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ch 9 soc test


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_________ movement- believed africans will never get equal treatment in US so we should send them back to Africa
lyman beecher
popular preacher in boston who went WEST to preach about the idea that good ppl make a country
World Anti-Slavery Convention in London, England in 1840 prohibited women from _______
sojourner truth
________ was a freed slave who became 1 of the popular speakers of the abolitionist movement
declaration of sentiments
________ of _______- document showing womens wants of equality and change
_______ is referring to paths that were takens; trails + river routes
north viewed abolitionism as a ________ idea
fredrick douglass
_________ (black, former slave) + william lloyd garrison broke apart + started their own societies
freeing of enslaved people
educate their kids
most believed middle-class women should ____ ___ __
guiders to help slaves escape
slave hunters
people hired to capture runaway slaves
slavery and the constitution
_______ and the ________: disagreement whether constitution disagreed or agreed with slavery
an _________ promoted slavery to end
ralph waldo emerson
leader of transcendentalist movement who became 1 of america's greatest thinkers
many disagreed on the amount of _______ action that should be taken
women couldn't engage in public activities, ____ or own property
_______ means it was done in secrecy
abolitionism made southerners even more determined to ________ at all costs
in 1851, this state became the 1st to ban manufacture + sale of all alcoholic beverages
abolitionist movement was a movement to end _________.
in _____ womens 1st rights convention was held
many believed the abolitionist movement could further ______ our country to north/south
in _____ 1,400 african americans went back to Africa
1835- American Anti-Slavery society wanted an __________ end of slavery.
horace mann
______ was born in massachusetts, supported raising taxes to provide free public education.
many disagreed if _______ should be involved in the abolitionist movement
most favored stopping slavery on a _______(over time) basis
henry david thoreau
was a transcendentalist and 1 of best known literature writers. build a house named walden pond, didnt pay taxes because he didnt support mexican war. went to jail and wrote civil disobedience
roman catholic
germans and irish practiced this religion + Pope
came over cause of potato famine, sought to be natuaralized, worked on manual labor for less $, mostly dem.
charles grandison finney
preacher about god and destinies. emphasized individuals to reform themselves
catharine beecher
promoted women to be teachers
the ______ saw reforms as "SUGGESTIONS"
william lloyd garrison
started an abolitionist slavery paper called the Liberator. Wrote every week, WANTED SLAVERY TO END IMMEDIATLY(ratical abolitionist)
dorthea dix
convinced state of Massachusetts to improve prison conditions + create seperate institutions for mentally ill. This led 15 other states to build hospitals for the mentally ill
1 major stride women made: women were graduating from ______
group of philosophers + writers who believed in seeking urself to be a better person
the 9th resolution in the Declaration of Sentiments called for_______(right to vote)
southern churches began proclaiming the bible supported _______
group of philosophers + writers who rejected traditional religion.
harriet tubman
made 19 trips, known as 1 of bravest ppl of continent, escorted 300 slaves
abolitionists movement began long ago in _______ times before we colonized our country.
american temperance society
in 1835 ______ was created to fight alcohol consumption
american colonization society bought ________ in 1817 so we could send back Africans
horace mann
______ established grade level system and the nations 1st high school in Massachusetts
american temperance society
_____ urged their members to practice abstinence of alcohol
african americans
for __________, the abolitionist movement had a personal dimension + an urgency that white could not understand
______ marched in parades, participated in economic boycotts + gave lectures to be part of politics
1800- gallons drank per person was __ gallons
underground railroad
_______: network of escape routes that provided protection + transportation for runaway slaves
organized campain to eliminate alcohol consumption
most reformers of anything based their arguments on _____ principles
negotiation and compromise
north + south r very much different + it is hard to _________ and __________
sought political freedom, sought land in midwest
elizabeth cady stanton
daughter of congressman, LEADER OF ABOLITIONIST of SENECA FALLS CONVENTION, her husband + her sheltered fugitive slaves
post offices
________ in the SOUTH refused to deliver antislavery materials
divisions over _____, white could not understand the urgency of slavery to end like African americans did
problems with _____ areas were poverty, alcoholism, illiteracy, poor health care, abuse of women
poorer women began taking jobs in ________
fredrick douglass
wrote an autobiography. went around world making speeches. was slave but master taught him to read and write
gag rule
congress prohibited anti-slavery laws to become passed for 8 years
utopian community
societies dedicated to seeking perfection in social + political conditions
american republic party
group of people who didnt like the newcomers, irish + germans
_____ had the nations 1st high school thanks to horace mann
division over ________, disagreed on how the abolitionist movement should be taken care of

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