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A large rodent called the nutria, which was imported from South America, can destroy marsh vegetation. This rodent's destruction of Chesapeake Bay wetlands is a problem in which state - Maryland, North Carolina, or Oregon?
St. Petersburg
In July 1998 Russia planned to bury the remains of the last tsar, Nicholas II, and his family in the former imperial capital city. What is the present-day name of this city - Moscow, St. Petersburg, or Vladivostok?
The river that forms part of Mauritania's southern border shares its name with what neighboring country - Algeria, Mali, or Senegal?
French Equatorial Africa
Gabon, Chad, Congo, and the Central African Republic were once part of which region - British East Africa, French Equatorial Africa, or French West Africa?
Freeborn boys wore togas with a purple border in which Mediterranean civilization - Egyptian, Ottoman, or Roman?
Chagres River
Lake Gatun, an artificial lake that constitutes part of the Panama Canal system, was created by damming which river - the Amazon River, Chagres River, or Nile River?
A mixture of mud and straw is a popular building material in the southwestern United States. What is this building material called in this region - adobe, brick, or cement?
Niger River
What West African river flows in a great curve from Guinea through Mali and eventually into the Atlantic Ocean - the Congo River, Niger River, or Orange River?
The people of which ancient civilization are credited with building the most extensive network of paved roads - Chinese, Egyptian, or Roman?
In the 1960s tropical fish dealers imported the walking catfish from Asia. This catfish, which is able to move across land, now inhabits Lake Okeechobee and other waterways in which state - Florida, Mississippi, or North Carolina?

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