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What does explore mean?
to search for new things and places
Seven Reasons (motivations) for exploration.
1. fame
2. wealth
3 curiosity
4. better trade routes
5. foreign goods
6. spread Christianity
7. national pride
Who were the Vikings?
explorers from Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Northern Europe)
Who settled Greenland?
Erik the Red explored and settled Greenland
Who was Leif Ericsson?
Erik the Red's son.
What did Leif Ericsson explore and why?
He explored land west of Greenland in hopes of finding trees for the people.
What did Leif Ericsson called the land he explored and settled?
Vinland, which means "land of vines."
What is a saga?
long spoken tales repeated from one gereration to the next.
Who is Marco Polo?
An Italian merchant who traveled from Italy to China along the Silk Road in search of silk, gold, spices and other valuable treasures.
What was the Silk Road?
A major trade route between China and other lands.
How many years did Marco Polo spend traveling around China?
17 years
What did he do after he traveled China?
He wrote a book that inspired others to want to explore and travel to China.
What is an Emperor?
A ruler of an empire.
Who was Bartholomeu Dias?
He was a Portuguese explorer who was looking for an all water route to Asia by going around Africa.
What happento Dias's Ships?
They were blown by storms around the tip of Africa into the Indian Ocean. His crew was so frightened that they refused to go on and Dias turned back for Portugal.
What did Dias name the tip of Africa?
Cape of Storms
Who renamed the Cape of Storms and what did he call it?
the King of Portugal. He named it the Cape of Good Hope.
Who is Vasco da Gama?
a Portuguese explorer who sailed around the Cape of Good Hope and reached Indian in 1497.
What did Vasco da Gama establish?
a sea route between Portugal and Indian.
Why did Erik the Red go to Greenland?
after being exiled from Iceland.
Why did Erik the Red name it Greenland?
He named it Greenland to make people think the land was green and lush and want to move there.

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