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SparkNotes MD - Adjectives 1 (printed)


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(adj.) biting, bitter in tone or taste

Jill became extremely -acerbic- and began to cruelly make fun of all her friends.

(adj.) practicing restraint as a means of self-discipline, usually religious

The priest lives an -ascetic- life devoid of television, savory foods, and other pleasures.

(adj.) harmful

She soon experienced the -deleterious- effects of running a marathon without stretching her muscles enough beforehand.

(adj.) persistant, diligent attention

The construction workers erected the skyscraper during two long years of
-assiduous- labor.

(adj.) quiet, modest, reserved

Though everyone else at the party was dancing and going crazy, she remained

(adj.) short, abrupt, dismissive

The captainÂ’s -brusque- manner offended the passengers.

(ka-prish'-us; -prEEsh'-us)
(adj.) subject to whim, fickle; unpredictably impulsive

The young girlÂ’s -capricious- constantly changing interests made it difficult for her to focus on achieving her goals.

(kO'-junt; kO'-jent)
(adj.) intellectually convincing

IreneÂ’s arguments in favor of abstinence were so -cogent- that I could not resist them.

(adj.) Occurring along with, existing concurrently; attendant.

His dislike of hard work carried with it a -concomitant- lack of funds.

(adj.) dried up, dehydrated

The skin of the -desiccated- mummy looked like old paper

(kun-trIte'; kon'-trIte)
(adj.) 1. Feeling regret and sorrow for one's sins or offenses; penitent.
2. Arising from or expressing contrition: e.g., contrite words.

BlakeÂ’s -contrite- behavior showed his sincere regret and made it impossible to stay angry at him.

(adj.) light, airy, transparent

Sunlight poured in through the -diaphanous- curtains, revealing the odd shape of the old window while also brightening the room.

(diff'-i-dint; -dent')
(adj.) marked by shyness; quiet, modest; lacking self-confidence

Billy, an extrovert? No way! He was such a -diffident- kid that one rarely even knew when he was in the room.

(adj.) Covering a wide field of subjects; perhaps even rambling.

As expected, the professorÂ’s lectures were as -discursive- as always and seemed to be about every topic except the ones on the outline.

(adj.) extremely lively, enthusiastic

She became -ebullient- upon receiving an acceptance letter from her first-choice college.

(adj.) radiant, splendorous; shining brilliantly

Each room in the the golden palace was
-effulgent- in luxurious adornment.

(i-grE'jus; -jE-us)
(adj.) conspicuously bad/conspicuously offensive

The student who threw Sloppy-Joes across the cafeteria was punished for his -egregious- behavior.

(adj.) relatively short-lived, fleeting

She promised she’d love me forever, but her “forever” was rather -ephemeral- and she left me after two days.

(adj.) fleeting, momentary; vanishing like a vapor

My joy at getting promoted was a short-lived -evanescent- thing because I soon discovered that I would have to work much longer hours in a less friendly office.

(adj.) loathsome, detestable; deserving of execration (i.e., of being cursed)

Her pudding was such an -execrable- mess that it actually makes me sick to think about it.

(adj.) urgent, critical; requiring immediate attention

Your patient has an -exigent- need for a medication change; otherwise, he will be blind within twelve hours.

(ek'-stent; ek'-stant)
(adj.) existing; not destroyed or lost
--[sometimes ==> an opposite of extinct]

There was a fire years ago and many were lost, but mother's remaining few -extant- love letters to my father are in the attic trunk.

(adj.) - fear of (or contempt for) strangers (or foreigners)

Listen, you ultraliberal idiot, my refusal to deal with illegal immigrants is because the are ILLEGAL, not because I'm some sort of -xenophobic- bigot.

(adj.) flamboyant, pretentious, showy

Why are you so surprised at her loud -ostentatious- clothing? Didn't you know that she's basically just a poorly educated chorus girl from Reno?

(di-vIce'-ive [as in "divide"] DO NOT say di-viss-ive)
(adj.) creating dissention or discord

Every time she chairs the meeting we end up with nothing but an hour of fruitless and -divisive- verbal exchanges between her group and Charlene's group.

(adj.) appealing BUT inperceptively harmful; seductive

Old, water-filled, stone quarries, the shores of which are immediately at full depth, are an -insidious- attraction to young children on hot days.

(adj.) uncompromising; refusing to moderate a (typically) extreme position or opinion

He refused to compromise and remained -intransigent- in his position on the rights of gays to marriage certificates.

(adj.) stubbornly established by habit and not likely to change

O.K., I'm an -inveterate- nail biter, but you can develop your own impossible-to-break habits --- maybe, thumb sucking?

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