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Pronouns - Advanced


undefined, object
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that (remote from person addressed)
those (remote from person addressed)
Demonstrative pronouns (this, that⬦ with no noun)
same as demonstrative adjectives, but written accent (éste/a, ése/a⬦)
this/that for neuter objects (ideas)
esto, eso, aquello
myself (reflexive preposition object)
mí (y '⬦ conmigo')
yourself - informal (reflexive preposition object)
sí (y '⬦ consigo')
himself (reflexive preposition object)
sí (y '⬦ consigo')
herself (reflexive preposition object)
sí (y '⬦ consigo')
yourself - formal (reflexive preposition object)
sí (y '⬦ consigo')
ourselves (reflexive preposition object)
yourselves - informal (reflexive preposition object)
sí (y '⬦ consigo')
yourselves - formal (reflexive preposition object)
sí (y '⬦ consigo')
themselves (reflexive preposition object)
sí (y '⬦ consigo')
possesive adjectives - stressed forms
mío, tuyo, suyo, nuestro, vuestro, suyo. Follow noun and are used in direct address (Amigos míos, ¿cómo están?) and after the verb 'ser'.
mine (posessive pronoun)
el/la/los/las mío/a/s
yours - informal (posessive pronoun)
el/la/los/las tuyo/a/s
his (posessive pronoun)
el/la/los/las suyo/a/s
hers (posessive pronoun)
el/la/los/las suyo/a/s
yours - formal (posessive pronoun)
el/la/los/las suyo/a/s
its (posessive pronoun)
el/la/los/las suyo/a/s
ours (posessive pronoun)
el/la/los/las neustro/a/s
yours pl. - formal (posessive pronoun)
el/la/los/las vuestro/a/s
yours pl. - informal (posessive pronoun)
el/la/los/las suyo/a/s
theirs (posessive pronoun)
el/la/los/las suyo/a/s
Possesive pronoun ambiguity
Ambiguous may substitute 'el/la/los/las de' + appropriate prepositional pronoun: mis padres y los de ellos.
he who
el que
the one who
el/la que
the one which
el/la que
those who
los/las que
that which
lo que (neuter)

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