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the doctory told injun joe he wasnt goinjg to give him food because he was no good. when joe said he would get him for that, the doctor's father ordered for him to be jailed for a vagrant. all joe wanted was an extra 5 dollars for the job but the doctor wouldnt give it to him.
why is joe angry with the doctor?
the concluding events of the story. these events bring the story to a natural conclusion.
jimi hendrix is trying to say his happiness ran away, loneliness shines on him, and he is crying for help from mary. mary is apparantly ignoring him and out of desperation he screams his longing louder and louder. finally, he gives in because she will not listen. also, the jack, queen, and king mentioned in the poem stand for cards which is a game. he compares a game to love or relationships.
what is the sonwriter of wind cries mary's message.
when you use very basic imagery, it forces the reader to make up its own picture and perspective. but if you are specific, the readers are able to understand one another because they all see the same picture. ex. when describing the lady looking at him so vividly in the poem, all readers without a doubt will know she understands the situation. if it was vague like williams, all the readers have a different perspective of the story. withou7t vivid description, it would be hard to describe the counter-woman's awareness.
how does the use of imagery affect the experience of reading oranges?
the book takes place in the south during the 17-1800s during the slavery period in st petersburg, missouri. this can be infered from the accent or dialects spoken by the characters. also, jim, one of the characters introduced, is good friends with tom and is mentioned to be colored. he was doing work at the time he was introduced. it is a middle-class poor town
describe the setting of Tom sawyer. (general location, year, specific location, etc...)
"she was busy that day and hadnt paid much attention to me. she had made me get into bed upstairs and then hadnt even come up to see how i was." she doesnt trust him and doesnt give him attention becuase she knows hes faking.
describe the narrator's relationship with his mother in stolen day. how does she react when he comes home from school?
it creates imagery
why does the peot for dream deferred string together several similes in this piece? what effect does this have on its meaning?
tom kisses becky and they vow to each other never to love or marry anyone else. becky mentions she's never been through anything like it and expresses her joy. tom shares his happiness too but in the process, spills the beans about his affir with amy lawrence. this, or course, makes becky feel cheated on and she throws a tantrum. she feels less special. she wanted to be the one and only
why does becky become upset with tom?
ever since the judge enteres the room, tom is gaga for his daughter and desperately wants her attention. the second he sees becky thatcher, his old girlfriend, amy lawrence, goes out from his heart. of course, the best way to get her attention is if becky's dad likes him because he will allow them to spend more time together.
why does tom want to impress the judge so badly?
the poem includes description when it says so sweet and so cold
which elements of poetry does this is just to say have?
use apostrophes to make letters, numbers, and words referred to as words plural.
apostrophes to form plurals.
the father tells his son to bewareof the japanese mystical dragon who will bite and catch him and to be careful of the jubjub bird and the frumious bandersnatch. in other words, his dad is telling his son to go get rid of the dragon.
what does the father say to his son at the beginning of jabberwocky?
gary soto
who wrote oranges?
Dr robinson wanted the body to be dug up because he wanted to study it for mdical practice. unclaimed bodies are used for this purpose but he needs more. joe calls him sawbones because he will discect the body.
who wanted the body to be dug up? do we know why he wanted this to happen?
the title's message is old agte sticks and doesn't come off, so its best to enjoy youth before old age sticks. once you've gotting old for good, you'll regret not enjoying youth.
what is the significance of the title of old age sticks?
jimi hendrix
who wrote the wind cries mary?
another metaphor is featured in this poem: "an asphalt sea." this metaphor describes how big the asphalt is by comparing it to the sea, which is HUGE. using a metaphor helps us see what it really is more vividly.
what otehr literary term is featured in sidewalk racer?
becky thatcher has blue eyes, blond hair like gold, she is very cute and is love at first sight to tom. the judge's daughter is tom's new love. they are visitors of the church and they are from Constantinople. Tom shows off to her to get her attention but ends up getting into trouble.
fully characterize tom's new love. what's her name?
Death cab for cutie`
who wrote title and registration?
the narrator is an outsider who can report the thoughts and feelings of only one or two characters,
3rd person limited.
conflicts are introduced to the story. the main character actively tries to solve the problem(s). suspense/complications build during this period.
rising action
anna guest
who wrote beauty is truth?
IN class, she realizes the real beauty in her life. the love and caring in the family was beautiful. "it was so real, you felt you were right in that kitchen." "you didnt know who to feel sorry for, you wanted to cry with the mother and you wanted to cry with Billy. with the girl too."
how do the students respond to her piece in beauty is truth?
when tom walks into the room, late, he spots becky and an empty seat next to her. he knows, apparantly, the punishment for being late is sitting with the girls. so he wants to get in trouble. so instead of lying to the teacher, he proudly confesses that he was with huck so he would be seated next to her.
why does tom brag about being late so he could speak with huck?
personification adds a feeling of mystery because it uses action people know of and can relate to but the readers don't know how they can do that. ex. in the last line: "they tell stories," readers can't tell how "they" tell stories. it also makes you see it or try to imagine it.
what does personification add to street window? why did the poet use it?
the lyrics gave me the mood of happiness and regret. ex. in one phrase, it said "and i knew your heart i couldnt win." and "And we'd left out love in our summer skin." these show regret because it is almost like saying, "we had a good time, but it's gone because the reason we were together is gone." the characters were together because of the season and their "summer skin" but since the skin peeled and the season gone, their relationship broke.
what mood does the imagery of summer skin produce?
the glove compartment stands for things he doesnt want to remember/know
what was the central metaphor of title and registration?
there is no recorded response so its assumed that the wind is going unheard. just like a person, the wind gets frustrated and eventually "looses" its patience. throughout the course of the poem, the wind gets louder and louder because its longing for a response makes it do so.
why does the wind in wind cries mary go from whispering to screaming?
an authour's construction of a character is called characterization: appearance, what he/she says, what she/he does, thoughts and feelings, what others say about him/her
e. e. cummings
who wrote old age sticks?
the mother is telling her son not to gibe up on his life just because it wasnt perfect. her life was horrible at times too and she was still going. she said "life for me ain't been no crystal stair." which means her life wasnt going snoothly, there was a lack of luxuries, and it wasnt easy. the mother said she had been through many hardships and changes, but she was still determined to move on, even though life wasnt perfect, so her son couldn't "sit down" yet.
what is the metaphor in mother to son?
something that stands for something else by reason of relationship, association, convention, or an accidental resemblance. ex. the lion is often the symbol of courage.
the counter woman is aware of his actions. in the quote "when i looked up, the lady's eyes met mine, and held them, knowing very well what it was all about.", the lady looks at him and holds, which shows he has her attention. but she lets him slide to not embarrass him.
is the counter-woman aware of what is happening in oranges? how do you know?
the use of words to create a certain picture in a reader's mind. imagery utilizes the 5 senses. ex. fog hanging like old coats between the trees
his theory is to make the situation look challenging so they would think it would be a nice way to show off if they succeeded. he mentions people would do things that cost considerable anounts of money to show off their wealth. on the otehr hand, they will not do something if they get money from it because it isnt as dignified. "in order to make a man or a boy want a thing, it is only necessary to make the thing difficult to attain."
what is tom's great theory of human action?
she is truly disappointed and despairs. she has no idea what to say to the letter of rejection. after Miss O'Shay tells her about the descrimination against her Irish background and what she does, Nancy Lee feels better about the situation. Miss O'Shay told her about the American dream and to fight to make the racists see the truth about it. after realizing the AMerican dream, Nancy Lee tells herself "there will be other awards", which means she will wait for me opportunities. 1. breathless, chocked. 2. decides she will change things.
what is Nancy Lee's immediate reaction to be denied the scholarship? what is her later reaction? why does she change her mind?
the boys travel three miles below st petersburg, at a point where the mississippi river was a trifle over a mile wide, there was a long, narrow, wooded island with a shallow bar at the head of it, and this offered well as a rendezvous. they chose the lovation because it is go-forsaken and they wouldnt have to worry about being dusturbed.
where do the boys travel to? why do they choose this location?
langston hyghes
who wrote mother to son?
if a person's dream is deferred, anger and violence will occue because their dreams are their identity and they will not tolerate a rejected identity.
what is hte message of dream deferred?
this format was chosen because each stanza shows an action from old age, the following a reaction from youth which is ognorance. ex. in the stanza "old age sticks up keep off signs and youth yanks them down," you would decide it and pay attention to the poem.
why was this format chosen in old age sticks?
this type of conflict occurs between two people or groups of people, or between a person and nature (a hurricane) or an object (a car). ex. a character must survive a tremendous storm on the peak of mt everest.
external conflicts
the comittee discovered she is colored and since they are racist, took her off the list and she lost the chance, only because she is colored. the people thought it was unfair to let her in with the art club award and her presence, considering her race, may cause a disturbance or cause difficulties. she was the only colored girl to ever get a chance to get in so they refused. their concept is if there is a black in the school they think they will cause violence.
why did the committee change its plans about her award in one friday morning?
to form the possessive of a singular noun that ends in "s" that is a one syllable word, you can either add an apostrophe or an apostrophe "s". its your choice. however, if the word ends in "s" and its milti-syllabic, simply add an apostrophe. . ex. chris's home is beautiful. chris' home is beautiful.
rule 2 apostrophes
the exposing or introduction of the situation, people, background, and setting
the "s" sound mimicks the sound of a skateboard. the sound was used because it also sounds like moving water, which is the metaphor used to describe the racer's "rule" over the asphalt. if an alternative sound replaced the "s" sound, it wouldnt fit the metaphor and the words following it wouldnt make as much sense. also, all the words that start with S talk about a boat on the sea, which is compared to the skateboard.
why is this sound featured in sidewalk racer, why not simply use another sound instead of the on the poet chose?
this exists when an event is contrary to what is expected or appropriate
irony of situation
he has a death fantasy because he thinks his family will finally turn their attention to him. this is because, when one of the wyatt children drowned in the spring, his mother found him and carried his body to his family, and she looked "pale. she had a terrible look on her face, i remembered then." meaning she showed concern, and the son was jealous. so to make them notice him, he wished he could drown too.
why does the narrator have a death fantasy in stolen day?
is the repitition of consonant sounds that occur at the beginning of words. ex. skimming an asphalt sea.
casrl sandburg
who wrote street window?
tom dreams about the murder often and talks during it so sid hears it. sid wants to know what he was dreaming about because it was probably about some mischeif he caused so he can get into trouble again. (yannering on about wanted to tell the secret) sid thinks tom has somthing to do with murder.
what does tom say in his sleep that disturbs sid?
tom is falsely accused of breaking the sugar bowl and was hit by polly. sid actually broke it but gets away with it because tom is known as the liar, not tom. so tom has a death fantasy, thinking how polly would react if he were dead.she wont admit she is wrong because it takes her down a notch.
how does tom parallel the narrator from stolen day?
to form the possessive of a singular noun that does not end in "s", add an apostrophe and an "s". ex. jane's car is fast. the boy's clothes were fashionable
rule 1 apostrophes
use apostrophes to take the place of missing letters in a contraction. ex. it's about time! the apostrophe takes the place of the missing "i" they're in the way!
apostrophes used to form contractions
even if one person is going through some hardships, don't "sit down", but face the fears knowing people who have gone through more hardships are still charging on. the mother says to her son she went through list, confusing times, difficult times, different points and poverty. even though it was hard, she had been through it all, and she wanted him to be as determined to move on.
what is the message of mother to son?
Nancy Lee is proud she is one of the few colored people who are given a chance to go to college from a scholarship and wants to make her race proud. "I accept this award with gratitude and pride, not for myself alone but for my race that believes in american opportunity and american fairness." nancy lee wants to be one of those people who represent the potential of her race and lead them out of descrimination. her speech shows shes not selfish and accepts it on behalf of her people who helped her get there. she is very modest
how are nancy LEe's thoughts and feelings characterized?
the character is the narrator (I, me, my)
1st person
at first, he feels accomplished that he has stolen the melon. however, after he was unable to eat all of it, he steps on it and ruins it and goes into a depressed mood. after he sees MR. Wills throwing a temper tantrum while destroying all of his melons, he suffers from extreme guilt. he couldn't sleep and also was really nervous that he would shoot him. "I don't know all the things i thought of that night. mostly it was about the terrible thing i had commited so lightly, out of pride and out of being sixteen years old and out of wanting to challenge the older man, the man with the beautiful daughter.
how does the narrator feel after he has stolen the melon?
spring-rebirth, new beginning, life. flag- freedom, pride, USA. old woman-troubled black past that is wise because went through so much. playing black kids-new future for blacks.
what are the metaphors in the painting in one friday morning?
his personification gives readers a clue of his loneyly life plus it compares with things people are familiar with. ex. "happiness staggering" everyone knows what staggering is and sometimes why it is occuring. this way of imagery is easier for people to understand and feel more emotion because they can relate to it.
what effect does the poet of wind cries mary's use of personification have on the meaning, or the experience of hearing the song?
this occurs when what one says is the opposite of the intended meaning
verbal irony
tom makes whitewashing the fence look incredibly enjoyable and somthing only special people cna do, "once in a life time". he also treated it as an art, therefore, only "talented" people were eligible to white wash. "like it? well, i dont see why i oughtnt to like it. does a boy get a chance to whitewash a fence everyday?" "i recon there ain't one boy in a thousand, maybe two thousand that can do it the way its got to be done." he tries to con jim also by showing him his sore toe and marbles but polly takes her slipper and hits jim in the backside. also, he challenges some otehrs people by saying they arent able to whitewash. this says that tom is a very lazy, clever, manipulative, and mischevious person.
how does tom get ben to paint the fence? what does this say about tom as a character?
borden deal
who wrote the taste of melon
the most utilized sense in the lyrics was sight. this was because it would be harder to describe a summer without being able to see the sun or sane. in the peom, for example, he wouldnt have been able to describe "children swim" without describing with sight.
which sense is most utilized by the imagery in summer skin? why does the writer favor this type of imagery?
the piece means the ship keeper knows of starbation and how much it affects desperate people's lives. also, people usually stole the items they sold so it was illegal. it shows when people are desperate for money, they can do anything.
what is the meaning of street window?
the parentheses mark parts of words that belong together. ex. parentheses marked up thes, pas and sing in the word trespassing which completed the unfinished phrase "no respassing". kids are known to skip over parentheses so old age is ignored. also, old age is constrained by age while youth is still free
what purpose do the parentheses serve in old age sticks?
he he is symbolically willing to take a step toward his family and away from his horrible friends. he is growing up and realizing his sister is right.
why does the story end with JEanie approaching her brother? what does this mean?
is a figure of speech in which a non-human thing is given human characteristics. ex. you can hear happiness staggering down the street.
this occurs when the audience knows more about the fate of the character than he/she does.
dramatic irony
he wanted to make himself closer to his friends by impressing them and become famous for having enough wit to steal it from the grumpiest guy in down. also, to impress Willadean and hopefully become her boyfriend. most of all though, impressing Mr. Wills and show him what he is capable of. "it surged up out of me--not the idea of making my name for years to come by such a deed, but the feeling that there was a rightness in defying the world and MR. Wills." the danger of the situation only provoked him more. "there was more to it than just bravado. i was proving something to myself--and to mr wills and willadean."
why does the narrator want to take the melon in the taste of melon?
the boy's reaction to his dad's advice was grabbing his sword and setting out to kill the jabberwocky. he later chopped off its head and brought it back to his father. the second his dad says to avoid it, the boy goes and decapitates it. this shows his son is proven a man. maybe his dad secretyly wanted his to kill it by using reverse psycology. maybe his son is a hero who is supposed to save everyone. in order to be an adult you have to be independant so his son wanted to be a man.
how does the son react to his fathers advice in jabberwocky?
she is proud she has an opprtunity to know more of the beauties of africa; " its buildings of pyramids, created ancient and important civilizations. early smelting of iron. its song, african sculpture," she is proud of their accomplishments throughout history. likewise, she is proud of being american. this is because she is able to stand up for discouraged blacks and represent what her race is capable of doing.
why is nancy lee proud of her african roots in one friday morning? why is she proud to be american?
the poet used the metaphor because life for the mother was the opposite of "crystal", which is perfect, smooth, luxurious, and easy. her life, instead, was painful, harsh, difficult, and sorrowful which is sometimes the emotions we get when we get splinters, step on tacks , and torn-up boards. "and places with no carpet on the floor--bare," describes the woman's poor, empty life.
why did the poet choose this metaphor from mother to son for life?
a technique where an author interrupts the story to go back in time for the purpose of making something in the present more clear
even though the watermelon stealing was a joke to some, the narrator believed it was "outside the safe magic of the tactic understanding between man and boy." so he knew something had to be done, and only he could do so. also, after seeing Mr. Wills so ferociously destroying his melons, he felt he had gone too far past the line in search of popularity, impressing others and pride. "and i knew it was up to me, at whatever risk, to repair as well as i could the damage i had done." when he discovers MR wills' true intentions for the melon, he feels worse
what causes the narrator to confess to Mr. Wills in the taste of melon?
tom is a very notty character who loves to play hookey to get away from working. he is sidney's cousin and is auny polly's nephew. he got in trouble alot and had a good time getting away with it at times. "tom did play hookey, and he had a very good time." he enjoys doing the wrong thing actively. tricks are fun. he doesnt take interest in hurting people though. he just wants to get away with it
fully characterize tom
she had nothing else to write about. there wasnt anything in her life that was beautiful. no flowers, nothing, it was hideous. she was frustrated and was telling herself that her teacher wouldnt care about her writing so she chose her brother's story out of desperation,
why does jeanie choose to write about her brother's beating for an assignment that calls for "beauty" and "truth"?
his father was joyous when his son came back with the head of the dragon and celebrated while hugging his son. "he chortled in his joy". his father is excited and this is unexpected because his father should be upset at how his son disobeyed. plus he could have been killed.
how does the father react to his son at the end of Jabberwocky?
jeanie is very shy and anti-social. barbara asked her if she was doing anything for the weekend, and she mentioned she had to do homework. a boy liked her and greeted her nicely, she shrugged. this just says her character is not out-going at all and she is unwilling to do anything with others. the author does this so you can see her compared to her bad brother who gambles on the street.
how does jeanie get along with her classmates? what does this say about her as a character?
this poem is about a skateboarder who claims to be the best. i know this is true because the poem states "skimming an asphalt sea" and the boy says "i'm the one and only single engine human auto mobile." "an asphalt sea" is the gravel or road and what the character states is equivalent to being the "king" of the skateboard.
what is sidewalk racer about? how do you know?
the main character reflects on or reacts to the events of the story's climax
falling action
hilaire belloc
who wrote rebecca, who slammerd doors for fun and perished miserably?
"it must be that all children are actors." "i did it when the teacher, Sarah Suggett, had come out into the schoolhouse yard. I ache all over, i said. i did too. i kept on crying and it worked all right."
what is the first indication that the narrator might be creating his symptoms in stolen day?
when potter is convinced that he was responcible for dr robinson's death, he is shocked and at loss at what to do. he is tramatized and begs joe not to tell anyone or report him for murder. joe promises and agrees not to hurt him because potter is a fair man.
what does joe promise potter?
these occur when characters face a problem that they mist conquer on their own. ex. a character must decide between his family and his drug addiction.
internal conflicts
old age sticks to a person and never comes off, unlike youth which eventually changes into old age. old age says to stop aging, but youth ignores it because they think old age is stupid and dont know what they are saying. ex. in the poem, it says "old age scolds, forbidden, stop mustnt, dont, and youth goes right on growing old." which means youth ignores old age's cries of "dont grow up!" and does the opposite.
what was the message of old age sticks?
lewis carroll makes up many words with two good, descriptive words and made it into one even more descriptive word. these words effect experience of of the reader because you need to read it more than several times to truly understand the poem. he makes them up to catch kid's attention. since the story is fantasy, he makes up words to go with it.
why did the poet of jabberwocky create so many made up words for his piece? what efect do these words have on the experience of reader and hearing this piece?
he stole his own day but his intention was the opposite, after getting attention from the carp, he lies about the "disease". he played hooie so it is his fault. catch 22: your damned if you do, you're damned if you dont.
why is this story called stolen day?
even though it seemed mr. wills was guarding it with a greedy will, and he was taking care of it more carefully than he did the rest of his family, it wasnt what it seemed. his wife was sick and anticipated eating it very much. believing it would make her better, Mr. Wills guarded it very well so his wife would enjoy it while inviting the rest of the town to enjoy a slice as well. after all, it was the largest watermelon ever ween in the country. it is his seed melon, if he uses his seeds, his future melons are good.
why was the melon so important to mr wills in the taste of melon?
lillian morrison
who write the sidewalk racer
bob dylan
who wrote talking bear mountain picnic massacre blues
this "poem" is just saying the man wants forgiveness because he ate someone's plums.
what is this is just to say's message
the narrator is an outsider who can report all of the character's thoughts and feelings
3rd person omniscient
at the climax. this is to build suspence
when is the conflict revealed in one friday morning?
an erupting volcano. it kills off many creatures. but from their bodies and nutrients, sprouts new life.
can something that us ugly be considered a thing of beauty? use a real-life example to support your point.`
a regular rhyme scheme has a humorous, playful effect because some sentences don't make sense because a rhyme is needed to complete the pattern. these peoms are written based on rhymes. an irregular rhyme scheme creates a less silly environment because they dont mock events as a regular rhyme scheme would. these peoms are written based on the plot or idea of the story rather than on rhyme.
what effect does regular rhyme scheme have on a reader? how about regular rhyme scheme?
the narrator didnt have the desease because whenever he ddint think about it, it didnt hurt. ex. when he goes fishing, he is fit enough to tackel a huge carp and hump into the water to do so. whenever he thinks about it, or believes he has it, the symptoms come up and he is even more convinced he has it. ex. he tells himself he has it before going in his home and his pain starts again.
did the narrator of stolen day have the disease or not?
a comparison between 2 unlike things ex. life for me ain't been no crystal stair!
he feels sorry for potter because he can't tell anyone abou the murder. plus, potter is his friend and if he is hanged, it will be false. he offered potter food and goods to cheer himself up and lessen his guilt.
how does tom easy his bad conscience about muff potter?
does this is just to say have a rhyme or regular rhythum?
he goes on the date with, unfortunately, only a nickle and two oranges at hand. he is at crisus when his girlfriend picks out chocolate, which costs a dime; which is too expensive for him. without showing emotion, but desperately, he hands in an orange and his nickel as said: "I didnt say anything. i took the nickel from my pocket, then an orange, and set them quietly on the counter."
what is the crisis during the date in oranges? how does he handle this situation?
to put off or get delayed
what does deferred mean?
in the scene where the dog howls at muff potter (forshadowing)
one exmaple in tom sawyer of foreshadowing
death cab for cutie
who wrote simmer skin?
langston hughes
who wrote one friday morning?
this is the expected reaction because his son listened to his advice and came back alive. he thought his son would die because he went with with a sword to take on a dragon that claws and bites mercilessly
is the father's reaction to his expected? why does he respond this way? jabberwocky
the time, place, and general environments in which a story takes place.
it represents her pride to be an american. even though she is african, Nancy Lee likes to represent an american. "you could tell that the old negro woman was looking at the flag; and that flag was proud in the spring breeze." the old woman represents nancy Lee, looking upon the flag with pride.
what does the painting represent to Nancy lee in one friday morning?
a hint/clue about a future event
it is a retorical question and makes the reader focus on thinking about why it is. the question draws attention to the last line because it isnt a simile like everything else.
why does the poet of dream deferred end with a question? why does he use this question?
potter forgets his knife in the graveyard. he will probably remember he left it there when he is too far away and will be too scared to go back. this may be important because the knife is maked with his originale symbol and will be recognized if found so people may find who is "responcible"
what does muff potter forget in the graveyard? why might this be important?
williams' way of imagery was more of psychological but this writer was speaking metaphorically about love for the season. to describe summer, you would need to describe the signts like tans, pools, palm trees, etc... therefore, the writer couldnt as easily talk psychologically.
why did the writer of summer skin choose to use such vivid imatery as opposed to doing what william carlos williams does, which is to use bery little imagery?
it creates a mirthful mood because the plot is sad but the rhyming creates a silly/fun feeling. for example, in the second stanza, it is concluded in the last two lines; "and down it came! it knocked her flat! it laid her out! she looked like that" that the girl is dead. this should create a gloomy, pessimistic mood but the rhyming adds to the mood with a playful sort of impression because rhyming is similar to playing around with words.
what mood does the rhyming of rebecca who... create?
it is huck's secret language to tom. when he wants to call tom out, instead of ringinng the bell or storming in or calling his name so its obvious, he meows. when he hears it, tom reacts and gets up. he meos back to tell him he heard it.
why does huck meow at tom?
william carlos williams
who wrote this is just to say?
the stanzas are organized by little bits of information. it is either where the plums were, or when he eats them. the second stanza says he knew he was wrong. if he didnt break it into stanzas, it would lose its poetic feeling.
is this is just to say organized by stanzas, or are the stanza breaks done seemingly for no reason?
sidney is tom's cousin. he appears to be quiet and innocent to adults so he can suck up. he had no sense of adventure like tom, so he wasnt considered troublesome. when aunt polly found no evidence that tom had been swimming because his shirt was securely buttoned, Sid had pointed out that hte color of the thread had changed. if it werent for sid, tom would have gotten away with it. sid tattles on tom because he is jealous of tom's ability to get away with things so easily.
characterize sidney. how does he catch tom in a lie?
when tom went back to his room, he didnt notice that sid was awake and knows he is up to something. in the morning, side tatle-taled and told polly about it so tom could get punished.
how did polly know that tom had sneaked out at night?
langston hughes
who wrote dream deferred?
in the poem, the "s" sound is repeatedly said. ex. the words skimming, sea, swerve, and speed. this alliteration makes the reader pay more attention to the words that start with the "s." it also mimicks the sound of a skateboard. you can also tell its a skateboard because it is "an inch above the ground."
what sound is repeated in the sidewalk racer
lewis carroll
who was the writer of jabberwocky
to form the posesive of a plural noun that ends in "s", simply add an apostrophe. ex. the car's hoods were all black. the kid's laughter was very loud.
rule 3 apostrophies
yes. it includes rhyming in every stanza. ex. "slighy toves" and "borogoves". it includes repetition and rhythum in the first and second stanzas and the fifth. stanzas are organized according to each event. imagery and figurative are included, for example in the verse "the jabberwock with eyes of flame". emotion is expressed when the boy has slain the dragon and his father sees him returning and chortled in joy.
is jabberwocky a poem? what terms are utilized?
the dog's howl bothers the boys because they thought t was after them to take them to tell or something. this can be infered because it was a stray dog and tom and huck started confessing all their wrongs. also, it was howling under the moon at midnight and a few people had gotten sick from the dogs. the dog was actually barking at potter so it is a clue that potter is going to die (foreshadowing).
why does the howl bother the boys so much? what might it represent?
huck is the ultimate juvinille deliquinte and has the worst reputation to the adults. his father is the down drunkard. he is idle and lawless, vulgar and bad. although mothers dreaded him, all of his peers envied his "outcast" reputation even though they were forbidden to play with him. Tom played with him every chance he got. tom has a family but huck doesnt. he does whatever he wants. no school, no church. huck wore ragged clothes that were for full grown men. "huckleberry was always dressed in the cast off clothers of full-grown men, and they were in perennial bloom and fluttering with rags. his hat was a cast ruin with a wide crescent lopped out of its brim; his coat, when he wore one, hung nearly to his heels and had the rearward buttons far down the back; but one suspender supported his trousers; the seat of the trousers bagged low and contained nothing. the fringed legs dragged in the dirt when no rolled up.." he did everything he felt like doing; not going to school, staying up late, fishing, swimming, etc. he is also very superstitious.
fully characterize huckleberry finn
what happens in a story. it has 5 main parts
when the three men enter the graveyard with a lantern, huck and tom think its devcils-fire and 3 demons. they are freaked-out and think they are goners. huck even asks tom to pray! this shows they are truly superstitious people
what do the boys mistake the three men for when they enter the graveyard? what does this show about tom and huck?
during the funeral service of tom, joe, and huck, everyone is weeping and crying for them. suddenly though, they appear at the funeral and surprise them. everyone praises God and gives them hugs and kisses. "resurrection"
what major even happened at the boys' funeral service?
a metaphor gives more detail and description. it gives imagery so it can be worth a thousand words.
what do metaphors do?
when becky finds out that tom has ben "engaged" before, she throws a tantrum and cries at the wall. when tom attempts to comfort her with hugs, she pushed him away and also refused to accept his soothing words. when tom went outside, expecting her to follow him, she doesnt so tom feels hurt. he tells her his feelings but she does not listen. he offers her his prized possession; a brass door knob but she rudely strikes it to the floor. at this, he gives up and exits the scene, heartbroken.
why does tom also exit the scene being upset?
she feels pity for him because his mother died and his dad abandoned him. "he's my own dead sister's boy, poor thing, and i ain't got the heart to lash him, somehow, everytime i let him off, my conscience does hurt me so, and every time i hit him my old heart most breaks." Tom can get away with alot because of this. he takes advantage of polly's soft heart.
why does tom's aunt feel bad about punishing him?
tom spots the fly in the middle of a prayer during church. of course, considering his behavior, he would definetly want to kill it. but since he is superstitious, he didnt dare to kill it. "for as tom's hands itched to grab for it they did not dare--he believed his soul would be instantly destroyed if he did such a thing while the prayer was going on."this shows that he is a superstitious person. he is not religious at all, he hates church.
why doesnt tom kill the fly in church? what does this say about him as a person?
after stealing the conflict is internal. narrator vs. himself. he needs to decide if he is going to confess or not. after stealing the watermelon and destroying it, guilt for him becomes unbearable and he fesses up, bringing the remaining seeds to Mr. Wills. surprisingly, Mr. Wills forgives him, but the boy has to work with hi to make the next batch of watermelons sucessful. the message of the story is, on the long run, it is easier to be forgiven if you fess up rather than lie your way through. "you can get away with crime, but you always catch yourself."
what was the conflict, climax, and the message of the taste of melon?
he is a bit shy because he is the new kid. the boy is arrogant and seems to like to show off so he can impress his friends and others, including the girl he likes. ex. when he and his friends see that mr. wills is guarding the watermelon with a shitfun, the narrator wanted to show them that mr. will's dauhter, the girl he likes, what he is capable of. he is really rebellious.
please characterize the narrator of the taste of melon.
is the similarity or likeness of sound existing between words. "sat and cat" are perfect examples because the vowel and final consonant sounds are exactly the same.
after being hero of the day by catching the huge carp, the narrator's father asks him why he wasnt in school. before the boy had an excuse, he let it out. but what makes it the worst is "and a shout went up. it made me sick to hear them, the way they all laughted." meaning they didnt care or believe him. he hates to be humiliated.
what does the narrator do at the end of stolen day that makes his worst fear come true?
the conscience of the boys begins to bother them. this is because the have run away from home without saying a good-bye. also, they stole the food they ate. and it is very expensive and hard to get. this is funny because they make a truce with their conscience and say they will never steal again when they are pirates (oxymoron)
what being to bother the boys at the end of chapter 13? why?
to form the possesive of a plural noun that does not end in "s", add an apostrophe "s". ex the women's room is over there. the children's books were stacked up.
rule 4 apostrophes
the narrator experiences the symptoms when he walks out of his way to see if a boy named walter was fishing. walter had inflammatory rheumatism, or so he said. but even though he was "infected' he was able to walk to the pond to fish. the narrator soon feels it himself, but this is only because he is a hypochondriac.
when did the narrator of stolen day first experience the symptoms of his "disease"?
the police
who wrote king of pain
this poem eplioed a regular rhyme scheme. the author chose to use this scheme because he wanted to mock the event and teach a lesson through mirth. ex. in the last stanza, the little girl's funeral is taking place. the author describes his feeling in mochery; "and showed the dreadful end of the on, who goes and slams the door for fun." it gives readers an impression that he is trying to say "serves you right," the nice way.
what type of thyme scheme does rebecca who... employ? why did the author make this choice?
the wind represents someone wanting to be with mary or calling for her. it adds to the lonely mood because because the voice is basically saying "come save me from this!" it makes the mood more frustrated, anxious, and upset because it gets louder and louder as the poem goes on. this is known as symbolism
what does the wind represent in wind cries mary? what is it called when a person or object represents something other than itself?
it is an example of a metaphorbecause it represents you are "ruler of the ship" or, in this case, a park and a skateboard. it is a metaphor because a sailor controlls the ship's direction, without on the ship will crash into something along the way. this is somewhat like a skateboard; without oe, the board isnt able to move. also the sail directs the ship. which is similar to a good skateboarder, who techers or leads other skateboarders.
"im the sailor and the sail" is an example of what literary term in sidewalk racer? why?
the setting is in a mystical place where it is dinner time and made up creatures like dragons, corkscrew-like badgers, and whistling sad pigs roam and a boy is being told about an evil "jabberwock".
describe the setting of jabberwocky
out first impression of Tom sawyer is that he is a complete troublemaker and slacker. we are inroduced to him in a scene where his aunt is looking for him and catches him eating jam that is was told specificallt not to eat. when he is caught, though, he tricks his aunt and flees. his aunt mentions that she will "get him". he isnt a criminal but is immoral.
what is out first impression of Tom? how are we introduced to him?
potter is knocked out by the doctor. joe kills the doctor with potter's knife and robbed him. then, he puts the knife in potter's hand while he is unconcdious. knowing potter was drunk and anything could happen if you are drunk and you wouldnt know, joe tells potter when he awakens that he killed the doctor. potter believes him.
who kills the doctor and what happens afterwards?
this is the turning point of the conflict which changes the main character in an important way. after this, the story begins to wind down, and no new conflicts are introduced
a comparison between 2 unlike things using like or as. ex. does it stink like rotten meat?
is a contrast between what appears to be and what really is.
tom and huck are very scared that joe will come after them if he finds out if they turned him in. to prevent this, the boys write out a contract swearing they will not tell or else they will rot. they sign it with their blood so its more official than saying it.
how do huck and tom ensure that they will not discuss what they saw in the cemetery?

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