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Social Studies Year Review


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Name four items that can be recycled.
aluminum-steet cans, paper, cardboard, and glass
What is a custom?
The special way a group of people does something.
What is the imaginary line that runs east and west around the middle of the earth?
Name 3 ways people are destroying our earth.
air, land, and water pollution
What is a consumer?
A person who buys and uses goods or services
What is wilderness?
Unsettled land just nature.
What is a foreign country?
Any country other than your own as Mexico or Canada
What continent do you live on?
North American
Who is the "Father of our Country?
George Washington
Who is the head of our state government?
What is our responsibility,duty , as citizens in our school?
To follow the "Guidelines for Success"
What is an immigrant?
A person who comes from another country to live in a new land.
What is air pollution?
Unclean, unsafe air
What great American settled in Kentucky?
Daniel Boone
What is a volunteer?
A person who works without pay.
Name 3 ways we can help save our planet.
reduce, reuse, and recyle
What is water pollution?
Dirtying of water by chemicals and waste materials
What are three types of government we have in the United States?
Local Government, State Government, and National Goverment
Who is the head of our local governement?
What is the purpose of our government?
To make laws to protect our rights and make us safe
What is a harbor?
Sheltered place where ships dock to land
Who is the head of our nation government?
What states border Kentucky?
Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, and Missouri.
What does retire mean?
Stop working at a job after a certain age
Name the seven continents.
North American, South America, Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia and Antarctica
How is the mayor elected?
by people voting in an election
What is a prairie?
Flat or rolling land that was once covered with tall grass.
What is a tax?
Money that people must give to a government to pay for community needs.
What is a ocean?
A large body of salt water that covers much of the earth's surface.
What are natural resources?
Things we use from nature, such as air, soil, plants, and animals
Who is the president of the United States?
George W. Bush
What is a factory?
A Building where goods are manufactured(made)
What is a pioneer?
A person who is the first to settle in a place.
What is a pilgrim?
A person who makes a moves to an other country to make their home; often for religious reason.
What is the only continent in which people do not make their home?
What is the scientific name given to the gradual "wearing away" of land?
Which part of the United States would most likely have cold weather?
Name the directions.
North, South, East and West
What is the meaning of the word "pledge".
to promise or vow
Using a map, what state is east of Kentucky?
What is a hogan?
What are some important services do our taxes provide?
Fire and Police Departments, road reparis, trash collection, recycling centers, parks, schools and library programs
Name the oceans of the world.
Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian
What is a symbol?
A item that stand for something real-As Flag, Statue of Liberty
What shape is the earth?
What is our national capital?
Washington, D.C.
What is responsibility?
Duty as to follow the laws of our country
What are suburbs?
Smaller communities that surround a city.

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