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Business English CH 1, 4, 5


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words with similar meanings
words with opposite meanings
Unabridged dictionary
complete dictionary
senses (dictionary)
order of definitions; can be in order of most common definitions first, or historically
guide words (dictionary)
In boldface letters at the top of each page are two words that indicate the first and last enteries on the page; when searching for a word, look only at these until you locate the desired page.
syllabication (dictionary)
shows syllable breaks with a centered dot
pronounciation (dictionary)
specail symbols are used to help you pronounce words correctly
raised stress marks immediately following, or before the accented symbol
in square brakets, the brief history, or etymology of the word
part of speech (dictionary)
following the pronounciation of the word is an italicized or boldfaced label indicating what part of speech the entry word represents (noun, verb, adj.)
labels (dictionary)
warn readers about the use of certain words.
words surviving from a previous period
no longer in use
used in casual writing or conversation
very informal, but may be used sparinly for effect
not conforming to usage among educated speakers
used in certain regions
inflected forms
when nouns, verbs, adverbs, or adjectives change form gramatically ex) child becomes children
concrete nouns
name specific objects that you can actually see, hear, feel, taste, or smell
common nouns
name generalized persons, places, and things
abstract nouns
name qualities and concepts
proper nouns
name specific persons, places, and things

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