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4th and 5th declension nouns with adjectives


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Ablitive Singular of:

From Her House
Ab Ea Domanu
Genitive Singular of:

Your Smile
Tui Risus
Dative Plural of:

Of Those Advantages
Illis Usibus
Accusative Singular of:

To This Wing
Ad Hoc Cornum
Nominative Plural of:

These Noises
Hi Strepitus
Dative Singular of:

Of This Noon
Huic Meridiei
Ablitive Plural of:

From Those Days
Ab Illis Diebus
Accusative Plural of:

To These Things
Ad Has Res
Nominative Singular of:

Her Trust
Ea Fides
Genative Plural of:

Our Hopes
Nostri Sperum

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