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MLC - い-adjectives Level 2

Learning adjectives by chunk.
Based on the Meguro Language Center flash card.
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つめたい (冷たい)
cold (chilly, icy, coldhearted - for things and feelings)
つまらない (詰まらない)
boring (uninteresting, dull)
あたたかい (暖かい)
warm (mild, genial)
さむい (寒い)
cold (chilly - for weather)
ふかい (深い)
deep (profound, thick)
ひろい (広い)
wide (spacious, vast)
むしあつい (蒸し暑い)
humid (sultry)
かたい (硬い、固い、堅い)
hard (solid, tough, stubborn)
あさい (浅い)
shallow (superficial)
あつい (熱い)
hot (warm - for things and feelings)
おもしろい (面白い)
interesting (amusing)
すずしい (涼しい)
cool (refreshing)
やわらかい (柔らかい)
soft (tender, limp - to the touch)
せまい (狭い)
narrow (confined, small)
あつい (暑い)
hot (warm - for weather)

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