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Capitalization Rules


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Always capitalize words that are made from names of people, places or things.(proper adjectives)
I used to be a New Yorker, but now I am New Mexican who speaks Chinese.
Always capitalize personal titles used with or in place of people's names.
My neighbor, Mrs. Phyllis, is a Captain in the U.S, Army.
Always capitalize the first word in a sentence or a quote.
My pet toad has lots of warts.

"You look pretty today," the teacher said.
Always capitalize the first word in a letter to a friend or relative and the first letters of each word in the greeting of a business letter.
Dear John,

To Whom It May Concern:

Dear Teachers:
Always capitalize days of the week, months, and holidays.
Today is Monday, December 25th. It's Christmas!
Always capitalize the names of people, places and things. (proper nouns)
Sarah Sloe will move to Wyoming near Yellowstone National Park.
Always capitalize the word "I."
My friend and I like to shop.
Always capitalize geographic locations when they name specific areas.
I grew up in the Southwest.

He moved to the West.
Always capitalize the first word and other main words in titles of written works, movies, TV shows, operas or plays.
People in Los Angeles read The Los Angeles Times.

My favorite TV show is Arthur.
Always capitalize school subjects if they are languages or actual class titles.
My favorite classes are Italian, Algebra II, and American History.

I like math.

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