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AP World, Ch13


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spread south of Sahara
slow, gradual, and peaceful; land of the blacks; role of force in spreading Islam was limited
improvements of state of women in India
the ancient practice of Sati became optional' women were married before puberty
one of many trading cities on the East African coast
Indian Ocean trade
connected to Europe, Africa, and China.; worlds richest maritime trading network and an area of rapid Muslim expansion.
spread in India
wipes out Buddhism
alternating winds
Delhi Sultans
Sultan Iltutmish consolidated the conquest of northern India in a serious of military expeditions that made his empire the largest state in India. He secured official recognition of the Delhi Sultanate as a Muslim state by the caliph of Baghdad.
geography and climate of tropical zone
very hot; equator marks the center of the tropical zone; in the lands around the Indian Ocean the rainy and dry season reflect the unflience of alternating wids knwon as monsoons
Kingdom of Ghana
preceded Mali in western Sudan but their conquest did little to spread Islam
role of mosque
center of Islam; center for learning and religion
culture achievements
teachings of Islam were found to be meaningful, others found that the administrative, lefal, and economic aspects of Islamic traditions suit their interests
trade items in Zimbabwe
gold, copper ignots, salt, and local manufactures
Ibn Battuta
Muslim traveler who wanted to explore the Islamic world; kept a journal of all areas he wanted to travel
Islam in Mali
West Africa, largest and richest tropical state; long distance trade; depended on agriculture; gold and copper were important
prosperity in Asia and Africa 1200-1500
trade with Delhi's ruling class; trade of slaves
the Straits of Malacca
port and meeting place of merchants; increase trade; link in trade route, whoever controlled it, controlled trade
Islam in Dehli
Turkish and Alfghan invadors; harsher rule; introduced extensive new water control systems
Kingdom of Mali
much larger than Ghana; controlled core trading area of upper Niger and the gold fields of the Niger headwaters to southwest.

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