, everyone knew she was just plain nosy. WIth a crowbar Long JOhn Silver pried up the lid of the treasure chest.
having or causing lustful thoughts and desires. Aroused by his prurient impulses, the dirty old man leered at the sweet youngthing and offered to give her a sample of his 'prowess', his prurience appalled her.
cut away; trim. With the help of her editor, she was able to prune her manuscript into publishable form.
cautious; careful. A miser hoards money not because he is prudent but because he is greedy.
excessively modest or proper person. The x-rated film was definitely not for prudes.
authorized agent. Please act as my proxy and vote for this slate of andidates in my absence.
nearness. Blind people sometimes develop a compensatory ability to sense the proximity of objects around them
extraordinary ability; military bravry. Performing triple axels and double lutzes at the age of six, the young figure skater was world famous for her prwness on the ice.
arousing anger or interest; annoying. IN a typically provocative act, the bully kicked sand into the weaker man's face.
stipulation. I am ready to accept your proposal with the proviso that you meet your obligations within the next 2 weeks.
tentative. Kim's acceptance as an American Express cardholder was provisional; before issuing her a card, American Express wanted to check her employment record and credit history.
dry food; fodder. I am not afraid of a severe winter because I have stored a large quantity of provender for the cattle.
origin or source of something. I am not interested in its provenance; I am more concerned with its usefulness than with its source.
protrusion; bulge. A ganglionic cyst is a fluid-filled tumor (generally benign) that develops near a joint memberane or tendon sheath, and that bulges beneath the skin, forming a protuberance.
stick out. His fingers protruded form the holes in his gloves.
prolong. Seeking to delay the union members' vote, the management team tried to protract the negotiations endlessly, but the union representatives saw through their strategy.
original work used as a model by others. The crude typewriter on display in this museum is the prototype of the elaborate machines in use today.
diplomatic etiquette. We must run this state dinner according to protocol if we are to avoid offending any of our guests.
person receiving protection and support from a patron. Born with an independent spirit, Cyrano De Bergerac refused to be a protege of Cardinal Richelieu.
versatile; able to take on many forms. A remarkably protean actor, Alec Guinness could take on any role
stretch out full on ground. He prostrated himself before the idol.
good fortune; financial success; physical well-being. Promising to stay together 'for richer, for pooere,' the newlyweds vowed to be treu to one another in prosperity and hardship alike.
the art of versification. This book on prosody contains a rhyming dictionary as well as samples of the various verse forms.
induce someone to convert to a religion or belief. In these interfaith meetings, there must be no attempt to proelytize; we must respect all points of view.
obstacize; banish; outlaw. Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus proscribed all those who had conspired against Julius caesar
part of stage in front of curtain. In the theater-in-the-round there can be no proscenium or proscenium arch.
dull and unimaginative; matter of fact; factual.Though the ad writers had come up with a highly creative campaign to publicise the company's newest product, the head office rejected it for a more prosaic, down-to-earth approach.
driving forward. The jet plane has a greater propulsive power than the engine-driven plane.
fitness; correct conduct. Miss Manners counsels her reader so that they may behave with propriety in any social situation and not embarrass themselves.
put forth for analysis. In your discussion, you have propounded several questions; let us consider each one separately.
supporter; backer; opposite of opponent. In the senate, proponents of the universal health care measure lobbied to gain additional support for the controversial legislation.
favorable; fortunate; advantageous. Chole consulted her horoscope to see whether Tuesday would be a propitious day to dump her boyfriend.
appease. The natives offered sacrifices to propitiate the gods.
nearness; kinship. Their relationship could not be explained as being based on mere propinquity. They were more than relatives; they were true friends.
used to prevent disease. Despite all prophylactic measures introduced by the authorities, the epidemic raged until cool weather set in.
having to do with predicting the future. In interpreting Pharaoh's prophetic dream, Joseph said that the seven fat cows eaten by the seven lean cows represented seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine.
natural inclination, talent. Convinced of his own talent, Sol has an unfortunately propensity to belittle the talents of others.
substance that propels or drives forward. the development of our missle program has foced our scientists to seek more powerful propellants
multiply; spread. Since bacteria propagate more quickly in unsanitary environments, it is important to keep hospital rooms clean.
inclined to ; prostrate. She was prone to sudden fits of anger during which she would like prone on the floor, screaming and kicking her heels.
proclaim a doctrine or law; make known by official publication. When Moses came down from the mountaintop prepared to promulgate God's commandments, he was appalled to discover his followers worshipping a golden calf

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