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SS Test All Terms

I AM NOT TAKING CREDIT FOR THIS SET. i just copied and pasted alyson's sets to combine them into one. ok, i made a few changes. Not many, though.


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Reasons for colonizing Africa
resources and markets
Black Consciousness
movement to encourage blacks to take pride in their race, overcoming lies they have been told about whites being better than them
instead of invest South Africans wanted countries to stop trading with the white South Africans in order to make the whites treat blacks better
Nelson Mandela
leader of the ANC, sentenced to Robben Island, he got out in 1990
had to be carried by colors where they were out of their townships, these were burnt in protest against the government
this restricts someone to a particular area, when they are _____ they can be with more than 1 person at a time, no public places
Truth and Reconciliation Commission
given power to grant amnesty, post-Apartheid, uncovered what how blacks really died
school, language, clothes
where blacks legally lived, usually far away from jobs, more rural
"Biko" "Sun City" "Nelson Mandela"
these were songs blacks living under apartheid would sing to annoy police officers or to make them happy
assembled in front of ____________ police station, 69 protesters were killed
where blacks legally lived, were forced, more urban areas
language, weddings, music, food, clothes
Desmond Tutu
he was the first black archbishop of Capetown, priest in South Africa, worked in London, won nobel peace prize in 1984
Donald Woods
White newspaper editor in south Africa, befriends Biko
Radio Freedom
underground radio station that informed on what really happened in certain places
F.W. De Klerk
last Apartheid-era president, freed Mandela,
Robben Island
Little amounts of food, 5 miles of the coast of South Africa, a place where blacks if the broke the law had to stay
Spear of the Nation
military wing of the ANC
Berlin Conference
It was in 1884 and boundaries were drawn for the different European land in Africa
means apartness, segregation between colored and whites, in south Africa
language of south African dutch descendants, south Africans were taught in this language
Steve Biko
died in police custody, a leader of Black Consciousness
names, religion, school systems, language, food
2 things that helped colonization of Africa
medicine and guns, medicine and guns
Where over 700 black students revolted about the schools, brought international attention to south Africa
liberation movement, unites African people, ANC was illegal
Influencing Heritages
Islamic, Indigenous, Western

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