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Which 10+1 countries does MTN operate in?
South Africa (100%) , Nigeria (75%), Cameroon (70%), Cote D'Ivoire (51%), Uganda (52%), Swaziland (30%), Rwanda (40%), Zambia (100%), Botswana (44%), Republic of Congo, Iran (Q306)
Who is MTN's Chairman?
Cyril Ramaphosa
Who is MTN's Group CEO?
Phuthuma Nhleko
Alan Dick has 7 offices in Africa, where?
Douala (Cameroon), 6th October City (Egypt), Allens Nek (South Africa), Nairobi (Kenya), Lagos (Nigeria), Algiers (Algeria), Khartoum (Sudan)
What are Alan Dick's four main product areas?
Cellular, Broadcast, Radar/Surveillance, Enterprise
What do Sensustech produce?
Automated mobile network quality monitoring system
What are Tactus' 3 main product areas?
SiteWatch (remote base station management), GenTrak (remote generator monitoring), Custom Telemetry Solutions
In the Cellular world, what is a TMA?
Tower Mounted Amplifier
Who is the FIXED line operator in Algeria?
Algérie Telecom
Who are the 3 MOBILE operators in Algeria?
Djezzy (Orascom 50%, Oratel 31%), ATM Mobilis (Algerie Telecom), Nedjma (Wataniya)
Who is the FIXED line operator in Egypt?
Telecom Egypt
Who are the 2 MOBILE operators in Egypt?
mobinil (Orange 71%, Orascom 29%), Vodafone (Vodafone 50.1%, Telecom Egypt 25.5%)
Who is the CEO of Vodafone Egypt?
Ian Gray
Who has a 51% stake in Maroc Telecom?
Vivendi (French)
Who are the 2 MOBILE operators in Morocco?
Maroc Telecom (Vivendi 51%), Meditel (Telfonica 32%, Portugal Telecom 32%)
Who are the FIXED line operator in Sudan?
Who are the 2 MOBILE operators in Sudan?
areeba (Investcom 55%), Mobitel (MTC 100%, rest of MTC is branded Celtel)
Who is the FIXED operator in South Africa?
Who are the 4 MOBILE operators in South Africa?
MTN, Cell C, Virgin Mobile (Cell C Network), Vodacom
Who owns Vodacom?
Telkom SA (50%), Vodafone (50%)
Who are the State Broadcaster in South Africa?
Who are the FIXED line operator in Kenya?
Telkom Kenya
Who owns Celtel?
Celtel is a wholly owned subsidiary of MTC (Kuwait).
Celtel operates in 14 countries, which are?
Burkin Faso, Chad, Republic of Congo, DRC, Gabon, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Niger, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia
Where do Safaricom operate?
Who owns Safaricom?
Telkom Kenya (60%), Vodafone (40%)
Who is the FIXED line operator in Cameroon?
Who are the 2 MOBILE operators in Cameroon?
MTN, Orange
Who is the main FIXED operator in Nigeria?
Who are the 4 main MOBILE operators in Nigeria?
Vmobile, Glo Mobile, MTN, M-Tel (state owned)
Investcom has stakes in mobile operators in which 8+2 countries?
Benin, Cyprus, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen - Planned in Afghanistan Guinea
How much did MTN bid for Investcom?
USD5.5 billion
Who is Alan Dick's CEO?
Callum Dick
Who is Alan Dick's Group Operations Director?
Bill Carruthers
Who is Alan Dick's Chief Technical Officer?
Dr Malek Ladki
Who is Alan Dick's Group Finance Director?
Paul Murphy
Who is Alan Dick's Group Sales and Marketing Director?
Wayne Skinner
Who is Alan Dick's Group Commercial Director?
Tony Trussell
Alan Dick was established in which year?
In 1971
Alan Dick has how many offices in how many countries?
59 Offices in 33 countries
How many employees does Alan Dick have?
2,800 worldwide
How many Queen's awards for export has Alan Dick won?
Alan Dick won the Design Millenium Award for what?
Scots Pine Cellular Tree'
AlanDick got how much funding from Lloyds TSB Development Capital?
Alan Dick's worldwide sales are?
Over USD340M
An LNA is what?
Low noise amplifier
What does an LNA do?
Amplify very weak signals captured by an antenna

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