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Military Requirements for CPO Exam #6


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A person overcome by carbon monoxide has which of the following symptoms?
Sudden feeling of weakness, Headache and Drowsiness
If you are in a closed compartment and think you're being affected by carbon monoxide, you should take which of the following actions?
Call for help and Get to fresh air
What person is authorized to certify that a closed space is safe to enter?
Gas free Engineer
When using an internal combustion engine in a closed space for de-watering or fire fighting, you should take which of the following actions to ensure personal safety?
Make sure the exhaust is carried to the open atmosphere
When entering a space that previously held petroleum products, you should wear which of the following recommended breathing devices?
Air-Line Respirator
During fueling ops, the word is passed "the use of open flame devices is prohibited." Which of the following devices is/are considered an open flame?
Matches, Lit candles and Lighters
Projectile-type ammunition that is 3 inches or greater in diameter can be identified by what method?
Color code
You should never take which of the following items into a magazine?
Naked lights and Matches
Aboard ship, where are pyrotechnic materials usually stored?
In stowage spaces on topside decks
The OBA can be used for which of the following situations?
Fighting a fire in a void
Respirator cartridges use which of the following means for identifying the type of contaminant against which they are useful?
Color codes
Prolonged exposure of personnel to excessive heat and humidity while under a continued work load can result in which of the following conditions?
Heat stress
Voltages of 115 and below are very dangerous?
One of your workers reports that a typewriter is not working properly. Upon inspecting it, you notice it has a frayed plug. Which of the following actions should you take?
Have the person stop typing and call the electric shop supervisor
Navy personnel who are assigned work in construction or ship repair must obtain safety shoes at their own expense?
Hazardous material labels are required on which of the following items?
Materials with a flash point of 190 degrees, Materials that are unstable if heated and Corrosive materials that do not burn
Which of the following effects is known to be caused by overexposure to rf radiation?
An increase in body temperature
Safety limitations for exposure to rf radiation have been established by the Naval Medical Command. These limits are based on which of the following criteria?
Beam power density and exposure time
While working near radar antenna, you accidentally touch a guard rail that has a significantly large induced rf voltage. You could suffer which of the following effects?
Pain, Skin Damage and Involuntary reflex action
Which of the following is a criteria fo a persons behavior to be considered sexual behavior?
Unwelcome, Sexual in nature, and occur or impact your work
Which zone describes behaviors that violate personal "space"?
Which zone describes showing concern for another sailor?
Which zone describes sexually explicit pictures?
Which zone describes suggestive posters, calendars, and off-color jokes?
Personal relationships between which of the following groups of personnel could be considered fraternization?
Both Officers and Enlisted
What person has the responsibility of appointing the command OMBUDSMAN?
What person determines the content and priorities of the command OMBUDSMAN program?
Which of the following statements is a purpose of the Reenlistment Quality Control Program?
To provide a personnel management program to control rating manning, To issue reenlistment criteria and To establish standardized professional growth points
All first term sailors in paygrades E-1 to E-6 requesting reenlistment must be approved for reenlistment through what program?
What person directs and supervises the Navy's voting program?
Chief of Naval Personnel
What is the most valuable detection and deterrence tool used by the Navy to identify drug abusers?
Urinalysis testing
Each urinalysis sample is tested how many minimum number of times by one of the Navy's screening labs?
Under the Navy's policy for drug abusers, which of the following actions is taken if a PO2 commits a drug abuse offense?
Person is processed for immediate separation
A drug abuser deeply under the influence of narcotics diplays which of the following characteristics?
Which of the following paraphernalia found in a locker is an indication that the person is a narcotics abuser?
Bent spoons, Eye droppers and Cotton balls
A person who abuses heroin develops a tolerance for the drug. How does this tolerance affect the person's reaction to the drug?
Larger doses are required for the same effect
Normally, which of the following signs is the first emotional reaction following a dose of heroin?
Feeling of relief
Drinking a large amount of cough medication is a common method of abusing which of the following drugs?
A drug abuser who suffers long periods of time without sleeping or eating is probably abusing which of the following types of drugs?
A person who has taken an overdose of cocaine may experience which of the following reactions?
Where can you find a list of offenses that must be reported?
Uniform Code of Military Justice
Hair should be tapered from the lower hairline upward by at least how many inches?
Pens or pencils used for work may be exposed on the uniform?
While in uniform women may wear both a necklace and a choker?
Chevrons on rating badges worn on the pea coat of both male and female sailors measure 3 and 1/4 inches wide?
False (women 2 and 1/2)
How far from the front and lower edge of the collar is the collar device placed?
1 inch
The hat device is centered on the front of the ball cap how many inches above the visor?
1 and 1/4
The LHA carries what means of defense against surface and air attack?
5 inch guns only
How many troops can be embarked in, transported by, and landed by the Wasp Class LHDs?
What is the purpose of the dock landing ships?
To transport a variety of amphibious craft and vehicles with embarked crews and troops

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