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US History Chapter 3


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Proclamation of 1763
All lands west of the Appalachians would be Indian land and off-limits to colonists
French and Indian War
A war between France and Britian in North America
Albany Plan of Union
A plan in which the American colonists would form a loose confederation to promote mutual defense.
League of the Iroquois
An American Indian federation
Religious groups
Treaty of Paris (1763)
Ended the French and Indian War.
France gave up its North American empire to Britian
Great Awakening
Religious movement in the colonies that emphasized emotional spirituality
Religious group that believed that the church should purify itself by abandoning its rituals and ceremony
Great Migration
1630's imigration to America of English Puritans.
an adult male church member
New England Way
The beliefs and ways of life of the Puritans
Someone who challenges the dominant vision of church society
an agreement with God to build a holy society
Common Wealth
a community in which people worked together for the good of the whole
General Court
an assembly established by charter to make laws
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
a covenant establishing laws for the Connecticut Valley Settlement
Magna Carta
a document asserting the rights af Englishmen
Indentured Servants
A person bound by law to work for a master for a limited time in exchange for transportation to the American Colonies.
Common Law
A tradition of customs and laws based on previous court decisions
The idea that reason and the contemplation of nature could lead one to a knowledge of God
Middle Passage
The triangular trade pattern between the New england colonies, the West Indies and Africa and back to the colonies
Subsistance Agriculture
Raising just enough food for one's family
Land Speculation
The buying of land in order to resell it at a profit
Extractive Activities
Activities that directly consume natural resources
Glorious Revolution
The overthrow of England's King James II by Parliament
Divine Right
Means of God given right to rule
Domimion of New England
New England colonies consolidated into a dominion
Navigation Acts
English laws for taxing and regulating trade
Board of Trade
A parliamentary committee to oversee policy in the Empire

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