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20th Century American History - part 2


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Who were the men in the Big 3?
Woodrow Wilson
David Lloyde George
Georges Clemenceau
What was the treaty of the Big 3?
Treaty of Versailles
List 8 parts of the Treaty of Versailles
1. Article 231 (War Guilt Clause)
2. Repararations
3. German army was almost eliminated
4. German airforce was elimintated
5. German navy was almost eliminated
6. League of Nations
7. Rhineland
8. Austria-Hungary split up
What is article 231?
The War-Guilt Clause
What does the War Guilt Clause state?
Germany alone is responsible for starting the war
What part of Germany was de-militarized?
What was Austria-Hungary split up into?
How much of the senate must approve for a treaty to be ratified?
What committee must approve a treaty?>
Senate's Foreign Relations Committee
Who was the chairman of the Senate's foreign relations committee?
Henry Cabot Lodge
How did Wilson publicize the treaty?
Traveling by train and giving speeches
What did the Foreign Relations Committee do with the treaty?
Made about 20 changes
What was the first vote on the revised treaty?
It was defeated because wilson didn't like it
What was the second vote on the original treaty?
It was defeated because not enought people voted for it
What was the biggest problem America had with the Treaty of Versailles?
League of Nations
Why didn't the US like the Leauge of Nations?
Thought it was giving up our sovereignty
Did the US join the league of nations as it was being created?
What age group did the Spanish Influenza Epidemic kill?
What happens with the Spanish Influenza?
Body produces too many fluids
Why was there a boom time in the twenties?
European economy was bad
New products
What was the change in advertising?
Short description of the product to images
Who did magazins appeal to?
Those who lived a fast-paced life
Before magazines, where did the majority of the news come from?
radio or newspaper
Who created Time Magazine?
Henry Luce
Briton Hadden
What magazine put the news into one format and condensed books?
Reader's Digest
What was the big change in the movie industry?
Addition of sound
What was used in movies before sound?
What were movies called in the twenties?
What was the first "talkie" and who starred?
"The Jazz Singer" starring Al Jolson
Who was the biggest movie star of the twenties?
Rudolf Valentino
Why was Rudolph Valentino a big movie star?
He bared his chest on screen
What is the "Trial of the Century"?
Scope's monkey Trial
What law restricted the teaching of anything other than Divine creation?
The Butler Law
What scientist hypothosized evolution?
Charles Darwin
What is the ACLU?
American Civil Liberties Union
What did the ACLU do about the butler law?
Looked for someone who was willing to break it
What did the ACLU claim the Bulter law was a violation of?
The First Amendment
What teacher did the ACLU find?
John Scopes
Where did the Scope's Monkey Trial take place?
Dayton, TN
How long did the Scope's Monkey trial last?
12 days
Who was the lawyer provided by the ACLU?
Clarence Darrow
Who was the prosecuting lawyer?
William Jennings Bryant
What was the conviction of Scopes?
What was Scopes' punishment?
$100 fine, paid by the ACLU
What was the Lost Generation dissolusioned about?
The war
Who coined the term Lost Generation?
Gertrude Stein
Who were four writers of the Lost Generation?
Ernest Hemmingway
H. L. Mencken
Sinclair Lewis
F. Scott Fitzgerald
What did Ernest Hemmingway write?
"A Farewell to Arms," about an American officer who deserts the Army
What magazine was H. L. Mencken the editor for?
The Smart Set
What did Mencken thing of religion?
They are false, for weak-minded
What did Mencken think of the American people?
Too caught up in consumerism
Where was Sinclair Lewis born>
Sauk Centre, Minnesota
What did Sinclair Lewis write?
"Main Street" about small-town America
What did Sinclair Lewis say American's small towns were filled with?
Small-minded people
What did F. Scott Fitzgerald write?
The Great Gatsby
What were the two manifestations of Anti-Immigrant Sentiments?
Ku Klux Klan
Anti-immigrant legislation
What were the tratitional enemies of the KKK?
Where did the KKK begin?
Stone mountain, Georgia
Why did the KKK dislike Immigrants?
1. Competition for jobs
2. Different
How did the KKK try to intimidate their enemies?
1. Burning crosses
2. Acts of violence
3. Getting them fired
4. Lynchings
Who was the head of the KKK in Indiana?
David Stephenson
Who was David Stephenson's secratary?
Madge Oberholtzer
What happened to Madge Oberholtzer?
Committed suicide because David tried again
What happend to Stephenson?
he was convicted of kidnapping, rape and murder
The conviction of David Stephenson was what to KKK memebers?
A wakeup call
What law was passed against Immigrants?
National Origins Act
What did the National Origins Act state?
Real Americans were from Western Europe
Banned immigration from East Asia
What were the main causes of the Great Depression?
1. Stock Market Crash
2. Run on banks
3. Failure of the Ag economy
4. Snowball effect
5. Cynical nature of the economy
What is the day called that the stock market crashed?
Black Tuesday
Why did banks fail?
1. Had money invested in the stock market
2. Run on banks
3. Farmers went bankrupt, couldn't pay back loans
What caused a global depression?
Banks called in loans
Loans from American banks had been given to Germany
Where was the Dust Bowl?
Farmland from Texas to North Dakota
Why did the farmland in the dust bowl turn to dust?
Record high heat, record low rainfall

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