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An - exam 2 !


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ch 8
ch 8
trobrian society -
dress up 4 sex attraction
aids epidemic
hurt africa!
nayar people of india -
sexual permisquity
culturally sanctioned union between 2 or more ppl that establishes certian rights and obligations between the ppl between them and their children and inlaws.
consanguinal kin
blood relatives
conjugal bond
bond bw 2 indiv. woh are married
affinial kin
relatives my marriage
incest taboo
aboslute forbiding of sexual rela. with memvers of family
marriage inside of a partic. group
marriage outside group
marriage vs mating
marriage is seen my society where mating is kept by 2 indiv.
marriage where partners have 1 spouse
more hten 1 spouse
marriag of more then one woman to a man at a spec. time
group marriage
several men nad women can be related
marriage custom where widdow marries brother of dead husband
man marries sister of dead wife
serial monogamy
where a man or woman marries or lives with a succession of parterns
patrilateral parallel cousin marriage
marriage of a man to his fathers brothers daughter
matriarchal parallel cousin marraige
a gril to her fathers sisters child
a boy to his mothers sisters son
bride price
compensation the groom orhis family pays to the brides family also called bride walth.
bride service
a period of time after marriage where a man works for the brides fam
payment of wifes interitance at time of hte ceremony
two or more pplrelated my blood, marriage, adoption- may take many forms
family or orientation
family that someone is raised into, born, or adapted into
family of procreation
family formed when a child is raised
basic residense where economic production, consumpotion, inheritance childrearingshelter are organized and carried out
conjugal family
famiyl formed on basis of marriage ties
consanguineal family
related women, their brothers, and thei womans offspring
blended family
a married couple raising kids together from a previous marriage
new productive tech -
such as invitro and open adaoption make it possible for a child to have a rel. with both biological and adoptive paretns.
nuclear family
one or more parent and offspring
extended family
several closely related nuclear families clustered together into a large domestic group
polygamous family
one individual with multiple spouses and all of their family
polygynous family
a type of polygamous family involving a man iwth mukltipple wives and their family
polyandrous family
typeof family with a woman and her multiple husbands and their children
patrilocal residense
residensepattern in which a married couple lives in the locality associated with the husbands fathers relatives
matrilocal residense
a married couple lives wiht the wife paretns
ambilocal residense
married couple can choose to live iwhtthe males fam or females fam
neolocal residense
a married couple can create residense away from their paretns
avunculocal residesne
married couple goes to live iwth the husbands mothers brother
sororal polygyny

fraternal polygyny
marrage of one man to women who are sister

marriage of one woman to brothers
challenges of familiyes
economic issues, infant mortality, single mother
network of relatives within which individuals possesss cetrain musical rights and obligation
descent groups
any publicly recoginsed socail entity requiring lineal discent form a particular real or mythical ancestror for membership
a group of severla lineages
unilineal descent
descent that establishes group membership for either male or femilae line
corportate descent group who trance grnelogical links to a common anscestor.
matrilineal descent
descent traced through the female
patrilineal descent
descent traced through the male
double descent
system traces matrilineal descent for some puruposenad patrilineal for otehr theings
ambilieal descent
may do either
the splitting of a descent group into htwo or mroe new descent groups.
the belief that people are related to particular animals, plants, or natural objects by virtue of descent from common ancestral spirits.
unilineal descent group composed of two or more clans that assume they share a common ancestry but do not ankow hte precisde geneological links of that ansestry. if only two such groups exiss. exha is a moiety.
each group that resluits from a division of a society into two halves oin the basis of descent.
individuals close relations on the maternal and paternal sides of his or her own family.
eskimo system
system of kinship system whch emphasises the nuclear family by clumping all uncles aunts and cousins without differenciating .
hawaiian system
all ppl of same sex and generation are referred to as the same!
iroquis system
kinship where fatehr adn fathers bro are one signle term and mother nad mothers siter is all the same
crow system
where fatehrs sister and dathers sisters daughter is the same mother nad mothers sistyer is all the same and father and fathers brother are the same.

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