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Sociology cards


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What is socialization
It is a process of getting physical, social and mental skills for survival as an individual and member of society. It begins when you are first able to understand what is going on about you and ends when you die.
Agencies of socialization
the groups of people along with the interactions that occur within those groups. -people you are surrounded by throughout your life

retirement-other retirees
Social construction of self
Who you are is modeled by your interactions with other people.
Nature Vs. Nurture

-both key factors in social environment
cooley's looking glass
everyone is a mirror to oneanother
-we imagine how we appear to other people
-we imagine how other judge our appearance
-we form a self-feeling based on how we feel other people judge us
Meade's contribution
George Herbert Meade
I-creativity, idiosyncracy, unique
Me- What is natural for me?
2-3 imagination-mimic
3-5 years-play
5-death-playing the game of LIFE
Gender Socialization
gender identity according to cultural norms
a behanvior that violates the norms of a particular societ-the bad people of the world
ceasare lombroso
prominent foreheads
shifty eyes
red hair
physical features
stacy fry
deviance lies outide the individual
Robert K.Merton-Theory of structural strain
Society teaches us that we must acheive a certain status---If we cannot do that we will take bad, deviant measures
Labeling Theory
when someone tells you to stop doing something you wish to rebel into deviance: go against the norms of society
differential association
Army recruitment-marines
Collective Behavior
Millions mom march-- large group with gernerally the same feelings and opinions
Social Movement-6 components
attmept to change/uphold an opinion or belief in society
-Revolutionary- civil rights
-Reformist- gay right
-Expressive- punk movement-how you dress, music you listen to, etc.
-Millenarian-expressive combined with revolutionary
Relative Deprivation
Retirees who go to Canada for cheaper prescription drugs
Free Rider Probelm
fire house example-don't get money but the dep. will put a fire out at your house
Cycles of protest
Protest spread from larger cities to smaller towns
Collective Action Frames
Thought process that makes you believe what your doing is "OK"

-Injustice-dog attacked julie
-Agency-my neighborhood
-identity-neighborhood vs. dog family
Population Explosion
given amount of people in a place
crude birthrate
# of births occuring in a year divided by midyear popluation

Kids born/midyear popultaion= crude birth rate
Crude death rate
# of deaths occuring within a year divided by midyear population

Deaths/midyear population= crude death rate
rate of reproductive change
Crude birth rate- crude death rate= rate of reproductive change
Demographic transition
technology-better meds-better healthcare-people are living longer and the infant deathrate has decreased
refers to the total proportion of the population that is concentrated in urban settlements
outlying areas become more important at the expence of the central city--front royal & d.c.
social change
Change in male and female social status from fifties until today. famrlands-industry
Population growth
-crime increase
rising material expectations
changing norms
society keeping up with the latest technology- front royal jr. high
World systems theory-- Immanuel Wallerstein
core states- US
Semi peripheral-mexico

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