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World Histo: Middle East test


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Reasons from going into Iraq 2003/controversy surrounding it
We went in looking for weapons of mass destruction. We also went in to take out Suddam Hussein and for oil. Controversy: our one source, Adnan-al-Haderi lied and we were looking at satilleite images from the Persian Gulf War when everyone had nuc's.
Suddam Hussein
former dictator of Iraq
Collin Powell
was the Secretary of State, he addressed the proposal to go to war with Iraq to the UN security council.
Palestinian and Israel conflict (reasons for current situation)
UN creates a Jewish and Palestinian state. Palestinianes are very broken up and do not like it. Both groups want Israel for themselves, they do not think that they can share it. Many sights such as Jerusalem are important to both religious groups.
Osama Bin Laden
leader of terrorist group Al Qaeda
Cold War
Cost of war
Hez Bollah
a terrorist group sponsered by Iran.
Jesus Christ
Christians prophet.
Apply the 5 Themes of Geography to the Middle East
Location: Absolute- Relative-north of Africa, south of Asia, east of Europe, west of China. Place: Physical-mountains, desert. Human-dress, religion. HEI:oil. Movement:war Region:religon, language:arabic, desert, oil.
Mahoud Ahmadinejad
President of Iran
the prophet and founder of the religion Islam
Axis of Evil
includes Iraq, Iran, and North Korea
Cultural differences between the U.S. and M.E.
Men are superior in the m.e, men and women are equal in u.s. People in m.e are strict with marriges, u.s. is not. Women must be almost completly coverd up when outside, u.s. no. In m.e your identity is heavily based on your family, the u.s. not so much. Harsher punishemts in m.e then in u.s. Better education in the u.s. then in the m.e.
Reasons "Why they Hate Us"
Our support of Israel, we give them $3 billion each year. We didn't send troops/weapons to Pakistan during the Cold War. We pretend that we don't see the horrible things that Israel does.
Al Qaeda
terrorist group responsible for 9/11
3 different ethnicities living in Iraq
Shiites:follow a blood line, Sunnies:elect relgious leaders, and Christians.
Yassar Arafat
Iraqi childern's viewpoints "Iraqi's Young Blood"
they hate us
The difference between Persian Gulf war and war in
Length: P-4 months I-5 years. Troops sent over: P-532,000 I-150,000. Soldiers killed outside of war: P-292 I-3,991. UN support?: P-yes I-no. The mission: P-liberate Kuwait and keep Suddam out of Saudi Arabia I-remove Suddam Hussein from power. Reasons: P-protect the oil in Saudi Arabia I-looking for WMD's. Cost: P-$7 billion I-$1.2 trillion. Outcome: P-Kuwait is freed, Suddam's military is gone. I-no WMD's, Suddam is dead, we may have sparked a civil war.
what the u.s. government used to get us to support the war in Iraq.
Reasons from American invasion of Iraq
a very holy city. People who practice the Muslim religion have to go to Mecca once in their life.
Causes of Persian Gulf War
President Bhush believed that Iraq and its dicatator Suddam Hussein intended to invade Saudi Arabia and take control of the regions oil supplies.
Israel and U.S. relationship
Differences between Christianity and Islam
For christian Jesus is the prophet, for islam Muhhamed is. Christians study from the bible, Muslims study from the Quran. Christian has many different branches, ex. catholic, luthren. etc. Islam and 2 branches, Sunnies and Shiites. For christians, the rules are the 10 commandments, from muslims, the 5 pillers are. Christians forgive everyone wheres muslims have harsh punishments. Christians pray whenever and muslims have a specific time.
a terrorist group that believes the only way peace can be achived is by forcing everyone in the reigon to adopt Islam religion.
Importance of Middle East to U.S.
Scott Ritter
was a UN cheif weapons inspector and said that Iraq psses no immediate threat.
Tomahawk cruise missiles
each missile cost $1.3 million. It can reach its target from up to 1500 miles. It is shot from a booster rocket off a ship or submarine. Extremely accurate, if it does miss, its only by a few feet. 95% accurate.
Jewish people that wanted their own state or homeland.
Iran nuclear threat; how are we going to fix it?
Ground Invasion: Pro's-our military is already in surrounding countries, we would take out the crazy president. Con's-expensive, we don't have that many troops to spread around. Economic Sanctions: Pro's-Iran's economy will go down. Con's-it might not do much. Air Strike: Pro's-less expensive than a ground invasion, save many troops from being killed. Con's-make Iran and others hate us more, make us hyprocrates. Diplomacy: Pro's-no one dies, we used to have good relations with Iran. Con's-the president is phsyco, it might not work.
Major religions founded in M.E.
Christianity, Judism, Islam.

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