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Social Studies Exam


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Groups of families
Tracing their line of origin from a common ancestor
In Africa, had 3 forest kingdoms, Oyo, Ife, and Benin
The muslim holy book
Askia Muhammad
The ruler of Songhai
In the 1400's, one of the largest empires in the world
Kinship network
A group of relatives
Division of labor
Assigning tasks equaly
Oral tradition
Passing on history by word of mouth
Colombian exchange
A permanent exchanging of goods between Africa, Europe, and the Americas
Christopher Colombus
Italian explorer, who discovered the new world by accident
Who paid for the funding of Christopher Columbus' journey?
Isabella, Queen of Castile
Why did Isabella fund Christopher Columbus' journey?
1) So she could begin a major trading route and make Spain a powerful country again
2) To convert people to Christianity
Great Migration
A wave of English migration across the Atlantic Ocean
English migrants who settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts
Religous toleration
The idea that people of different religions should live in peace together
Members of the Protistant Church of England who wanted to purify the Protistant Church from within
Samuel de Champlain
A French explorer who founded Quebec in 1608
An economic theory which was meant to ncrease a natio's wealth by trying to keep as much gold and silver as possible
Balance of trade
To export more goods than were imported
Navigation Act
Approved by Charles II in 1660. It required that the colonies only sold certain goods to England
Salutary neglect
The British policy that England would not interfere with the colonies which would prove beneficial
Fall line
Where the inland hills meet the costal plain
Triangular trade
The trade between Africa Europe and the Americas
Men and women who are wealthy enough to afford others to work for them
When landowning gentry were related through marriage or bloodline
William Byrd
A man who lived very well mannered.
Benjamin Franklin
A man from Philadelphia who was a printer and leading statesman in America who created a stir in France by dressing like a "country bumpkin"
Eliza Lucas Pinckney
A woman who took hold of her father's plantation
Middle passage
The part of the triangular trade that went between Africa and the Americas
Low country
The seabord region of Georgia and South Carolina that was formed by a coastal plain
Great awakening
The revival of religous feeling that was brought about by preachers to bring about new religous independance
American Revolution
The war that lead to the independance of America
War for Independance
The war after the revolution that finally brought about independance
Local residents that were organized as a defensive force who had pledged to respond in a matter of minutes when called to action
George Washington
The officer in charge in the revolution and the war for independance, and the man who would once be the president of the united states of america
French and Indian war
The first war that lasted unitl 1763 which was the final struggle among the British, French, and Native Americans for control of eastern North America
Natural rights
Rights that belonged to everyone simply because they were human
Thomas Jefferson
An American aristocrat
Thomas Paine
A man who formed, "Common Sense", a packet telling that anyone could undestand th events that were occuring
Popular Sovereignty
The idea that the governments get their power from the consent of the governed
Declaration of Independance
The document created by the Continental Congress which stated their Independance from England
Treaty of Paris
The treaty which was singed in September 1783 which was result of negotiations with the British
The rebels
Colonists who remained loyal to King George III
Marquis de Lafayette
A French general who faught alongside the Americans who later persuaded the French to assist with an army of 6,000 men
Baron Von Steuben
A French general who drilled George Washington's troops during a winter at Valley Forge in Pennsylvania
What was 3 Disadvantages of the Americans?
1) The British had the richest economy
2) It had the largest Navy
3) It had a confident Military
What were 3 disadvantages of the British?
1) Many of the British sympathized with the Americans and did not take part in the war
2) The British had to fight an enemy that was thousands of miles across an ocean which they were not familiar with
3) The Americans would not give up
The Battle of Bunker Hill
At Boston on Breed's Hill in June 1775. The British won, but the battle proved that the Americans would not be intimidated easily
The War for Morale
1776-1778. The British launched an attack on New York City. The British won but it raised the Americans morale
British mercinaries
How did the war change women's ideas?
The war changed women's ideas because they realized that since the Americans can have more freedom, then why cant women have more freedom and rights?

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