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Chapter 13 lesson 1-5


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Why did coastal cities emerge in eastern Africa?
Trade (demand for goods in Asia)
How did people make their living in great Zimbabwe
Farmers, herders, and craft workers
What effect did the refining of gold have on work done in the area?
Brought workers into gold mining and processing
Who joined them?
Arab Muslims
How does Sunjata prove the wisdom of the old saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover?"
By his appearance, he seemed harmless
What did West Africa produce that cold pay for salt?
On what kinds of landforms were both Mombasa and Zanzilar located?
How would you describe the trading network that Kush controlled?
Wealth creating network that reached the Mediterranean, Arabia, and other parts of Africa
For what artistic and religious works is the Zagwe kingdom remembered?
Stone churches
What is the unsolved mystery of the walls of Great Zimbabwe?
Why were they built?
How were griot and scribes important to rulers of the Songhai Empire?
They recorded Songhai historical events orally and in writing
Suppose you make a product for which there was great demand but you could produce a very limited amount. Why would you expect to happen to the price?
It would be high
Name three of the Swahili cities that traded in ivory and gold?
Mombasa, Zanzibar, Mogadishu
What are savannas?
Grassy, tree-dotted plains that cover a large area of Africa
How did Arab settlers enrich Swahili civilization?
By the language with Arab word and religion of Islam
Who were the original people of the eastern coast
Why is information about Great Zimbabwe limited?
No oral traditions and written documents
How did Zimbabwe's involvement in the gold trade affect life in the city?
Enriched the rulers, made the city a trading center and increased the population
What attracted Muslims traders to Ghana?
"Land of Gold"
When did Mali reach its height as an empire?
1300 during Mansa Musa 25 year rain
How would you define supply and demand?
Supply- is a quantity of some goods
What other kinds of geographical features does Africa have?
Deserts, rain, forests, and vast plains
When did Aksum's rulers first support Christianity?
A.D. 350
Why did farmers set fires to the savannas?
To dear land or encourage growth of the new grass for herds
Who were their griots?
People who tell stories that describe historical events
How was trade important to civilizations in ancient Ethiopia?
Basics for their economics
What process did they use?
Heated the granite store then split them into brick size pieces
What rule of economics did the kings of Ghana use in making gold available?
Supply and demand
What effect did gold have on Great Zimbabwe's rulers?
They became rich and powerful
Explain the effects produced when Ghana's King kept gold scarce in the marketplace?
Made the price higher
What is the final unsolved mystery of Great Zimbabwe
Why was it abandoned?
What area of Africa does a savanna cover?
Across north central Africa down south to Southwestern Africa up around the Namib and Kalahari deserts to the west coast
What crops did they grow on the savannas?
Grains- millet and surgeon
Who was Lalibela?
Powerful Zagwe king who ruled from 1185 to 1225
What kinds of goods did African traders want in return?
Metal tools, fine pottery, cloth, glass containers and wheat
What purposes might the walls of Great Zimbabwe have served?
To keep something in or out, protection, and privacy
Why would savannas be better for farming than many other areas of Africa?
The deserts and cliffs and canons are not suitable for farming
What major geographical feature of Africa have we already studied?
Nile River
In what kind of houses did they live in?
Made of mud
How did life in Mogadishu reflect the importance of trade in the Swahili cites?
Sailors and merchants from Asia filling the city and Arab traders were the leading citizens
What effect did gold have on farmers and herds in the area?
Worked hard to supply the gold workers and population
Why was Timbuktu a crossroads of major trade routes
It lies on the Niger River and on the edge of the Sahara desert
How do you think the covering of the stone churches might have affected the Zagwe kingdom?
May have heightened religious fervor it must have provided a great deal of work, and it encouraged cultural contact as stone workers came from other regions of the world to take part
To what points did Kush's trade network extend?
Arabia, Mediterranean, and Africa
What happened to weaken the Ghana's King control?
Sunjata a Mali prince conquered Ghana and other areas to create his empire
What common product was needed in West Africa and why
Salt- used to season food
How was Songhai a fitting succession to Mali?
They were both powerful
What effect did great wealth have on Kush civilization?
Grand places, temples and pyramid-shaped tombs, gold jewelry and statues
What material did workers use to construct these walls?
Granite rocks
How long did Aksum's power as a trading center last?
A.D. 700 about 350 years
What role did the gold trade play in West Africa's empire?
Created powerful and wealthy centers of trade
Suppose you could suddenly increase production tenfold (a lot), what would happen to the price?
It would probably go down
What goods from inland did the eastern coastal cities make available to African traders?
Gold, leopard skins, rhinoceros horns and ivory
What is Lalibela remembered for?
Was designed to look like a famous earlier church
What caused Aksum to weaken?
Baghdad took control of Red Sea shipping

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