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Who threatened Rome and eventully drove out the last emperor in 476 c.e?
Germanic tribes
What did most peasents do for there lords?
They raised crops
What was the nobels job
Looked over diffrent jobs
⬢people paid heavy taxes.
⬢many people lived in poverty.
⬢trade declined
the items on the list are examples of what type of problems thy led to the end of the romAn empire?

What did Paul see that started his work as a missionary?
A vision of God
What roman acrhitecural legacy would. You find in the US capital building?
The basis of the roman ideal of natural law is that.....
We all have basic human rights
What person likey said this?

If I give me your loyalty, I will give you land and protection.

A lord would have said this.
What are two ways Jews were mistreated during the Middle Ages?
Had land taken away

Not permitted to do jobs other than bankers/moneylenders and then looked down on because those were "wicked" jobs

Blamed for the Black Plague

What was a knights main role was?
It was a soldier.
In medIeval Europe what type of person would have said.....I believe we must live in agreement with nature and that we must develop good character
A stoic
How did the bubonic plague lead to the decline of feudalism?
It killed so many workers that the ones who were left could demand more rights and better pay. This effected their position on the bottom of the pyramid.
What did Romans do to Christians if they were caught practicing the religion?
They were put in the Colesseum and faced a brutal Death.
What is one way that latin, the Roman language, has influenced the english language?
Engklish words use Latin roots and prefixes
During the 1st peorid of roman expansion the Romans ?
Took over itialien peninsuLa
What are two forms of roman archetecture hat influeneced modern life?
Arches and domes.
What was the Habeus Corpus
It is in the Magna Carta. It is the rule that no people can be held in jail without the concent of the court
By fight in the conflict of orders,what did the plebs gain?
They gained equality.

Jesus Christ was this religion.

What are the gospels?
They were accounts of Jesus life and teachings.

What did the female peasants do diffrent then the male lives?
The woman had to take care of the childeren, home, and if needed in the Garden.
A knights main role was.

A soldier
b teacher
c judge
d priest

The answer is a.
Members of which group believed that god had given them the right to rule.

What did most pedants do for their lords.
Raised crops
What are two of the jobs that the fesents had
Farming, livestock hearder, shoemaker, blacksmiths, and many more
Who did the lords owe loyalty to
a.the monarch
b.the serfs
c.other lords
d.the knights

The answer is a.the monarch
Who did the knights owe loyalty to?
A.other knights
B.the lords
C.the monarch
D.both A and C

The answer is B.the lords
What school do we attend?
Alliance Middle School
Who teaches Social Studies in Room 709?
Mr. Horning
How did the Bubonic Plague lead to common people gaining power?
So many workers died that the ones who were left could move to the city to work and demand better pay and more rights.
What led to the end of the Roman Republic and the beginning of the Roman Empire?
When Julius Caesar was named dictator for life that ended the republic style government in Rome.
Who was Charlemagne and why was he important?
He was Charles the Great, king of the Franks who was named the first Holy Roman Emperor in exchange for defending the land of the church.
Why did Rome fight the Punic Wars?
They fought Carthage - a city in North Africa - for control of trade in the Mediterranean Sea.
What are some Roman architectural styles we still see today?
Domes - Like the U.S. Capitol building

Triumphal Arch
Bridge styles

Roman roads and aqueducts are still used today in Europe (not in U.S.)

What is the holy book for the religion of Judaism?
Torah and Talmud
What is the holy book for Christianity?
How did Paul help spread Christianity?
Paul converted to being Christian and wrote letters and started churches all over the Roman empire. He was especially known for preaching to non-Jewish people called Gentiles and teaching them that Jesus was a savior to ALL people, not just Jews.
Why did the Plebs leave the city during the Conflict of Orders?
The Plebs left because they were being made to work and fight in wars without having any say in the government.
Why were the Pats scared when the Plebs left the city during the Conflict of Orders?
Because the Plebs made up most of the army and they would have no one to defend the city of Rome if someone attacked.
Why was Jerusalem a holy city to the Jews? To the Christians?
Jews - their holy temple was built there

Christians - the city where Jesus was crucified and they believe he rose from the dead.

How did the Magna Carta upset the balance of power (pyramid) of feudalism?
It limited the rights of the king who was supposed to be at the top.

Habeas Corpus protected the rights of the common people from being thrown in jail for no reason and this gave them more power.

Why did the Romans call the Mediterranean Sea "our sea"?
Because they had conquered all the land surrounding it so they controlled all the trade in the sea.
What Is the holy book for the judaism
Who teaches social studies in Rm 710?
Mrs. Stauffer
What was the name of the Eastern part of the Roman Empire that survived for more than a 1000 years longer than the Western part?
Byzantine Empire

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