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MarkWH Eur-Rus history


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Who were Europe's first great philosophers?
The Greeks
How was Greece divided in ancient times?
In over 100 city-states
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Each city-state acted as an independent nation.
What city-state was the most famous of ancient Greece?
What are methods and plans a gov't uses to do work?
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In Athens free men were allowed to vote on their leaders, laws and policies.
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Women, slaves and non-Greeks were permitted to vote.
How was ancient Greek culture spread?
By Alexander the Great
Who was Alexander the Great?
A king of Macedonia who conquered an empire east of the Indus River
What is a collection of lands ruled by a single gov't?
An empire
When did the Romans begin to build their empire?
When Alexander the Great died.
Who was the first emporer of Rome?
When did Augustus, the first emporer of Rome come to power?
27 BC.
What is the Pax Romana?
200 years of peace started by Augustus when Rome was the most powerful state of Europe
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Judges in Roman Empire followed written laws to make decisions.
Did Roman laws cover everyone in Rome?
Yes, not just the rich and powerful
What are modern ideas about law and citizenship based on?
Roman law
What followed the Pax Romana?
Hundreds of years of war.
Where did Jesus live?
Palestine, in the eastern region of the Mediterranean Sea
Which Roman emporer became a Christian?
What is the name for the period of time between ancienct and modern times?
Middle Ages
Describe what is feudalism?
Peasants making up 90% of the population worked as serfs farming the land on manors owned by lords. The lords collected taxes for the king.
What was the primary organization for society during the Middle Ages?
When did the societies of Europe changed from serfs living on manors to tradesman living in cities?
When did Marco Polo travel to the East?
The late 13th Century
where did Marco Polo travel to?
The East.
T or F
Columbus believed that traveling to the West would lead to new routes to the East.
During the 15th Century, what country's discoverers traveled along the Western coast of Africa?
Who crossed the Cape of Good Hope and traveled onto to the Indian Ocean, establishing trade?
T or F
Spices were more precious than any other resource.
What highlighted the Age of Discovery?
Trading of riches, spices and other commerce imported from the East.
Name the period of time when the European countries were opening up trading with other parts of the world?
Age of Exploration
Who are monarchs?
The kings and queens of nations.
What economic class emerged as a result of the Age of Exploration?
Middle Class
When did feudalism begin to disappear in Europe?
The Age of Exploration
What economic class of people were the primary taxpayers to the monarchs?
Middle class.
Who supported artists and scholars during the Age of Exploration?
The Middle Class
What is the name for time period of a renewed interest in learning and art?
The Renaissance
Where did the Renaissance begin?
When did the Renaissance begin?
When did the Renaissance reach its peak?
Describe humanism
people who focus on this world instead of hoping for a better life after death.
What is the definition of a revolution?
A far reaching change in gov't.
When was England ruled by only a Parliament and not a monarchy?
Mid 1600's
What was the Scientific Revolution?
When scientists started to base theories on facts by watching carefully to see what really happens in the world
What did scientists use to study the moon and planets?
What was the name for the time period highlighted by a change in the way goods were made?
Industrial Revolution
Where did the Industrial Revolution begin?
Gr. Britain
Describe the first machines developed in the Industrial Revolution?
Spinning mules were invented to replace people and spinning machines.
T or F
A spinning machine has 4 legs and looks like a horse.
False. A spinning mule is a machine.
By what time were all goods in Europe and the US made by machine?
The Early 1900's.
What helped to improve working conditions and wages during the Industrial Revolution?
What is the term that describes when nations take over other nations and turn them into colonies?
When was the Age of Imperialism?
The late 1800's
What is the name for peasants who worked on a manor
How did Alexander the Great help to spread Greek ideas?
He conquered a vast empire
After the collapse of the Roman Empire, society was organized under a system called?
What is the name for the elected legislature in England?
Why did the rulers in Europe want to explore other lands?
They wanted more wealth
What is the term for a cloth product
What is term that means, "pride in one's country"
What is the term that describes the practice of turning countries into colonies?
What is the term for an agreement between nationsto protect one another?
Why did European nations colonize other countries?
They wanted more customers and the raw materials
T or F
The Germany, Russia,Austria-Hungary, and Italy were all on the same side during WWI
Russia had an alliance with Gr. Britain and France
What is the process of becomingmorelike Western Europe and North America
Who were the Golden Horde?
The Mongol conqueoror who swept into the Russian region from Asia in the 1200's
How long did the Mongols rule the region?
By the late 1400's
Who was the first Czar?
Ivan the Terrible in 1547
Who was Catherine the Great?
She was a German princess who married Peter the Great. She seized control of the throne.She encouraged the people to adopt western customs
What was the Duma?
A congress whose members were elected by the people established by Nicholas II.
Who led the Russian Revolution?
Vladimir Lenin
When was the Russian Revolution?
What is a dicatator?
a leader with unlimited power
What was the "Iron Curtain"
An imaginary barrier between Eastern Europe and Western Europe based on Eastern Europe's governments established by the Soviet Union following WWII
What is the name for the form of government in which the farms and factories are owned by the state?
Name the period of tensioin between the US and the Soviet Union that was not a war?
The Cold War

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