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MLC - い-adjectives Level 5

Learning adjectives by chunk.
Based on the Meguro Language Center flash card.
Don't forget to set ignore spaces and stuff in parentheses.


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おおい (多い)
many (numerous)
ほしい (欲しい)
desired (wanted, wished for, in need of)
うるさい (煩い)
noisy (loud, fussy, annoying, troublesome)
めずらしい (珍しい)
rare (unusual)
すくない (少ない)
few (a little, scarce)
きたない (汚い)
dirty (unclean, filthy)
さびしい (寂しい)
lonely (lonesome, solitary, desolate)
おかしい (可笑しい)
funny (amusing, ridiculous, strange)
すごい (凄い)
great (amazing, terrific, wonderful)
いたい (痛い)
たのしい (楽しい)
fun (enjoyable)
ただしい (正しい)
correct (right, righteous, perfect)
かなしい (悲しい)
sad (sorrowful)
うれしい (嬉しい)
happy (glad, pleasant)
あぶない (危ない)
dangerous (critical, grave)

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