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William Pen
Quaker who founded the colony of Pennslyvania
Native American who helped with relation between the natives and the Pilgrims.
John Rolfe
Successful tobacco farmer in the Jamestown colony. Married Pocahontas.
Free Enterprise
An economic system where there is competition between businesses. The government has little control over the system.
Triangular Trade
A trade network that formed (on a map) a triangle. Goods and slaves would move from England, to Africa, to Americas (forming a triangle).
Middle Passage
A voyage (trip) that brought enslaved Africans across the Atlantic Ocean to North America and the West Indies.
Bicameral Legislature
A law making body made of two houses (bi means 2). Example: Congress (our legislature) is made of two house - The House of Representatives and The Senate.
Systematic work or labor. In American history, industry often refers to manufacturing (that is - a business that makes something). For early US history, industry took place most often in the North East.
Native American who helped with relations between the Jamestown settlers.
John Smith
Leader of the Jamestown colony.

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