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History: Test 1 Fall 2005


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Why did we orginially come to America?
Joint Stock Company
Joint Stock Company
Group of merchants that put up the money. They wanted to go to Virginia because they though there was gold there. In this company the merchants had shares of stock and when the company made money, each merchant made money. The later name for this company was the Virginia Company
Spring 1607
People were going to the new world
Who were the people going to the new world
1) white englishmen 2)people who felt the affects of englands bad economics 3) Enclosure 4) progeniture
first son got everything and the other sons were forced to find other means of support
people were kicked off open land
What river did they sail up
James River
What did they meet with when they landed in Jamestown
1)Chief Powhatan 2)disease (maleria) 104 original people, 38 survived 3) gave small pox to the Indians 4) they were not used to working hard- lazy
Captain John Smith
1608- Whipped people into shape. His moddo was that you didnt eat if you didnt work
1609-1610 Winter
Starvation- People started eating dogs, rats, cats, and humans
Spring of 1610
People start home
Lord de la warr
sends the people who were leaving after the horrible winter back with supplies and imposes a harsh military regime
(1612) John Rolfe introduces it into Virginia. Its easy to grow. Problems- It needs lots of land becasue you cannot reuse the same land over and over (trashes the soil). Also it ran into Indians (tension grew). It also needed workers
Workers of the Tobacco
1st- Indentured survants (4-7 years). Later, Slaves
1)Lord Baltimore 2)Toleration Act 3)problems with protestants 4) Tobacco
Lord Baltimore
(1634) setup a safe haven for catholics
Biggest problem in Maryland
protestants were coming from other colonies
Toleration Act
All Christians had freedom of religion. However, if you didnt see jesus as the son of god you had consequences (jews and Athiests)
North Carolina
South Carolina
1-Rice country (charlston). Inlets and Marshes made it perfect conditions for rice
Buffer- will get early warning if spanish invade. It was run by James Oglehorpe. Debtors were taken from Prison and went to Georgia to work the land.
James Oglehorpe
ran georgia during early settlement
Northern Settlers
went for religious reasons
Martin Luther
(German) nailed protest doctrinces denouncing the authority of priests, declaring the Bible alone was God's word (ignighting the Protestant Reformation)
John Calvin of Geneva
Elaborated Martin Luther's idea.
argued God Already knew who was going to heaven and hell
King James I
(scottland) head of both the state and church in England from 1603
Captain Myles Standish
rendered service of an Indian Fighter and negotiator
Charles I
dismissed parliament and sanctioned the anti-puritan persecutions of archbishop William Laud
John Winthrop
became the bay Colony's first governor
Anne Hutchinson
claimed that a holy life was not a sure sign of salvation (antinomianism)
Roger Williams
leads mass bay colony not by choice. they kicked him out and founded Rhode Island. he was resectful to Indians
frusterated in netherlands. their children are growing up Dtuch and forgetting their English heritage. they decide to go to America because they would have a little more freedom to raise their children how they wanted
Mayflower Compact
made by the separtists which said the government would go by majority rule.
Massachussets Bay Colony
1)Puritans-feel religion is not strong enough in England. 2) John Winthrop "city upon a hill" in chanrge 3)Congregational chruch dominated New England taxed people even if they did not go to church (separation of chruch and state)
Anglican Church
south. taxed people even if they did not go to church(separation of church and state
Thomas Hooker
fled from Mass. and started his own colony, Connecticut.
King Phillips War (1675)
Because of the movement of English settlers into area they had not been before. they come in contact with some Indians who did not want them there. This war silenced Indian rebellion in New England. The English had guns. war was 5-7 years
Sir Edmond Andros
Sent by England to control colonists. He was of the Dominion of New England
When there is a empire and a mother country. The colonies trying to get the mother country money.
Navigation Acts
passed by parliament. 1) only enlgish ships 2) must bring stuff through england 3) custom duties must be paid when coming through new ports. Andros inforced all of these
William and Mary
2nd of the early colleges. It was more on the classics, not just 1 outcome (which was tro be a minister
hnry Hudson
founded Newyork.
originally called Amsterdam. later called New York after Lord york
Peter Stuyvesant
the last dutch learder before the colony got transerred
made deals with the Indians to make money from fur trade. he was Governmor of VA but he was kicked out because he would no aid the people during Indian attacks
Bacon's Rebellion
Took place in VA. Was people Berkley ignored when the people asked for help against the Indians. Buckeley was kicked out by Bacon and company. 1st example of settlers showing they will only put up with so much
Nathanial Bacon
didnt like Berkley. During Bacons rebellion he ran Berkeley out of Jamestown.
Slaves are coming from...
Africa and west Indies
why slaves
did not know their way around so they couldnt run away
Middle Passage
the trip to the New World
First eurpeans to promote salve trade
dutch in the netherlands
What would they give african leaders in return for slaves
Biggest city for the slave trade
Why slavery?
to work plantations. thats why they were mostly in the south
slave codes
laws that said what slaves could and could not do. It also said what slave owners could and could not do
Southern Society
people didnt live very long and life expentancy was shorter. Family stablity was rare. Chilren died and people died younger. Women stated to get power over property. The majority of white farmers in south did not have slaves
Half way covenant (north
said you didi nto have to be fully converted to come to church. This was because church attendence dropped because people were not memembers
People were upset
if you tell people for years that you have to be converted and just change. people start to say that you just change things when you will like it
Salem Witch Trials
period of time (late 1600s)were hysteria over witchcraft happened
pop 1700-300,000 1775-2.5 million. Melting pot. The colonies become much more diversed. 90% of all people lived in rual areas
People on top
south=plantation owners. North=merchants However there was always a chance to move up in society
New England industry
timber, shipbuilding, fishing. Big on Agrigiculture
Mid-Atlantic industry
tobacco farming.
used bleeding which would cure sick. They would cut their arteris and hopefully would bleed out of whatever they had.
Major illness
cut and put smallpox in cuts so hopefully they would develop an immunity to smallpox. This was an early form of vaccination
looked down upon. people were afraid they would use their knowledge to underline them because most were sneaky, like today
Triangular Trade
Between West Africa, and colonies, and new england.; Run and weapons to Africa; sugar is shipped off to colonies; everything goes to england as a raw material and is finished off to be sold in America
The Great Awakening
a religious revival during the 1730's. America was turnig turning into an area more intered in money than religion. They would bring people back to the church using speaches to scare people back
Jonathan Edward and George Whitefield
becomes the two most famous evangelical ministers. They told people to either practice the old religion or they could pave their paths to hell
Old Lights
did not think the new theatrics of teaching religion was ok
new lights
did think it was ok
The Englightenment
people did not trash religion but they did say people had to be knownlegdeable with science to figure things out not religion
one of the two first colleges. It was to train men in religion
Charles Wilson Peale
famous for portraits; he was famous for the washington washinton
Congregational and ANglican
congretational-north Anglican-south
Phillis Wheatley
a poet and slave girl
Ben Franklin
famous for "Poor Richard's Almanack"
John Peter Zenger
first real court cause in america. he was a newspaper editor that critizced the governor of new york. They go to trial and the jurors decided that people had the liberty to criticize authority. This is where Freedom of the Press comes from
people have land to raise cattle so they eat a lot of meant. No indoor plumbing and gaarbage is a big problem. Military developed.
came over at same time as the British. They discovered the midwest area which was name "New France" The population is small because the french do not think it significant they are forcused on the sugar plantations in the west indies. They were into fur trade. No rules.
Keep people from hurting the Indians and convert them to christianity
The Jesuits
french form of priests
Kings William War and Queen Anne's War
fur traders and british colonists fight. It is the first example of the french england locap troops. Spain sided with france. However Britain won and france had to give up part of canada
part of canada that french had to give up during King W.'s war and Queen A.'s war. French were kicked out and had to move to Louisiana. This is where Cajun came from
The war of Jenkin's Ear
2nd war- btw spain and britian. Fench allied with spain trying to get back from before but Britain wins again
famous french port which the british capture
Peace treaty
treaty btw french and british. condition says the fort went back to french. Colonists are angry.
French and Indian War
Part of the Seven years war. The indians were involved. The french army are now fighting the British army.
Fort Duquane
british t ry to capture from the french
Braddock and Washington
Braddock is a british general who is assited by George washington when they try to take over fort duquane Braddock gets killed so washington gathers troops and they try to get out .
Fort necesity
where washington is defeated. He leaves Fort Necessity on 4th of July
William Pitt
takes over the pronce minister's position. he starts appointing really god officers to lead the army. (ran more professional)
john Wolfe and Amherst
2 big british generals who will turn everything around.
Fight in Qubec/Montreal
The brtish win. Wolfe and Montcalm (french leader) die. Fort Duquane is finally captured and named fort pitt
2nd peace treaty
french give up everything. East of misisippi except new orleans gos to British. New orleans and everything est of missisppi goes to spain. The Indians who helped the French are in trouble now.
British concerns
colonists will go west
Proclamation Line 1763
said colonists could not move west that line. British says this is for their own good becasue of the Indians.
parliament decides to dax the colonits to repay war debt. The colonists think this is unfair

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