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Ch. 29 World War I


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What is the capital of Bosnia?
What region of Europe was referred to a the "powder keg"?
The Balkan Peninsula
The purpose of the Schlieffen Plan was to keep Germany from having to do what?
fight on two fronts at the same time
What two countries were the main competitors for industrial domination of Europe during the late 1800s?
Germany and Great Britain
Who was the French commander of the Allied forces
Marshall Foch
What year did the United Statrs enter the World War I?
Who propsed an end ot secret treaties and free trade and freedom of the seas?
Woodrow Wilson
Which nation was the first to declare war in WWI?
Which nation's heir to the throne was assassinated in 1914 by a Serbian nationalist?
Who was the ruler of Germany in 1890?
Kaiser Wilhelm II
A deep devotion to one's nation is called _____________.
Fighting from trenches dug in the battlefield is called ___________.
trench warfare
What 3 nations belong to the Triple Entente?
France, Russia, Great Britain
What 3 nations belong to the Triple Alliance?
Italy, Germany, Austria-Hungary
What was the system of rationing designed to limit?
purchases of consumer goods
The purpose of propaganda during World War I was to _________________.
influence public opinions
An agreement at the end of WWI between Germany and the Allied Powers was called what?
Treaty of Versailles
An International group with the goal of keeping peace among nations ....
League of Nations
What is artillery?
large guns; cannons
a ruler of Russia was called this
glorifying war and preparing for it is called this
In the years leading up to World War I, Russia and ____________competed for dominance of the Balkans.
What would eventually develop into World War I began in July 1914 when Austria-Hungary declared war on _______.
Due to having withdrawn from the war, ___________ was not represented at the Paris Peace Conference despite having been an Allied Power.
Great Britain entered the war following Germany's invasion of _______ in violation of that nation's neutrality.
Most of the new European nations created at the end of World War I were located on former lands of _______.
___________ was represented at the Paris Peace Conference by Georges Clemenceau.
Two nations deliberately excluded from the League of Nations were Germany and _____________.
All of Germany's territories in Africa and the Pacific were declared _________, or territories to be administered by the League of Nations.
Under the Schlieffen Plan, Germany was to focus first on defeating _________.
The battles of the Marne, the Somme, and Verdun were fought on ___________ soil.
Article 231, also known as the ___________________ clause, ordered Germany to pay huge war reparations to Allied nations.
war guilt
Using submarines to sink any ship with warning is called __________________.
unrestricted submarine warfare

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