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MLC - な-adjectives Level 2

Learning adjectives by chunk.
Based on the Meguro Language Center flash card.
Don't forget to set ignore spaces and stuff in parentheses.


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だいじ (大事)
important (valuable, serious matter)
へん (変)
strange (odd, suspicious-looking, eccentric, funny)
ふくざつ (複雑)
complex (complicated)
だいじょうぶ (大丈夫)
okay (all right)
たいせつ (大切)
important (valuable, worthy of care)
あんぜん (安全)
safe (in security)
じょうぶ (丈夫)
strong (durable, solid, robust, manly)
かんたん (簡単)
simple (easy)
びんぼう (貧乏)
ばか (馬鹿)
stupid (foolish)
だめ (駄目)
no good (hopeless, useless)
じょうず (上手)
skillful (dexterous, artful)
へた (下手)
awkward (unskillful)
たいへん (大変)
hard (difficult)
らく (楽)
easy (comfortable)
いや (嫌)
unpleasant (not likable, detestable, disagreeable, reluctant)

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