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4th SS chapter test


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In 1585, the colonist landed on an island called ________________.
trade network
the Huron Indians acted as agents in a ___________________ between different Indian tribes in eastern Canada.
Sir Walter Raleigh
England's Queen Elizabeth I encouraged exploration and wanted _________________ to set up Englands first colony in North america.
there were ______ or stories without proof that the area north of Mexico contained seven cities.
The Spanish came looking for ______
fountain of youth
Ponce de leon was searching for the ________________ to make old people young again
Ths Spanish needed many workers for these huge farms so they made slaves of the _____ people
THe Indian chief was ____________
____________ is the first important French settlement in the Americas
Samuel de Champion
_____________ was sent to North America to map where the beavers were located in what is now eastern Canada.
Cartier didn't find a passageway but he did start trading furs with the ______ Indians
Franciso Pizarro
Another conquistador, __________ sailed from Panama to South America where he stole from the Indians
a _______ is a settlement ruled by another country.
The French and Dutch gained wealth not from gold but from trading for _______
Because there was a growing need for more workers, the Spanish began getting slaves from _________
anyone who doesn't work, doesn't eat.
Captian John Smith made a rule that probably saved the colony. What was it?
Jacques Cartier
____________________sailed up the St.Lawrence River hoping to cut through North America to Asia.
The Europeans wanted furs, especially ___________ furs
Many Indians were forced ______ their land.
ponce de leon landed on the _______ or main part of the continent which was near St. Augustin, FL
Bortdome de las casas
_________________convinced the king of Spain to make laws to protect the Indians
After crossing the river, they traveled through Arkansas and Lousiana. Whenever they went, they had __________ with Indians
quarrels, fights and wars
As more and more settlers came, things changed and there were ____________________.
Hernando de soto
About the time that Cornado went searching for the cities of gold, _________ landed on present day Florida.
The first winter was very hard and about _________ of them died.
The Spanish had better weapons
Why was it so easy for the Spanish to conquer the Inca?
These men did not find these ciities, but they did ______ many new lands for their king
In 1607, the Virginia Company of London planned to build a trading post and colony in North American. This settlement was called _________
North Carolina, South Carolina, Smokey Mountains of TN and Alabama
de Soto traved through parts of present day ____________________________________ looking for gold.
When the Iroquios started acting as agents, the two groups began to ________ for control of the fur trade.
Earth had shaken, lake had flooded the city, comets seen in sky
List 3 natural wonders that the Aztec priests thought meants that their Empire was coming to an end.
The Indian peole called the ______ were richer and more powerful than the Aztecs.
Hernando Cotes
The Aztecs thought ________ was their god, Quetzalcoatl
By 1521, Cortex had __________the Aztecs
Northwest Passage
Jacques Cartiers path was called ____________________
a fleet of warships
What is an armada?
People who teach their religion to others
What are missionaries?
Silver and gold
Pizarro took the emperor prisoner and asked for _____________ which the people provided, but Pizarro had the emperor killed anyway
lost colony
In 1587, a second group went to Roanoke but 3 years later they were all gone, they are known as the ________________
In 1519, who was the Aztec king at Tenochtitlan?
mississippi river
De Soto and his men were the first Europeans to see the _____________________
welcomed, dead
Thinking Cortex was a god, Motechuhzome________ him but within two years the king was _______.
Mayflower Compact
The keep order, they made laws and made an agreement called the ________, which is the first example of self-rule by colonists in the Americas.
Squanto and Samoset
In the spring, two Indians named ________________________ came and helped the Pilgrims.
The pilgrims sailed on the _______________ which was blown off course.
iron, tools, pans, pots and guns
The Indians traded furs for ____________________
Jamestown became a successful colony by raising and selling __________________
The people who live in a colony are called ______
On __________ or huge farms colonists grew sugar cane, tobacco, coffee, cocoa, and cotton to be sold to Spain.
new spain
The Spainards called Mexico ___________
The trade and wars changed the Indians ____________________
The Spanish brought ______, which had not been seen in the Americas for thousands of years
The Spanish conquered the Inca Empire and made _______ of the people
On the slave ships, teh people faced terrible conditions and many ______
New France
Samuel de Champion path through what is now Canada ws called ___________________.
gifts of money
The Spanish king offered grants or _______ to explorers who would lead expeditions into the northern continent.
hunger, overwork and disease
Many of the Indians died from _________________
John Smith
The colony wasn't doing well until Captain __________ became its leader.
set foot on the U.S.
Ponce de leon was the first Spaniard to ______________________
The rumored cities were built all of
Although these men found no gold, Spain now claimed all of what is today the ________ U.S.
In ______, Coronado an dmore than 1000 soilders set out to find these seven cities.
The colonist did not know how to survive and were starving by 1586, so when Francis Drake arrived he took them back to __________
Cape Cod
The Pilgrims settled near present day ________________
The Spanish soldiers were known as _____________ because they conquered other peopleand captured many treasures.
civil war
When the Spanish arrived at the Inca Empire, there was a __________ between followers fo two brothers. After the war ended, the empire was weakened
Mexico City
is built where the Aztecs capital was located
The Pilgrims came to America to find freedom to follow their own ________________

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