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Willa Sibert Cather was born December 7, 1873
Until the age of nine, she had lived in Winchester, Virginia, then her family moved to Red Cloud, Nebraska. This small town was the setting of many of her novels.
Willa Cather attended, and graduated from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.
After her college career, she spent her time doing newspaper work as well as teaching at a High school in Pittsburg.
Cather moved to New York City where she worked for six years on the editorial staff of McClure's Magazine.
Cather won the Pultizer Prize in 1923 for "One of Ours."
Willa Cather died April 24, 1947
Cather has a unique fictional writing displaying powerful representation of setting and character and rich in its language and imagery.
Cather uses simple words that you can picture vividly in your mind
When talking about nature, Cahther kicks her writing up a gear and almost talks about it passionately and is almost erotic in her descriptions.
Willa Cather graduated from Red Cloud Highschool in 1890
In 1892, Cather published her short story, "Peter" in the Boston magazine which later became part of her novel "My Antonia"
In 1913 "Oh Pioneer" was published
After Cather won the Pultizer Prize, she she entered a period of despair following her success.
Willa Cather would often listen to old immigrant women tell stories of their childhood in Europe which was the basis for why she wrote about a lot of women
listen to old immigrant women tell stories of their childhood in Europe
Willa refused to accept her generation’s idea that women should be passive, domestic, and uneducated
she pursued an active literary life and a world perspective that gave her work universal appeal.
She had a style that was more sophisticated than the great European tradition
Cather used the 5 senses to visualize scenes and get the reader more involved
Cather met Sara Orne who inspired her to write about Nebraska
Cather felt that traditional themes of love and despair, truth and beauty, and honesty were very important qualities
Cather wrote about life itself so passionately that the character she created seem to us more authentic than the characters of history.
Cather creates a picture through her carefully chosen words
Another way that Cather makes word pictures is by the use of analogies such as metaphors and similes
Cather's third technique is the achieved by creating vivid images by using personification.
In addition, Cather uses symbolism
She also felt that, “ Religion and art spring from the same and root, therefore they are close kin. Economics and art are therefore strangers.” (Bookshelf 1994)
When Willa died, her love for life and land was reflected on her tombstone. The words from My Antonia were carved in. It said, ⬝That is happiness; to be dissolved in something complete and great.⬝(American Online).
Cather was noted for her books about immigrants struggling to make a living in the Midwest during the late 1800s.
Various critics have placed Cather among feminist writers and antifeminist writers.

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