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"Cotton Patch Gospel"
Gospel that takes place during the 20th century not the 1st century
takes place in Georgia instead of Jerusalem
Resurrection vs. Resuscitation
Resusciation= the body comes back as it was
Resurrection= a transformation in which one looks like the old body but has a new existence
a 1st century Jewish Historian, who tried to explain Judaism to the Romans
The question of how one can justify God in the Face of Evil. There is a lot of evil in the world, and why does it happen if God is all-powerful and good?
Shroud of Turin
supposed relic of cloth that Jesus was wrapped in when buried. Two images of a man from the front and back view. Thought possibility the imprint was left when Jesus was transformed
Docetic view of Jesus
The belief that Jesus wasn't really human, but that He only appeared to be human. John almost has this view except for the statment "the Word was made flesh"
One of the men that Jesus ran into after His resurrection on the road to Emmaus, when He wasn't recognized
Luke = compared to the rich man in Luke 16, as the poor man.
John = a man from Bethany who was sick and whom Jesus raises from the dead after he had already been in the tomb for four days
Mary and Martha of Bethany
Sisters of Lazarus. Mary is more into feelings, while Martha is a hard worker and is overwhelmed and angry because she expects Martha to help her.
Apocryphal (non-canonical gospels)
Gospels that were written and not found in the Bible. About 30 of these that all were written 50-75 years after the Gospels in the Canon that try to fill in the gaps of the 4 Gospels, and therefore tend to be a little strange.

Include: the book of James, Gospel of Peter, Gospel of Thomas, and now Gospel of Judas
The Gnostics
Gospels that have a Gnosticism element to them and often don't have Jesus being crucified
short man who is a tax collector that climbed the Sycamore-tree in order to be able to see Jesus
A Latin Translation of the Bible combining both the Hebrew Old Testament and the Greek New Testament

4th centry AD by Jerome
Combination of two differnt Gospel accounts and puts them together to get the full picture.
(The Christmas Story - is a combination of Luke and Matthew's Gospel)
Mother of John the Baptist, whom Mary visits before the birth of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke.

Elizabeth was older when she became pregnant with John
This could be anyone who loves God

"friend of God"
Father of John the Baptist, who, like Abraham was old when John was born.
Simon the Pharisee
The Pharisee, whose house Jesus was at when a sinful woman anoints Him, and forgives her of her sins
Simon Peter
Disciple of Christ that denies Jesus. He is also, according to John, cut off the ear of the servant of the high priest in the Garden of Gethsemane
Simon of Cyrene
The man in which according to the Gospel of Luke, was forced to help Jesus carry His cross on the way to Golgotha
A man who accompanied Joseph of Arimathea in burying the body of Jesus, according to the Jewish customs of burial
Joseph of Arimathea
A disciple of Jesus who wasked Pilate for teh body of Jesus after He had been crucified.
Provides tomb
The I AM sayings
The Gospel of John is Explicit Christology.
Jesus tells about Himself with these I AM statements
"Way of truth,"
"Light of the World"
"Good Shepard"
Mary Magdalene
A female follower of Christ.
Some believe that she was the "beloved disciple of Christ"
contents of the Bible or an anthology/collection of sacred scripture
Jewish/Hebrew Scripture (Old Testament) Torah-Law, Nebum-Prophets, Kethubium- Misc/Writings
Commissioned 70 Scholars to translate the OT from Hebrew to Greek. Canon for Diaspora (Jewish people Living outside the Holy Land)
The Beloved Disciple
Referred to in the Gospel of John. The traditional view is that John is the "beloved disciple." During the Passion, Jesus gives His beloved disciple to Mary. Some believe that Mary Magdalene is the Beloved Disciple
Emmaus Story
Story of Cleopas and another man, who were walking to Emmaus and did not reecognize Jesus after He has been resurrected.
Jesus, then eats with these men and after breaking the bread, He disappears.
The Magnificat
The "song Mary" found in Luke Chapter 1 that has been set to music by many composers, catholic and otherwise
Luke 15
triplet parables found in Luke, of the lost sheep, coin and son (prodigal). The common elements are:
1. Something is lost
2. It is found
3. Everyone rejoices
The Logos
"Word" in Greek.
Has a universal meaning because it has a Jewish and Hellenistic background
(God is 1, Jesus is God, and Jesus is not the Father)
The Rosary
A collection of prayers, including Our Father, Glory Be and Hail Mary's connected by the 5 mysteries
The Hail Mary
Catholic Prayer taken from words of the Gospel of Luke
The Immaculate Conception
The Catholic belief that Mary was conceived without Original Sin
The Assumption of Mary
the infallible cdoctrine that at her death, Mary was taken body and soul into Heaven
most prominent prophets/miracle workers from the Old Testament found in Luke.
Some of the works of Jesus are similar to theirs
Tax collectors
this is a group of people during Jesus' time that were often viewed as sinner and looked down upon because they worked for the Romans.
Jesus had mercy on these people
A Sign
John's word for a miracle of Jesus.
There are 7 "signs" throughout John's Gospel and the Spiritual meaning is always more important
Pontius Pilate
Roman official, who judges Jesus, and washes his hands of Jesus' death before all of the Jews.
Pilate tries to fina a way to save Jesus.
Some people do not understand what Jesus says because He speaks spiritually and everyone takes it literally/physically.
Especially in the Gospel of John
has an aspect of unexpectedness, words are used to express something differnt from their literal meanings
the Samaritans
A group of people looked down upon by the Jews.
Story of the Good Samaritan found in Luke about a Samaritan that helped a man when no one else would
Gospel of Thomas
This is a non--canonical Gospel that contains 114 sayings of Jesus.
Some of these sayings are similar to the Canon and others are just strange.
Aslo, the infancy Gospel of Thomas portrays Jesus as a child.
Lead the Jews during the Exodus from Egypt to the Holy Land in 1250 B.C
Is compared to Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew
King David
According to the Gospel of Luke, he became ruler when Jesus began preaching
Five Methods of Gospel Study
1. Literary-Historical Method
2. Thematic Perspective
3. Comparative Method
4. Redactional Perspective
5. Socio-Historical Method
Five Methods of Gospel Study
Literary-Historical Method
studies a literary text by asking how its genre text functioned in its historical context and by exploring its historical meaning
Five Methods of Gospel Study
Thematic Perspective
studies a literary text by isolating its leading ideas, or themes, and exploring them, seeing how they are developed in the text, so as to understand that author's overarching emphasis.
Five Methods of Gospel Study
Comparative Method
studies the Gospels by noting the similarities and the differences between them
Five Methods of Gospel Study
Redactional Perspective
studies how authors modified or edited their sources in view of their own vested interests and concerns
Five Methods of Gospel Study
Socio-Historical Method
studies a literary text that seeks to reconstruct the social history of the community that lies behind it
Four Major Approaches to the Bible
1. Skepticism
2. Modernism/Liberalism
3. Conservatism
4. Fundamentalism
5. Post-Modern
Four Major Approaches to the Bible
Doubted the Bible, questioned the supernatural
Four Major Approaches to the Bible
Better explanation...feeding teh masses to everyone decided to share, movement in the seminary
Four Major Approaches to the Bible
Doesn't use Bible as a weapon (Billy Graham)
Four Major Approaches to the Bible
It is all just the way it is...can't question one without another....the Bible is interrelated and is correct
Four Major Approaches to the Bible
Ask question of how the Bible should help me; not what really happened
Pastor Kevin Cosby
A preacher from the West End of Louisville. who sermon on the Lazarus story is about why Jesus waited so long to come after Lazarus's sisters called for Him.
Dorothy Day
Founder of teh Catholic Worker
which sets up housing for poor people and drug addicts
Clarence Jordan
Founder of Koinonia farm, that is an interracial farm that tried to model Christian Life.
"the Cotton Patch Gospel" is based on him.
Albert Schweitzer
Came up with Interm Ethic (sermon on the mound voided because world didn't end soon afterwards.)
Helps the needy in Africa
William Tyndale
Translated the New Testament in 1526 AD
Was burned at the stake for wanting to translate the Bible into a common language
His Bible was done n the printing press and translated from Greek
John Wycliffe
Translated the Bible from the Vulgate to Middle English
Wycliffe Bible 1384
The Catholic Doctrine that Jesus, the Son of God, was conceived in the womb of Mary and that He is truly God and man.
The idea that Jesus is God in the Flesh
High Priest
Responsible for the plan to kill Jesus
Advantage of "the poor"
this is a list of reasons found in Yancey arguing why the poor have a better chance of being saved.
Basically, it boils down to that in their state of neediness, dependence and dissatisfaction with life they welcome God's free gift of love
when a person professes one belief when they hold another
puts on an act
40 days prior to Easter.
The span from Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday
Simeon and Anna
These are the two people which Mary and Joseph met when taking Jesus to the Temple as a child
These are two of the women followers mentioned in the Gospel of Luke that followed Jesus from Galilee to Judea
The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe is a symbol for Jesus, portrayal of powerful figure that triumphs through suffering
Gospel of Judas
This is the newest Non-Canonical Gospel, which was recently discovered.
It claims, that Jesus told Judas to betray him, in order for Scripture to be fulfilled
"Stations of the Cross"
14 stations of the Passion of Jesus, that follow Christ along His journey to Golgotha.
They combine the Gospels for a complete picture

Definition of :ECOLOGY
study of interrelationships between enviroment

logos=study of

Basic Science
learning how natural world works physical or biological


Applied Science
Applied to humans

(enviromental science)
Diversity Of Life
various different organisms have evolved to adapt to the various enviroments
Unity of Life
All decended from common anscestor
-enviromental factors determines how well organisms adapt and survive (natural Selection)

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