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history- china


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based on the teachings of Hanfeizi. way to control government
creator of confucianism. proper way to live. 500 bc
official belief of china. during han dynasty 200 bc
kumbai khan
genghis khan's grandson. moved mongol capital to bejing. toppled last song emperor
genghis khan
1216 led mongolds out of centeral asia to south west asia...mongol
invaded china
marco polo
traveler and adventurer from venice. served kublia khan for 7 years. wrote about wealth and splendor of china. Travels of Marco Polo
great wall of china
protect china from invaded of mongols. show power
silk road
during han dynasty. trade network...china to meditereanean sea. protected by mongols
yin and yang
yin = female, darkness, earth yang= heaven, light, male
collected sayings of confucius
mandate of heaven
right to rule from god.
one with nature
ming dynasty
ming = brilliant. most preductive. reasserted chinese greatness. expeditions. asia, africa, mid how strong chinese power

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