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Social Studies Indians


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Who made the decisions in the Iroquois League?
Great Council
Whic of the following was not one way people of the Eastern Woodlands used forest resources
Food; Clothing; Electricity; water
In addition to the meat, what did animals provide to the peoples of the Eastern Woodlands?
skins and furs for clothing
Why did Iro9quois hunters speak to and thank the deer they killed?
The Iroquois felt a connection to nature
Which of the following is an Iroquois custom that is still practiced today?
Great Council; Ling in longhouses; using animal skils for clothing; using woodland animals as a food source
The Great Council
What is one theory about how early peoples migrated from Asia to the Americas?
they walked across a land bridge
What is one theory about why the early peoples migrated from Asia to the America's
Hunters followed animals
How did early Americans get food during the Ice Age?
They hunted animals
Where did most early people live during the Ice Age
Wherever food was found
Whic of the following best describes what happened to early people when large Ice Age animals died out
became hunter-gathers; became vegtarians; became extint; became farmers
became hunter-gathers
What was the effect of agriculture on the way of life of the early peoples?
they settled in one place
What was one purpose of the mounds build by the Mound Builders
burial place for important chiefs
What does the fact that Mound Buildres were able to build such big structures tell about them
they were well organized
which of the following in Not true about the Anasazi?
they only ate animals; they used irrigation; they grew squash corn beans and pumpkins; they were Cliff Dwellers
they ate nothing but the naimals they hunted
How did the Anasazi become successful farmers in the desert?
they dug ditches to carry water from streams to thier crops
Who traveled from Asis to America 2,500 years and stayed near the Artic Ocean?
The Inuit
An __________________ is a person who studies people from long ago?
A thich sheet of ice is know as a ________________
A stone arrowhead made long ago is an
The lack of rain caused a ________________ and problems for farmers
The ______________________ was an extremely cold period of time on Earth
ice age
Animals and people move or _____________ to new lands.
The unneeded __________________ food was traded for needed things.
The landform know as a ______________ means table in Spanish
We are several groups who lived east of the Mississippi River
Mound Builders
We developed the kayak
We are also known as the "Cliff Dwellers"
We built the Great Serpant Mound
MOund Builders
Our religious ceremonies were help kivas and only men were allowed to enter
Artifacts tell archaeologists that trade was important for us
Mound Builders
We lived in houses made from blocks of packed snow
We were first to used irrigation in what would be the United States
Today we live in the frozen lands near the Arctic Ocean
We lived in the Four Corners area for approximately 1,200 years

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