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austrology, proved copernicus theory right with math
Mary queen of scots
sister is elizabeth/ thought she was planning against her
John Calvin
Calvinist Faith/ The Institutes of the Christian Religion
Leopold II
King of prussia
stamp act
a tax placed on all printed items
Joint-stock companies
trading wenture that sold shares to devide cost and profits
age of enlightement
The science age
leader of the jocbins and the council of public saftey
believed that the revolution had gone far enough and wanted to go back to ways before revolution
francis bacon
helped develop the scientific method
Time of Troubles
time after ivan dies/ nobles try to take over
Removed all aspects of catholic faith
those who defended the hereditary monarchy
quadruple alliance
alliance between prussia austria russia britian
Thirty year war
conflict between catholics and prot
Ivan IV
Ivan the terable/ after wife died went mad and killed son
bringing the stuart family to power
Diet of worms
council that talked about martin luther oppression from the church
Divine right
The rule get the power from god directly/ only responsible to god
articles of confederation
joined all of the states together
Catherine the Great
russian and wanted to release surfs
bill of rights
The rioghts of americans
Martin Luther
nail 95 things he belived were wrong to the church door/ Started reformation
William Penn
charles I
he opposed the puritans and believed in divine right
tenis court oath
national assembly will not leave without constitution
Spanich Armada
fleet of spanish warships/ defeated by the british and a storm
first ship that was able to sail into wind in opposite direction/ lighter faster and easy to stear
Charles VI
Father of maria / singed the pragmatic sanction
states power depends on its wealth=gold
Edict of Nantes
allowed prot worship in places where they were majority but not where they are not
Led pro movemnet in france
leader of france/ he put the crown on himself/ won many battles
The kings cavalry or hourse men armed
charles II
part of the Stuart famimly/ Know as the merry monarch
haveas corpus
trial by jury
Henery Hudson
English sailor who sailed to dutch/ discovered the hutson and ny
Elizabeth I
took over after half sister mary died/ great political ruler
Mademe de Pompadour
held salons
wrote spirit of laws, made three branches of government
Maria theresa
queen of austria through the pragmatic sanction
those members of parlament who wanted to exclude james from the thrown
French most popluar renisance author
"two treaties of goverment" people created goverment
Henery VII
Made the English Church
writting of laws for america
supporters of parlament and puritans
Philip II
most powerfull spainsh ruler
supporters of sans-culottes extreme radicles
great migration
migration of puritans to america
rene descartes
published "discourse on Method"/ said "i think there for i am"
universal law of motion
"La Nouvelle Heloise/ People need to go back to nature
Petition of rights
Charles signed it/ Limited his power
reign of terror
reign of the jacobins who set out to crush oposion
Only let adults be baptised
made a fast a easy to use printing press
Thomas Hobbes
"Leviathan" absolut monarch
your faith is predetermined
Battle of concord
last major battle
middle passage
Trip from africa to the new world
french prot
vasco de gama
found india after going around africa
Cardinal Richelieu
ruled through king
Louis XIV
know as the sun king/
intalerable act
placed of coninists due to boston tea party
meeting of all the estates
oliver Cronwell
military leader
national assembly
representatives of the third estates that broke off of estate general
classes of france
congress of vienna
restore france to pre revolution stages metternich served as hosts
great fear
when bastille was destroyed, a wave of violence that took over france
navigation act
laws on ships
Frederick the great
ruled during the enlightenment/ loved the art ands music
wrote Principia
prison that got taken over for weapons to protect national assembly
Prince Henery the navigator
founded navigation/ had many schools for navigation
Immanuel Kant
"Gritique of Pure reason" told about the spirital and physical world
payment to forgive sins
Frederick William I
ruled persia
War of spaish succesion
made sure that france and spain could not team up with military
Francesco Petrarca
wrote the first poem
renaissance movement based on the literature and ideas of ancient greece and rome
declaration of the rights of man
garanteed freedom of speech press and protected against religoion
mid to lower class
Act of union
France britian= great britian

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