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World Geography exam review


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The center of an atoll is a ______.
France and Spain
What two countries are separated by the Pyrenees?
Southern Hemisphere
Australia is called the Land Down Under because it is located in the _____.
Geographers study three major island groups in the Pacific Ocean that they call _______.
Tae kwon do
What martial art originated in Korea?
food source
Krill is a major _______.
Kangaroos and koalas are known as ______.
Muslim call God _____.
scientific purposes
To date, 43 countries signed the Antarctic Treaty agreeing to use Antarctica only for ______.
The People's Republic of China is the official name of ______.
Vatican City
The pope lives and works in _____.
frozen tundra
Forty percent of Russia's land is ____.
How does Russia rank in size among the world's countries?
Laos and Vietnam both have what type of goverment?
Japan is on the ring of fire
Japan experiences many earthquakes because ______.
The Middle Ages ended and the pre-modern period began with the ______.
What country in Southeast Asia was never a colony of another country?
an active volcano
Antarctica's Mount Erebus is ________.
Workers' organizations that controlled industries were called _____.
Australia is the world's top producer of _______.
The Nile River
The kingdoms of Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt grew around the ______.
Goverment tells people what to do
What is life like under communist rule, ____.
In China People's lives are controlled in many ways by the ______.
Europe and Asia
Russia is spread across the continents ____,
mountains, highlands, valleys
What lies under Antarctica's huge ice cap?
Constantine 1st
Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire under ______.
The word Sahara means _____.
Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxemburg
The Benelux countries are ____.
greek philosopher
Socrates was a great _____.
mediterranean sea
The Nile River begins in east Africa and flows north to the _____.
Which country produces more food than any other nation in Western Europe?
potatoes and rye
What do Poland's framers grow more of than any other European country?
The Quran contains revelations made to the prophet _______.
This country was once called Burma.
Christians celebrate the day Jesus rose from the dead as _____.
Copenhagen, Denmark
The statue of the little mermaid is a famous attraction in _____.
the pharoah
The center of Egyptian life was _____.
is very limited
Because of mountains, farmland in Japan _____.
parliamentary democracy
The government of New Zealand is a _______.
Wales and North Ireland
The four regions of the United Kingdom are England, Scotland, _____.
constitutional monarchy
Japan's form of government is _____.

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