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How do the nations of OPEC affect your life today?
they supply more than 40 percent of the world's oil and by increasing or reducing the supply, they are able to influence oil prices
How is the lineage different for Jews and Muslims?
Abram and his slave - Hagar had a son - Ishmael who belongs to the Muslim line while Abraham and Sarah had a son - Isaac who belongs to the Jewish line
What direction must Muslims face in their daily prayers?
toward Mecca
Where did people settle?
near water - major cities are located directly on or very near major water sources
What is a way to regulate water?
dams are used to control water flow
What is another name for the Rub al Khali?
the Empty Quarter
What are the negatives of dams?
flow of silt causes farmlands to become less fertile, chemical fertilizers are needed, prevents less fresh water from reaching the delta - too much salt water - bad for soil and crops
What rituals must Christians perform?
What effect does Islam have on countries in the Middle East?
it strongly influences life in Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East
What does it mean if a climate is arid?
hot and dry - not much rainfall
What other country that we have studied had a similar history?
What of importance to Muslims is located in Mecca?
the hajj
What do the Atlas Mountains separate?
the northern moist Mediterranean climate from the arid south
What do Muslims believe about Jesus?
they believe he was a prophet - who was followed by the greatest prophet - Muhammad
Which city is the largest city in Africa and is Egypt's captial?
What is the former name of Istanbul?
What is the major disagreement between Israelis and Palestinians?
they can't agree over who is the rightful owner of the land - particularly Jerusalem
What is the longest river in the world?
Nile River
What area is considered the Middle East?
southwest Asia
Why has Israel worked so hard to develop its agricultural and manufacturing industries?
they have worked so hard so that they don't continue to require large amounts of aid from the U.S. and European nations - they now feed their own people and export food to other countries and have become the most industrialized country in Southwest Asia
Why is desalinization not used more often?
it is a good option - source of fresh water BUT - it is VERY expensive
What are the 5 pillars of faith?
1) confessing of faith - belief that there is no god but Allah 2) prayer- must pray 5 times daily facing holy city of Mecca 3) fasting - not eat or drink during daylight hours of holy month of Ramadan 4) Giving of alms - charity to people in need 5) pilgrimage to Mecca - once in lifetime - if possible (6th Pillar - Holy Struggle - Jihad)
What is the name of the holy city located on the edge of the West Bank?
What is the size of the Sahara Desert?
equal to that of the continental United States
What city is the capital of Iraq and is currently occupied by many U.S. troops?
What is desalinization?
the process of removing salt from seawater
Why was water a precious resource?
water - especially fresh water was very scarce
What physical feature makes up most of the Arabian Peninsula?
a desert
What do Jews believe about Jesus?
they do not believe He was the Messiah as they were expecting a great military king - NOT a king who would die on a cross
Where does the Nile River empty?
the Mediterranean Sea
Where does the Sahara Desert get its name?
from the Arabic word meaning desert
Why do we study North Africa with South West Asia (Middle East)?
The world depends upon the oil and gas resources found here. This resource makes the events that occur in this area important or of interest to many nations. It is of global importance that peace is reached in this region
Which groups of people can trace their ancestry back to Abram (Abraham)?
Jews, Christians, and Muslims
How is the government influenced by Islam?
the government (in Iran) has introduced laws based on its understandings of the Quran
Where are the Atlas Mountains located?
northern Africa
What are the positives of dams?
help with water regulation, flood waters can be controlled, helps to provide more than one harvest season per year, and source of hydroelectric power
What is the world's only city located on 2 continents?
What is the name of the dam on the Nile River?
Aswan High Dam
What are is called the Crossroads of Continents?
North Africa and Southwest Asia - Europe, Africa and Asia
What was necessary for survival?
Why did the American and British forces invade Iraq?
to search for weapons of mass destruction as the U.S. and Britain did not believe that Saddam was fully cooperating
Why would there be conflicts of sharing water sources?
there might not be enough for everyone - ex. If Turkey builds a dam on the Euphrates River, it will reduce the water flow to Syria and Iraq
What physical feature dominates most of North Africa's landscape?
the Sahara Desert
What is the biggest misunderstanding that Muslims have about Christians?
they believe that Christians are polytheistic because of the Trinity (God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit)
Why did the Afghan people turn to the Taliban for leadership after the Soviets left?
because the country had collapsed and was facing poverty, food shortages, and rising crime - the country had collapsed into a civil war
What is the Rub al Khali?
a large desert in Saudi Arabia
What is significant about Rub al Khali?
is the largest area of continuous sand in the world
What is Islam's holiest city?
Which groups of people claim Jerusalem as theirs?
Muslims, Jews, and Christians
In what direction does the Nile flow?
from north to south
What rituals or practices must Muslims perform in order to be right with God and to enter heaven?
five pillars of faith

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