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Honors 10 History - Kaufman Unit 1


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Congress of Vienna
Congress of leaders of nation-states in Europe to decide what to do about European boders and land after Napoleon
City where Metternich attended University. Where he witnessed the Frence Revolution and connected liberalism with mob violence
Freedom, rights of man, freedom of speech, press, assembly. Democracy.
Patriotism, the feeling of loyalty to a country not a king or emperor.
Jacobin Nationalism
Particularly violent form of nationalism that was connected by the aristocracy as a representation of Nationalism
The teachings of liberalism and progression of the rights of man.
Edmund Burke
An important advocate of the enlightenment. Proposed gradual democracy as a good idea in countries.
Balance of Power
All European states are equally balanced and no one is overly powerfull.
Quadrupal Alliance
Alliance of England, Prussia, Russia, Austria against further revolutions in France
Rhine Valley/Barrier
38 German states surrounding France to act as a buffer zone for other surrounding nations
South Africa
Place British Navy got as consolation for war. Used for base for oceaninc control for Britain.
Place British Navy got as consolation for war. Used for base for oceaninc control for Britain.
Holly Alliance
Alliance formed by Alexander I to spread Christianity to Europe. Made up of Russia, Prussia, Austria.
State wanted by both Prussia and Russia
State wanted by both Prussia and Russia
Baron Stein
Proposed a semblance of democracy to appease Prussians and keep them from joining the French in their democratic revolution.
Sticking with the old ways, kings choosen by god. Not democratic, or nationalistic.
Metternichean System
The system that called for rapid quelling of revolutions in countries by the five great European countries
Carlsbad Decrees
Laws that put people under strict watch and denied them freedom of the press. Censored periodical and newspapers.
Greek Revolution of 1821
Revolutions of Greece over the Ottoman Empire, non-christian enemy so the revolution is not stoped
Revolutions of 1820
Revolutions in Italy, Portugal, & Spain. Led to conferences in Troppau to quell Italian revolution and in Verona to quell the Spanish and Portuguese revolutions.
Decembrist Revolt of 1825
The Decembrist revolt or the Decembrist uprising was attempted in Imperial Russia by army officers who led about 3,000 Russian soldiers on December 14.
Led the Hungarian revolt of 1848 against Austria. Was unsucessful and fled the country.
The bourbon king of France who was enstated by the COngress of Vienna after the French Revolution
Charles X
The king who succeeded his brother Louis XVIII when he died. He was a reactionary who was eventually forced to abdicate during the revolution of 1830.
Louis Phillipe
The "Citizen King" of France who was the first elected monarch in Europe. He was very timid and his rule tended to favor th upper middle class.
Customs union set up by Prussia between little German states to improve economy of Germany.
Big Five at Congress of Vienna
Metternich, Castlereagh, Alexander I, Hardenburg, and Talleyrand who were the leaders of Austria, England Russia, Prussia, and France who led the Congress of Vienna

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