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Clayson American History


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One of the fundamental premises of theDeclaration of Independence is:
A. that all people are born with certain unalienable rights
B. that the Supreme Court gives power to the government
C. that the government does not need the consent of t
A. that all people are born with certain unalienable rights
Which of the following was the first successful English colony?
A. Roanoke
B. Jamestown
C. New Netherland
D. Philadelphia
B. Jamestown
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
A. Samuel Adams
B. Thomas Jefferson
C. Patrick Henry
D. Crispus Attucks
B. Thomas Jefferson
Free speech is a right all citizens enjoy by the First Amendment. However, no citizen is allowed to use the right of free speech to threaten someone else's life or property. Why is this law part of the Constitution?
A. The 25th Amendment to the Cons
D. Rights can be exercised as long as they do not interfere with another person's rights to life or property
Which of the following was NOT a result of the Reformation?
A. People left the Catholic Church to form their own churches
B. Pilgrims from England sought religious freedom in the New World
C. Spanish Catholics went to the New World to conv
D. The Puritans became the most popular religious group in Europe
The First Amendment to the Constitution states:
"Congress shall make no law representing an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the fre exercise therof, or abridging the freedom os speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peace
D. Men can freely refuse to be drafted in case of a national emergency
Which country settled mainly in eastern North America?
A. Russia
B. England
C. Spain
D. Portugal
B. England
Which of the following did the Articles of Confederation NOT include?
A. Declare war and make peace
B. Pass laws by 9 of 13 states
C. Coin and borrow money
D. Levy taxes
D. Levy taxes
How was the House of Burgesses in Jamestown significant to the formation of the United States?
A. It granted land to proprietors for future settlements
B. It negotiated trreaties with Native Americans so that England could settle land in Virgin
D. It was an example for how to create a democratic government
How many people were killed in the Boston Massacre?
A. 5
B. 73
C. 200
D. 10,000
A. 5
Which of the following was a famous abolitionist who published "The Liberator" in 1831. The newspaper was so controversial that the state of Georgia offered a $5000.00 reward for his/her arrest. Who was this abolitionist
A. Harriet Tubman<
B. William Lloyd Garrison
Which amendment most accurately describes the system of government set up by the thirteen colonies?
A. The colonial governments mirrored the English system of constitutional monarchy
B. The colonial governments were dictatorships, in which one
D. Colonists established representative democracies in which locally elected officials made decisions affecting the colony
The American System, (1824), a plan of economic prosperity promoted by Henry Clay, called for a number of economic improvements to make the country more powerful. Among these was a plan to impose a tariff on imports from Europe. Which section of the nati
B. the Industrial North
The United States has a federal government. What makes the government "federal"?
A. The government's power is divided between state governments and the national government
B. Three groups of independent states operate jointly under a
A. The government's power is divided between state governments and the national government
The Seneca Falls Convention was called to further which cause?
A. Temperence Movement
B. Women's Suffrage Movement
C. Abolitionist Movement
D. Educational Reform Movement
B. Women's Suffrage Movement
Which of Montesquieu's ideas from his "The Spirit of Laws" (1748) found its way into the United States COnstitution
A. Government should be elected by the people
B. The government must protect individual rights such as freedom of spee
C. The government should have separate branches and be balanced to protect the rights of the individual
For 9 years after it declared its independence from Mexico, Texas remained an independent country. Why was there such a delay in admitting Texas to the United States of America?
A. Its population consisted mostly of Mexicans
B. the United State
D. It would upset the balance of slave and free states in the Senate.
Under the United States Constitution, which branch of government makes the laws?
A. executive
B. legislative
C. military
D. judicial
B. legislative
Why did thge Boston Tea Party (1773) occur?
A. British and American citizens met in Boston to celebrate the end of the Revolutionary War (1776 - 1783)
B. American colonists were forced to drink tea instead of their favorite beverage, coffee.
C. By dumping a tea shipmentinto the Boston harbor, American colonists were protesting the tax on tea.
Which term describes the trading relationship between England and its American colonies before the Revolutionary War?
A. democracy
B. colonialism
C. balanced trade
D. manifest dstiny
B. colonialism
One of the following people escaped slavery in the South and helped others to escape through a network of sympathizers called the Underground Railroad. Who was this abolitionist?
A. Elizabeth Cady Stanton
B. Frederick Douglas
C. William Ll
D. Harriet Tubman
In his farewell address, President George Washington adviased that:
A. the Constitution should be interpreted strictly
B. the United States should make permanent allies with its neighbors
C. political parties should be avoided
D. both
C. political parties should be avoided
The California Gold Rush of 1849 expaneded the California population from an initial population of 15,000 to a population of 93,000 when the Gold Rush ended in 1850. Soon after, California became a state. The gold rush contributed to the completion of wh
B. Manifest Destiny
Use the following information to answere the question that follows:
1865 - Thirteenth Amendment - abloished slavery
1868 - Fourteenth Amendment - born or naturalized citizens have the same legal rights
1870 - Fifteenth Amendment - all race
C. Congress liberalized voting rights so that all citizens of voting age could vote
One of the leaders of the abolitionist movement had been born into slavery. She never learned hot to read and write, but she waws highly respected for her charismatic speaking. who was this woman?
A. Dorthea Dix
B. Sojourner Truth
C. Harri
B. Sojourner Truth
Which of the following is true of the Treaty of Paris (1783)?
A. Spain was forced to give Florida to the United States
B. Britian accepted the independence of the United States
C. France agreed to peace with the United States
D. Unite
B. Britian accepted the independence of the United States
Eli Whitney made the following contribution(s) to industry in the United States:
A. Cotton gin
B. Steam Engine
C. interchangable parts in machines
D. both A and C
D. both A and C
According to the Bill of Rights, why cant police enter citizen's residences at random and search the houses for contraband materials?
A. This action wiolates the First Amendment right of freedom of speech
B. Citizens enjoy the right to trial by
C. Citizens cannot have their property searched without probable cause under the Fourth Amendment
Which of the following trails was the result of religious persecution?
A. The Trail of Tears
B. California Trail
C. Mormon Trail
D. Santa Fe Trail
C. Mormon Trail
In 1803, the United States nearly doubled in size due to the Louisiana Purchase. Why was Napoleon willing to sell such a huge tract of land?
A. The people of the region were organizing a rebellion from France
B. He considered the landof no indu
D. Because of a revolt in Haiti, he feared he would soon lose political control of the region
The Monroe Doctrine advised that:
A. the United States would not interfere in the internal affairs of European coutnries
B. European countries were not welcome to establish new colonies in the Americans
C. European intervention in independ
D. all of the above
In 1837, this reformer of the educational system was appointed head of the first state board of education in Massachusetts. This reformer became known nationwide as an initiator of school reforms such as increasing teacher's salaries and creating schools
C. Horace Mann

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