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Grammer Midterm


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What is a collective noun?
any group
EX. a herd
What is a compound noun?
2 or more nouns that are put together to form one noun
What is a common noun?
any noun
What is a proper noun?
any noun that is something specific
What is an antecedent?
something word that is short for a name
EX. the antecedent of Paul is HE
What is a personal pronoun?
pesonal pronouns stand in for any nouns
EX. he, she, it
What is a demonstrative pronoun?
this that these and those
What is an interogative pronoun?
a pronouon that replaces a noun or a phrase
What is a definite pronouns
adjectives that function as pronouns
What is an indefinate pronoun
word that replace nouns

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