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World History Chapter 30


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Win the Battle of Motherhood
Women were pushed out of paying jobs and were instead called to "_ the __ of ___"
Old Junker nobility, military, bourgeoisie
Who made up the Conservative party in Germany after World War I? (3) _ _ _, _, _,
Who's earnings in the US had fallen during the 1920s?
Alsace , Lorraine
What two territories (alphabetical) did France regain from Germany?
Wealth and pride
What did British's vast empire remain a source of to Britain?
What party did the middle class back in Britain, in the 1920s?
Foreign born radicals
What kind of people were thrown out of the US during the "Red Scare" in 1919 and 1920?
Agricultural and urban workers
Fascists found allies among business leaders, wealthy landowners, and lower middle class. Communists found support among who? (4 words _ and _ _)
Who coined the term Fascism?
Il Duce, The Leader
In 1925, what did Mussolini declare his nickname to be? What does it mean? __ __,__ __
Hitler Youth
On hikes and in camps, the "_ _" pledged absolute loyalty to Germany and went through Physical fitness programs to prepare for war;
Make changes
What did the March of Rome in Italy in 1922 demand the government do?
League of Nations
What group did the United States stay out of?
Nazis used education as a _ tool; school courses and textbooks were rewritten to reflect Nazi racial views.
US Banks
Who had to stop making loans abroad and demanded repayment of foreign loans after stock market crash
What did the U.S. raise on exports? (Highest in history)
Young soldiers
By the 1930s, what did Mussolini create an entire generation of?
Democratic, Weimar Republic
What type of government did the Weimar constitution for Germany in 1919 create? What is it called?
Labor social
Leon Blum's Popular Front government in France tried to solve _____ problems and passed ________ legislation.
Postwar Issues: finding jobs for _____
African Roots
Why did they condemn Jazz?
Parliamentary Monarchy
In theory, even after Mussolini was Prime Minister, Italy remained what kind of government? (2 words)
Paper Money
To support the passive resistance Germans in the Ruhr Valley, the government set off inflation by printing a lot of _ _.
Easter Rising
What is the name of the revolt in 1916 against British rule in Ireland?
Communism and Fascism both flourished during economic hard times by promoting extreme programs of __ change
Many small parties
Why was the republic politically weak?
Right after the Treaty of Versailles, what country wanted to relax the treaty's harsh treatment of Germany?
Elite party
In both Russia and Italy, they had an __ __ to rule in the name of the national interest
Black Shirts
This group in Italy broke up socialist rallies, smashed leftist presses, and attacked farmers' cooperatives
Who had corrupted modern art to the Nazis and Germans?
Postwar Issues: rebuilding war-ravaged _______
Start foreign conquest
What did Mussolini do that turned his good press outside Italy around?
Rose their tariffs
Since the U.S. raised their tariffs, how did countries retaliate?
What number Reich did Hitler make in Germany?
March on Rome
In 1922, the Fascists, at a rally in Naples, announced a "___ ___ _____"
Third Republic
Many parties from conservatives to communists competed for power in France in the ______ ___________.
Because banks failed and businesses closed in the US, how many out of work?
Single party dictatorship
What basic features did the 3 governments of Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini share (dictatorship)
Leon Blums Popular Front government in France in 1936 was supported by right/left?
German Jews
Because many Germans hated the Versailles treaty, they looked for scapegoats. Who was an easy target for economic and political problems? (2wrds)
What type of music combined western harmonies with African rhythms?
In fact, after Mussolini was Prime minister, Italy was no longer a Parliamentary Monarchy, but a ____ upheld by terror.
In Hitlers recipe for revival, he urged Germans everywhere to unite into 1 great nation; He said Germany must expand to gain what? (means, living Space)
Ruhr Germans turned to what kind of resistance? (passive/violent)
In the early 1900s, western artists rejected what styles of art?
In 1919 German leaders drafted a constitution in what city?
What is the strong leader that Germany needed to achieve its greatness called?
Mussolini built the first __ state, which became a model for others;
What is the name of the school in Germany that influenced architecture by blending science and technology with design?
Did the French economy recover slowly or quickly?
When investors sold their stock, what happened to the prices?
Cubism Dada
What two art styles helped inspire surrealism?
In 1923, Germany fell behind in __;
Membership might lead to future wars
Why did the US stay out of the League of Nations? (7 words)
What did the "Red Scare" fed growing demands to limit what?
Industrial workers
Who received higher wages in the US, which led to higher prices of manufactured goods?
At first, Fascists held only a few cabinet posts in Italy's government, but by what year did they assume more power?
In both Russia and Italy, they imposed what kind of governments to bring about social revolution?
Dawes Plan
1924 - US Britain and France approved a plan to reduce German reparations; France withdrew its forces from the Ruhr, and American loans helped German economy recover; What is this plan called?
Communists, socialists
Who was the sworn enemies of Fascists? (Alph)
form Strikes, went down
Even though production increased, the success came at the expense of workers. What were they forbidden to do, and what happened to their wages? (_ , _)
Women pursued careers in the new atmosphere of emancipation; they did the same work as men but their wages were _____?
3 million
During the General Strike in Britain, how many were involved?
Postwar Issues: Europe lacked strong _______
Sense of security
What did the Maginot Line provide for the French?
What age group of people were mostly targeted by dictators?
What year was peace restored in Ireland, due to the separation of Ulster and Ireland?
Combat Squads
Mussolini organized his supporters into black shirts "___ ____"
Irish Republican Army
What group did not accept the division of Ulster and the rest of Ireland, in Ireland?
Agriculture and education
Although the British kept their colonies, what did they work to improve?
corruption , order
What did Mussolini promise to end? He promised to replace turmoil with ___.
New Deal
1932, FDR said the gov. had to take a roal in combating the Great Depression, and introduced what?
Irish Free State
In 1922, moderates in Ireland and England reached an agreement. Most of Ireland became the self-Governing ______ ________ ______.
Because the Great Depression intensified Britains woes, what type of government was set up?
Sell the stock
When brokers called in loans and investors couldn't pay, what did the investors do?
Labour party
During the twenties in Britain, what party surpassed in politics?
Great Depression
Hitler had almost 1 million members in his Nazi party after what struck?
Since the government was paralyzed by divisions, Nazis and communists won seats in the lower house of the legislature, which was called what?
Building highways and houses; replanting forests
To fight the Great Depression, Hitler created public works programs; people were put to work doing what? (building _ and _; replanting _)
strict censorship and government monopoly of media
What basic features did the 3 governments of Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini share? (monopoly, censorship)
Action, blind loyalty, discipline, violence
What did Fascism glorify? (4)
Kristallnacht, NIght of Broken Glass
In 1938, A young Jews parents had been mistreated in Germany, so he shot and wounded a German diplomat in Paris; Hitler used this incident to attack all Jews; It became known as? Meaning?
What did the Labour party say they would move towards in the 1920s?
Britain's postwar foreign policy created tensions with what country?
Maginot Line
What did the French build to secure its border against Germany?
"Strength Through Joy" - what party?
What year did Hitler attempt a take over?
A term generally used to 'describe any authoritarian government that is not communist', due to its lack of unifying set of beliefs
Kellogg-Briand Pact
1928; a pact signed by almost all independent nations; promised to "renounce war as an instrument of national policy"
What was avoided in Bauhaus designs?
What areas of life did the Nazis control?
Extreme nationalism
What is fascism rooted in?
series of Treaties in Locarno
What was signed in 1925 by 7 nations and where?
What greatness did he want to revive in Italy?
Not as Centralized
Why didn't the Great depression hurt France as much as it did other countries? (Not as __________)
This country emerged as leading economic power from World War I
economy under state control
What basic features did the 3 governments of Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini share? (economy)
Sigmund Freud
Who said that in civilized society, learned values like morality and reason help people repress, or check, powerful urges. But an individual feels constant tension between repressed drives and social training, which caused psychological illness, or physical symptoms like paralysis and blindness?
Due to a loss in faith in a constitutional government in Italy, many people accepted/rejected Fascism?
What religion was "weak and flabby" to Hitler?
Aryans , Jews
What was the superior "master race" that all Germans belonged too? Who was their greatest enemies?
Size of their armies
U.S. Britain, France, Japan, and others signed treaties to reduce _________
Emmanuel III
After the March of Rome in Italy, what king asked Mussolini to form a government as prime minister?
Who enjoyed capitalism collapsing?
To fascists, what was a necessary and noble struggle for survival?
Aggressive foreign expansion
Fascists pursued __ __ __ that reflected "survival of the fittest"
Treaties in Locarno
Settled Germany's borders with France, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, and Poland
Who helped Germany bring inflation under control?
Obey strict military discipline
What were Fascist youths taught to obey in school? (_ _ _ _)
Federal Government
Under the new deal, who was more involved in peoples lives? __ __
Repression, terror, totalitarian state
To achieve his goals, what did Hitler organize a system of? (3 things) (_, _, _ _)
obedience to single leader
What basic features did the 3 governments of Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini share? (obedience)
Conservative, Labour, Liberal
Because the Great Depression hurt Britain, a coalition government was set up of what 3 parties? (alphabetical)
Corporate state
Under Mussolini's "_____ ____", representatives of business, labor, government, and fascist party controlled industry, agriculture, and trade
Entire state
Who was more important in a Fascist society, an individual or the entire state?
To encourage economic growth and end conflicts between owners and workers in Italy, Mussolini put the economy under who's control?
Stock market crash
What triggered the great depression in the US?
To Fascists, what type of government led to corruption, and weakness and put individual or class interest above national goals?
Economic and cultural ties
What linked each member of the Commonwealth, although they all pursued their own courses?
Britain feared that if Germany became too weak, what country might gain too much control of the continent?
What type of women were offered more money to having more children in Germany?
Soviet Union
In quest for security, France strengthened the military and sought alliances with other countries, including...?
Parliamentary, chancellor
The constitution of Weimar in Germany set up a democratic system called the Weimar Republic and a ___ system lead by a __; it gave women right to vote and a bill of rights
Private business matters
President Herbert Hoover in the US believed the government shouldn't intervene in ______ ______ ______. Crisis worsened, and he changed his mind.
Fear of Bolsheviks
What was the "Red Scare" In the US in 1919 and 1920? (include: Fear of ______)
National Socialist German Workers
What is the Nazi party's lengthened Name? (4 words)
Mein Kampf My Struggle
1923; written by Hitler that reflected his obsessions of extreme nationalism, racism, and anti-Semitism; What is it called, and what is the translation? (_ _, _ _)
A revolt against civilization; a type of art in the Paris world; intended to shock and disturb
Unrest and strikes
In Britain, unemployment was severe and wages remained low. What did this lead to in workers?
What is the name of the largely Protestant northern counties of Ireland?
Call in loans
What did jitters about the economy cause brokers to do?
Foreign Affairs
Americans insisted that their nation maintain a free hand in what?
Fascism rejects faith in any reason and the concepts of equality and liberty; What is this called?
Ruhr Valley
In 1923, when Germany fell behind in reparations, France occupied the coal rich __ __.
Use of schools and media to mobilize citizens
What basic features did the 3 governments of Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini share? (schools)
Economic and Social
FDR Introduced the new deal which was a massive package of what 2 types of programs? (alphabetical)
New technology helped create a mass culture; what were middle class people buying to help transport?
New Deal
What had new laws that regulated stock market, protected bank depositors savings, created jobs for unemployed, Social security, old age pensions;
Appeal of Fascism
Fascism promised a strong, stable, government and an end to political feuding that had paralyzed democracy; Nationalism; a sense of power and confidence during disorder and despair --- what do all these add up too?
Agriculture, industry, trade
In Italy, the Fascist party controlled 3 things: (alpha.)
"Believe! Obey! Fight!" - Said by whom?
Hitler preserved Capitalism, but put big businesses and labor under who's control?
At huge public bonfires, the Nazis destroyed _ that they disapproved of.
Communists had hopes for internation change, and fascists pursued __ goals
Kellogg-Briand Pact
It outlawed war, but there was no way of enforcing it
The breaking of 3-D objects into fragments and composing them into complex patterns of angles and planes; introduced by Braque and Picasso
In an attempt to control all the churches, Nazis combined all _ Sects into a single state church, closd Catholic schools and muzzled the clergy;
Soviet Union
Britain feared that if Germany became too weak, what country would be able to expand?
Did the New Deal end the Great Depression?
Nuremberg Laws
What laws in 1935 by Hitler placed severe restrictions on Jews, like prohibition to marry non-Jews, attending German schools/universities, holding gov. jobs, practicing law or medicine, or publishing books?
Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa
In 1931 what four former colonies (alphabetical) became fully self-governing dominions?
British Commonwealth of Nations
The 4 new colonies within were dominions inside the newly formed British ____________ of ___________.
Is France's political scene stable/unstable after the World War I?
Unlike socialists, after Mussolini brought the economy under the state, he preserved what?
What area of Ireland remained under British Rule?
Final Solution
What was Hitler's plan to exterminate all the Jews called?
What is Hitler's secret police called?
Suspended civil rights, destroyed socialists and communists, and disbanded other political parties in Germany; Who took these actions?
After the general strike, what party passed legislation limiting the power of workers to strike in Britain?
Rebel Leaders
In the Easter Rising 15 ________ __________ were killed, and stirred wider support for their cause.
U Boats
What German weapon wreaked havoc on British shipping?
Few/medium/a lot objected to the loss of freedom in Italy, when Mussolini came to power;
In 1914, Britain passed a home-rule bill in what country?

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