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BUPERS 1326.4D


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What is BUPERSINST 1326.4d
Who administers CEFIP?
Chief of Naval Personnel
A non-crewmember who is under DIFTEM orders is required to fly how many hours per month?
4 hours per month / HDIP
Do all Naval Aircrewmen receive flight pay?
What NECs can be awarded Aircrew?
78XX, 82XX, 94XX and 8401
Career enlisted flyers earn months of operational flying credit while under what type of orders?
Flight orders issued for flight-related billets that do not require frequent and regular flying are classified as what?
Who is CEFIP payed to?
Career Enlisted Flyers
Can career enlisted flyers receive CEFIP while assigned to DIFDEN orders?
Yes. Until an MOF gate is missed.
Career enlisted flyers who are medically incapacitated will be considered qualified for aviation service until disqualified on the first day following a period of _____ that commences on date of initial incapacitation.
365 days
An enlisted member may not be paid continous CEFIP after completion of __ YAS.
25 years
Career crewmembers with more than 25 YAS shall receive __________, each month in which operational flying under competent DIFCREW orders is performed.
Conditional CEFIP
How long do personnel in DIFCREW orders have to qualify in their NEC once reporting on board?
18 months
Can an AW member permanently revoked, voluntarily or in-voluntarily, remain in the AW rating?
No. They must immediately request a new rate.
When shall a summary of total flight time be made to the individual's 1070/613?
Annually and upon detatchment
CEFIP is paid in increments of ______.
YAS gates
Crewmember HDIP is paid by _____.
Non-crewmember HDIP is a flat _____ for all paygrades.
Members receiving CEFIP are prohibited from receiving special pay for any HDIP during the same period of service. Types of HDIP include what?
Crewmember flight pay
Flight deck duty pay
Parachute pay
Toxic fuels, propellants and chemical munitions exposure pay
A member disqualified for any academic portion of an aircrew training pipeline or lack of operational qualifications shall not be reinstatement-eligible for a minimum of ________.
2 years
Enlisted crewmembers under DIFCREW orders shall be accorded at least ____ advance notification prior to being involuntarily removed from flying duty through no fault or action of their own.
120 days

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