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The Middle Ages


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When Charles Martel ("The Hammer") his son, Pepin became Mayor of the Palace. With the help of the nobles, he removed the king he was the first Frankish king to be anointed. When he died in 768, his 2 sons took over. Carloman died in a few years. His other son Charles (Charlemagne)was the new Frankish king.
They were traveling entertainers. The minstrels went from place to place singing of Charemagne and his empire.
He was the son of Odin. He is the god of thunder and war. The Germans believed that the sound of thunder came from Thor's chariot wheels.
The Germans' love of battle was linked to their religion. Wodan/Odin was the god of war, poetry, learning and magic.
c. 406~453. "Scourage of God"or "Little Daddy" is his nickname. He was the leader of the Huns. The Huns conquered the East Goths in the Late 300's. This drove the West Goths to ask the Roman emperor for protection.
Blood feud
Longstanding quarrels between families.
Fine paid by the family of a German who commited a crime.
The Roman Empire in the West was falling. Generals fought for control of Rome and Italy. In 467, a general took control. He never became emperor, but controled it for 15 years. Then a group of Eastr Goths invaded Italy and killed him.
Charlemagne ruled from this place. This was the capital of his empire. It is now known as Aix-la-Chapelle. His did not always stay in the capital, he usually traveled from place to place.
The Rhine River
The Franks lived along this river.The Rhine River goes through modern day France.
A group based on family ties.
He was the leader of the East Goths who killed Odoacer. After they killed Odoacer they set up a kingdom.
The Germans admired bravery. They were expected to win the battle or die fighting. After the warriors died they went to Valhalla. There they feasted and fought forever.
German lifestyle
Germans took part in Roman life, but keep most of their own culture. They lived in villiage surrounded by pastures and farmlands. They lived in long thatchedroof huts. The family lived in one half of the hut and the animals lived in the other half. The body heat from the animals warmed the hut in the winter months. In the hut there were wooden tables and benches that were placed along the walls. The wealthier people added wall hangings and carpets. They herded cattle that provided them with food and clothing. They grew barley, rye, wheat, beans and peas. They traded the cattle for glass vessels, table articles and jewlery. Most farm work was done by women, children and enslaved people. The women also cook, they spun wool and wove cloth. The Germans believed in hospitality. They made it againist the law to turn away anybody who came to your door.Men gambled with dice, boxed and wrestled. In the winter they skated on frozen lakes.
A Germanic tribe that invaded Rome in the 5th and 6th century. After they got kicked out of Spain they went to North Africa. There they became pirates and attacked cities along the Mediterranean coast. In 455 they sacked and pillaged Rome. From Vandals we get the word vandalism.
Trial by ordeal
It is a severe trial. These proved if the accused person was guilty or innocent.

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