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European History


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When did the Renaissance take place, and why was it significant?
14th-15th centuries, after the Black Death; was a period of significant political, economic, artistic, and intellectual change.
When did Machiavelli live, and what were his occupations?
1469-1527, diplomat and politician
When forced to give up politics and exiled, what did Machiavelli do, and when did he do it?
What opinion is conveyed?
Wrote books, including "The Prince" in 1513.
Advises basing decisions on common sense, not moral principles; "Better to be feared than loved"
Where did Petrarch grow up? What did he eventually think of the leaders there?
What were his two beliefs contradicting the church?
What did he write?
Leaders of Avignon= licentious,
Invented and practiced EMPIRICISM and HUMANISM.
-Africa, an epic
Da Vinci was a great Italian Renaissance Artist.
What did he help shift?
A realistic portrayal of the human figure to an idealized form.
Humanism was influenced by who, and what did it deemphasize?
-Roman and Greek historians
-Divine intervention.
*Changed the writing of history, divided the ages
Michaelangelo defined what?
What was he influenced by, and what did he sculpt?

-What was his nickname?
The "High Renaissance"
Neoplatonism, The David.

-Il Divino/The Divine One
What was Raphael accredited with?
What did he try to create in his paintings?
Many Madonnas,
Tried to create a human beauty that surpassed the norm
What was the De' Medici family responsible for?
When were they relegated?
Who did they kick out of power?
Florence's regaining in preeminence in banking 15th century.
1494, expulsion by the French
Gutenberg developed_.
It culminated around_.
When did the War of the Roses break out?
Who was it between, who won?
Houses of Lancaster and York
Henry Tudor of York defeats Richard III
The Hundred Years War took place when?
What did it introduce?
What did it define?
1337- 1453
-Introduced new war tactics
-Defined French/English boundaries
A political/economic system in which a king or queen shared power with the nobility
What did King William do in 1066?
Altered the system so everyone worked below him
The idea that everyone searches for meaning in life; which is found through education.

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