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Normal Development


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Term infant HC
2cm/mo in 0-3mo
1cm/yr 4-6yr
term infant doubles birthweight by
4-5 months
term infant triples birthweight by
term infant height doubles by
play ball, gives and takes toys, drinkds from cup, 3-6 words, follow simple command
15 months
scribbles, cube into cup, walkds, stoops and recovers, uses jargon, follow simple command
15 months
feeds self with fingers, waves in imitation, bangs 2 objects, mamma/dadda
9 months
holds 2 objects at once, grasps pellet, sits alone, understands own name, recognizes common objects or people
9 months
follow object 180, stdeady head insitting, laughs
4 months
holds head up, bears weight in arms wehn prone, rolls prone to supine, bears weight on legs, initiates social contact
4 months
regard object, smiles, coos
2 months
follow past midline, lift head and shoulders off bed prone, reciprocal vocalizations, smiles
2 months
drink from cup held by parent, pull to stand and cruise, momma dada specific
1 yr
few steps, good pincer grasp, one word
1 year
reaches for objects, transfers hand to hand, turns to sound, babbles consonants
6 months
rolls both directions, no head lab, sits with support, imitates speech
6 months
ties shoelace, count 10, writes name, R and L
ride bike, copies 2 part figure, colors
6 years
dress without help, brush teeth, draws person, pretend play, names 4 colors
4 years
walks up and down stairs, hop on 1 foot, balance 1 foot 3s, normal speech, pretend play
4 years
6 body part person, prepares cereal, plays board games
5 years
skips, defines words, count to 5, all primary colors, copy triangle
5 years
feeds self with spoon, 2 cube stack, helps with housework, 6 words
18 months
runs, walks up stairs with hand held, throws ball, uses words to communicate needs and wants
18 months
wash hands, remove clothes, 2-3 word sentences, body parts
2 years
4-6 cube stack, spoon and fork, kick ball, jump, throw, points to named pictures, points to body parts.
2 years
put on shirt and shorts, 8 cube stack, names playmate, 75% understandable
3 years
stand on one foot 1-2 s, broad jump, tricycle, simple adjectives, names playmate.
3 years.

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