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Demonstrative Adjectives and Adverbs of Place


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aquella pista
that track (over there)
aquellos chicos
those guys (over there)
estos aficionados
these fans (masc.)
esta raqueta
this raquet
over there
esa raqueta
that raquet
esos uniformes
those uniforms
esa cancha
that court
ese bate
that bat
este partido
this game
aquellos guantes
those gloves (over there)
ese casco
that helmet
ese jugador
that player (masc.)
ese partido
that game
este casco
this helmet
estos guantes
these gloves
esas raquetas
those raquets
estos cascos
these helmets
aquella atleta
that athlete (fem.) (over there)
esa piscina
that pool
esa atleta
that athlete (fem.)
aquella cancha
that court (over there)
este campo
this field
este jugador
this player (masc.)
esta pelota
this ball
esta atleta
this athlete (fem.)
aquel uniforme
that uniform (over there)
esta cancha
this court
aquel equipo
that team (over there)
este uniforme
this uniform
aquellos aficionados
those fans (masc.) (over there)
aquel campo
that field (over there)
este estadio
this stadium

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