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C315 Final


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selling to girls who are at age before teens
program length commercials; programs that go with toys being made
Ruth Hardler
came up with idea of Barbie in 1959; wanted something that helped young girls feel better about their body, but ended up doing the opposite
Barbie and GI Joe
fantasy toys; had extended line of clothes and accessories with choice of multiple different dolls; shows world of adulthood
Mark Fowler
head of FCC; not interesed in regulation and market limits do not let market grow and wants freedom in market
Market Segmentation
divide up into different niche markets
privatizing government and government spending is bad
Supply side
during Reagan in 1975; focus on production and cut taxes to spur investment; all money will go towards businesses and into population
Jude Wanniski
came up with supply side
Content analysis
"quantitative" sociological approach, endless and exact detail, have facts to back it up, and problem is you miss suttleness
study of sign systems
Jean Baudrillard
says world is all about media and social class matters, the media effects what you buy
Karl Marx
with Marxist and social class
Ralph Nader
consumer rights activist and wrote a book about car industry
William Bernbach
assoc. with DDB and tried to campaign VW
Doyle Dane Bernbach; ad industry who was successful in 1960's and creative revolution
Girls Intelligence Agancy; has tweens do market research for them during sleepovers
business logic where funds are saved by maximizing cross promotion across media holdings
Product placement
inserting recognizable products into narrative of a film
arrangements made by companies who already exists
other stuff sold that has to do with the movie; main goal is to profit so it will help with the funding of the movie and company financing
deal where product is in movie and movie is in product advertisement
started in 1981
commercials and music videos have rapid editing to keep viewers interested; visual style-MTV style
Niche Marketing
pursuit of specific segments of society
television ratings
marketing and consulting tool that helps businesses worldwide develop and execute more effective strategies
Ridley Scott
ad autuer; did Mac ad in 1984; in 1980's and started in advertising
Tony Scott
ad autuer; related to Ridley Scott
adding value to corporation and products; selling products and lifestyles
uses celebrity sponsorship and uses sports as transcendence
Phil Knight
CEO of Nike
Wieden and Kennedy
advertising company of Nike
focus more on advertising and getting rid of factories
where can they manufacture the products the cheapest; sweatshops
taking images out of text and combine them with others to create a totally new image with a different meaning
first use of spot advertising "Stevensome and Eisenhower"; Rosser Reeves was campaign manager of Eisenhower and was big shot ad agent in 50's; used cartoon political ads and televisuality
"Johnson and Goldwater"
"Dukakis and Bush"; Bush used negative ads towards Dukakis (said Dukakis let first degree murderers out on weekend passes and over 200 escaped).
involved time shifting that could skip commercials. Market research showed changing nature of research
buzz marketing
word of mouth advertising
going out and finding out what is cool
organic word of mouth
spontaneous sharing of advertising, ideas, and recommendations. really trusted among people
amplified word of mouth
marketer initiated conversation about a product
stealth marketing
placing product in real life without anyone knowing it. it's a secret form of advertising
references to other media texts and makes fun of other ads
text is aware of itself as a text and has appeal to cynical audience who is media savey
use shaky handheld camera, product is de-entered, ad shows realistic and makes it authentic
culture jamming
bold acts of subversive, playful political action aimed at creating media events
rerooting spectacular images to reverse meaning; ex. instead of knocking down ad cause you don't like it you change it and it's meaning
Spike Jonze
ad auteur
Ad auteur
people who get started making commercials and then go on to do feature films
Micheal Gondrey
ad auteur
Mark Romanek
ad auteur
"new consumerism"
1980's-1990's. upscale of lifestyle norms and status goods (become branded)
aspirational gap
gap between what can afford and what they want to afford. middle class wanting everything upper class.
biggest industry in the world. Sam Walton started in 1962. discount chain store, self service
ecological footprint
total resources used by population and land needed to produce those resources. Americans consuming 5 times more than our share
peak oil
global oil production will peak and after it peak's it will only go down. running out of oil
Edwin Drake
discovered rock oil (petrolium/coal) in America in 1859
OPEC oil embargo
during war. drives America in oil depression and oil prices sky rocket

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