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Unit 7 Lesson B adjectives

adjectives from Unit 7 Lesson B.


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masculine adjectives that end in an E do not get an extra ___ in the feminine form.
E (rouge---rouge)
some adjectives turn feminine by ____________ the final consonate and then adding on an ___.
doubling, E (bon---bonne)
Fem. Sing.
belle, nouvelle, vieille
Some are just weird!
Masc. Plural
beaux, nouveaux, vieux
Masc. Sing. before a vowel.
bel, nouvel, vieil
some adjectives ______ change form even in the plural.
don't (orange---orange)
adjectives that end in ___ in the masculine form change to ère in the feminine form.
ER (cher---chère)
adjectives are also made plural by adding a...
S (grise---grises)
Masc. Sing. before a consonate.
beau, nouveau, vieux
most feminine adjectives are formed by adding an...
E (gris---grise)
adjectives that come before the noun.
B- beauty, A- age, G-goodness, S- Size. (BAGS)

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